OMG THIS BOOK IS TOTALLY A HOT READ FOR YA!! I rec’d a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is MisMousey’s very honest opinion of Ms Ellis book of BLOODLINE.
Ms Ellis pulls you right into a mystery from the very first page. Not only does she have you sitting on the edge of your seat and edge of the page. But you find yourself at the point that you can not put Bloodline down until you have devoured it completely! Her writing is truly breath taking! The characters have been described so well you are able to picture them actually with having those glowing cat eyes!
This story is so shocking and makes you think that maybe it might be possible to actually happen. Even though it is fiction. But wouldn’t it be amazing if something like this meteor shower actually caused a virus ?? And only people certain are affect.
Now I am not really going to give to much away about this book. Except to say the following…
You have a brother and sister whose father was murder in EGYPT.They are on a hill over looking town watching a meteor show with their mom. When all of a sudden the meteorites start falling closer and closer to them . It gets so dangerous they make a mad dash to their truck with everyone else that was watching the shower. By the time they get home their mom is sick and in the morning she is even sicker. When Alex does into town to get some food and meds for her mom she finds out that over half the town is sick with the same flu.
This book is so yummy and is such FANTASTIC SCI-FI THRILLER!! That you just have to read it!! The cover of the book has been designed with the reader in mind. Tempting you Read the book !! The blurb of the book also has been written to perfection tempting the reader. The story OMG what can I saw !!! I NEED MORE AND MORE OF ALEX, JAKE, AND CHRIS’s story!!!! CAN HARDLY WAIT TO READ BOOK 2 IN THIS TRILOGY OF FORGOTTEN ORIGINS !!! I recommend this book to YA SCI FI READERS!! MisMousey gives it a firm 50 out of 5 star rating!!!
So what are you waiting for??? GET OVER TO AMAZON NOW AND GET YOUR COPY!!!