OMG KS HAIGWOOD AND ELLA MEDLER HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!!! How else can I explain this magnificent and imaginative book by talented authors!! I have followed this amazing story from the very beginning – with the very first book of Eternal Island then on to Eternal Immortality and here we are on at Eternal Illusion. I have had my bags packed for a while now waiting on the jet to pick me up and take back to the island again.
The King has been busy since I was last there – they are now expecting a child!!! Oh yes an another couple is due to deliver twins any time. You would never guess who. No I think you will need to find that out for yourself -unless you visited the island in Eternal Immortality. Our king has been busy doing improvements also. wait until you see them! OMG you are going to love them.
My goodness – I could go on and on about what is happening around the island . Who is dating who. Who is sleeping who whom and the most important thing is well let tell you.
Things are heating up at the island – there are a lot more characters here now . Which means a whole lot more action! Boy does K S and Ella know how to bring !! And BRING IT THEY DO!!

Abe and Ariana are the King and Queen of our Island. And like every married couple they have arguments . Well boy did they have one. Any rate we are introduce to Katrista=who is being hunted by her maker. He comes into her mind an tells her that he is coming for her. As this story proceeds our other couple that is expecting the babies -Well there is a problem with the birth. And then there is that bad bad maker that is after Katrista. There is a lot of twist and turns going on- A WHOLE LOT OF ACTION!! Lots is MAGIC ion the ISLAND!!! You just don’t know who to trust and believe any more!! I recommend this book for EVERYONE!! They way these 2 ladies have written this story together is pure genius!! They have your attention right from the start! And what imagination OMG ! The story telling is pure genius and I am now packing my bags for a return trip to the Island! Won’t you come and visit the Island in Eternal Illusion?? You will not Regret one bit!! Mousey gives it a rating of 60 out of 5 stars!!! Yes you read that right. NOW RUN AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!! THIS BOOK WAS JUST RELEASED AND IT IS A YUMMY PARANORMAL READ THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!! OFF YOU GO TO GET THE BOOK AND TO THE ISLAND NOW!!

Ella Medler


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