OMG has LIZ CROWE done it again with with LOVE BREWING!! I rec’d an ARC copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest opinion of her book. This is the mouse very honest opinion of LOVE BREWING. I must say after reading and following the the Love family in Love Garage-Love Coach and now Love Brewing!! The Love family has been through a lot of ups and downs. ANd boy does Loz Crowe bring it on with all of her delicious descriptions and exploits and troubles thats the brothers seem to get themselves into.
Ms Crowe writing style is so very different-she brings the everyday life issues that you would face daily. And make them feel they effect this family only.
Love Brewing deals with Dom the most brother that is so alike there father. He is stubborn-knowns how to make run the brewery- yet he is loveable. Dom gives the family the most trouble in the family. He is always going back to the girl that he keeps breaking up with. In Loves Brewing he goes to her farm looking for a place to hide and get his act together- his family has disowned him. According to his father he is dead. But according to his ex she is getting married – she allows his to stay in her barn and work around the farm. Lots of things happen in this in story. And you have to read book 3 of the LOve Brothers. !! I recommend this book for all. And I have to say this -LOVE BREWING WAS JUST RELEASED MARCH 1ST 2015!!! This is a brand new book and you Have to get it now. Make sure you follow the Love Brothers !! Mousey gives this book a firm 45 out of 5 stars.. NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?? GO GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!23344944


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