I rec’d an ARC from the author T L swan in exchange for an an honest opinion of her book. STANTON ADORE!! This is Mismouseys very honest opinion of her book.  First let me say, that this the first time that I have read one of her books . I have found it very romantic and compelling and drawing me into their story. I also found that the author had a talent  a for romance, erotica, and drawing her readers into her into her books without realizing it. You start reading the love story and before you know it you are part it . Plain and simple. Her characters are so straight forward that they could be your neighbour our even your family member. Scary isn’t it??  Ms Swan has a true talent with her writing that I haven’t seen in n while. One where there are able to bring to draw to reader to into fantasy world without realizing it. That takes pure genius!!

This story is about a young couple who met 7 yrs ago and And to this day the young man Joshua has not gotten over his love love for Natasha. He has come back to Australia Even though he says it is isn’t for Nastasha- we all know that it is . He loves her an always has . But will they finally get together??

This is a must a read for all!!!! I recommend this book for adults !  And Mismousey gives it a very firm rating of 45 of 5 stars. The cover has been designed amazingly the blurb is outstanding and antiquing!!  And as for the storyline – man what can I say!! It is so awesome and hot an a page turner. You have to know what comes next on the story Natasha an Joshua.This is a MUST READ!! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? RUN NOW AN GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!! TO FIND OUT IF JOSH AND NASHATA FINALLY GET TOGETHER!!!


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