Have you read any book from the amazing an very talented author Elaine Wood?? Well you should!! I was given the honor to do so. And I must say I – Ms Wood had me spell bound from the very beginning of her story!! I was given a copy of the terrific book on exchange for an honest opinion. This is Miz Mousey’s very honest opinion of TATIANA’S CHANCE.

Ms Wood has such a creative style in her writing that she is able to capture you and bring you right into her story and settings. She draws up in with out you even knowing it. Before you realize it – you have finished the book. And wanting more of Tat’s beautiful and very interesting story.

This is a story about a women who is a school teacher to high school students – needs a vacation for me time as she is burned out. Her cousin and her always take a vacation together once a year an this year is no exception.Tat also has friends in groups on facebook ( now that sounds real familiar)  There are a couple of guys and one girl that she chats up a storm with all the time. Tat lets them know she is going away for a few days.

Her cousin , Marie and her meet at the motel and chat up a storm go out to lunch do some shopping then go back shower and go back out to a club for drinks and dinner. It is there she meets a man by the name of Eric – now this man is a HOTTIE!!!

As Tat’s vacation goes along with Marie and they celebrate Marie’s 40th birthday – a lot happens. She meets a lot of people. Has a lot of FUN!! Now I am not going to spoil the book for you. As this is a must read. In  order for you to find out what exactly Tatian does and what happens to her and her friends along the way. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS FANTASTIC-TERRIFIC-GENIUS  OF A BOOK!! I recommend this book for all readers over 18. Mis Mousey gives it a 45 out of 5 stars. I must say I am so looking forward to what happens next in TATIANA’S CHOICE!! NOW MAKE SURE YOU ADD THIS DELICIOUS BOOK TO YOUR GOODREADS LIST AND THEN RUSH OVER TO AMAZON TO PURCHASE YOUR COPY TODAY!!!! Thank you Ms Wood for allowing me to read your book. You truly are a very talented author and this series is amazing!! Keep up the terrific and fantastic work!!!