Miss Mousey had the pleasure of sitting down with Austin Dragon this morning and speaking with him. He recently has had 2 books released on the same day. They are Hollow Blood and Hell’s Menagerie. He is currently running a giveaway on his official website

Hollow Blood is amazing and is the first book in a series that you really MUST read.

Now lets all sit down with Mr Dragon and ask a few a questions of this very talented an genius of an author

Welcome and Thank you for joining us today Austin Dragon. May I please call you Austin??

Austin– Yes you may/

Mousey—When did you realize that you wanted to write?

Austin— I was born a writer. My first book (an illustrated six-page ‘book’ with big letters) was at 3 years old.

Mousey–What made you decide to write thrillers?

Austin–I have always like action, but the action doesn’t have to be physical. The action can also be the jousting of great dialogue between characters.

Mousey—In writing Hollow Blood which I have to say is totally pure genius and I am so looking forward to your next one in the series, who did you draw your characters from? Or are they from the actual book itself?

Austin–: Brom Bones, Katrina, Old Man Van Tassel, Diedrich Knickerbocker, and Hans Van Ripper are characters from the original Washington Irving work. All the others are my own creation.

Mousey– When can we expect the next book out in this series? Or is this a secret?

Austin– The Devil’s Patch will be available on March 30th and I’ve been told it’s even better than Hollow Blood.

Mousey– Do you have anything that gets you into the writing mood?

Austin– As with any writer, some days are more prolific than others. My basic routine is to write every day until the first draft is done.

Mousey–How can your reader contact you? Follow you?

Austin–They can reach me through my website at and all my social media channels are there too.

Mousey– Is there anything you would like to share with us today?

Austin– My next wave of books will be available in the summer: a mystery/cyberpunk series, another hard science fiction series, and a young adult dystopian series. I’ll be revealing the names and covers in the next few months.

Mousey– Where are your books located so that your readers may purchase them?


Thank you so much for joining us today Austin!! We look forward to reading your books. An I look forward to the next book in the series The Devils Patch !! Please come back and join us any time. Once again thank you we have enjoyed having you with us.