Hello everyone! I’m honored to announce that I will be hosting a “ What Inspires You?” Book contest. I will be giving away 1 free copy of my popular novel “ The Project Of Being A Woman.” And I will also sign the novel for the winner too! It will be free S&H so don’t worry about how the novel will get to you! This contest time length is: Mar 1st-April 1st 12 am EST ANYONE CAN ENTER AS LONG AS YOU HAVE ACCESS TO AN EMAIL ( THAT’S YOURS AND ARE AGE: 15+) Here’s the rules:
1. Please have a email address that you check daily. Being that if you are picked; I would want to have direct access to you. There I would ask for your address and ETC. So I can ship the prize to you the NEXT business day.
2. To enter: you must type a full paragraph on what inspires you. You can only enter ONCE. So make sure when typing this. That you truly think about what inspires you and why. Do not enter with thinking about what will make me pick you. No, be yourself and type freely. Your typed paragraph must be sent to my author’s email. The submission email is: Authort.taylornovels@gmail.com
3. Do not resend your submission or contact me about the email review process. Me and my assistant Kenya will review each submission with care and time. Hint: English was my favorite major in high school.
ENTER NOW! Good luck! Have fun! Can’t wait to pick a winner!!!!

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