OMG what can I say THIS IS A MUST READ BY ALL HORROR FANS!!! I rec’d an ARC from the author Austin Dragon, in exchange for an honest review. And here is mousiey very honest review of HOLLOW BLOOD. When I first started reading this story I thought it was going to be just like the regular Sleepy Hollow story. But boy was I wrong. And I do mean- WRONG!! Mr Dragon has written this book so well and with so much detail. That it is impossible not to get wrapped up in this unbelievable and remarkable horror. He has included in his horror story a touch of mystery also. As young Julian Crane is trying to solve the death of his uncle Ichabod Crane. Now Julian rides into town as a stranger but will not say his name only that he is there to settle the estate of someone and that in order to do so. That he has to have proof that Ichabod is either dead or alive. He has to have a body. Before news get back about a stranger being in town to Brom and he sends his men after the stranger. Mr Brom does not the stranger asking Mrs Brom any questions about Ichabod. Someone is out to get Julian though and stop him from his answers. who is it?? Did Brom kill Ichabod?? Did the Headless Horsemen actually get him?? Or was it someone else?? For these answers yo have to read this luscious horror story!!! I recommend this book for everyone especially those that love a real good horror book. Mousiey gives this book a 50 out of 5 stars! Now Mr Dragon please sir I have to have more of this wonderful story!! I do hope you plan on a book 2 soon. And MAN YOU ROCK!!!

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