OMG A K MICHAELS HAS DONE IT AGAIN BETTER THAN EVER AND HOTTER THAN EVER!! A MUST READ THAT YOU NEED TO READ NOW! I was given an ARC of this terrific and WOLF-TASTIC READ EVER in exchange for an honest opinion. This is MisMousey’s very honest opinion of HIGHLAND WOLF CLAN, BOOK 1, THE RELUCTANT ALPHA .
To say that Ms Michaels has a way with words is an understand statement. When bringing pen to paper she not has the ability to bring her characters to life right before your eyes. But she has the magic flowing on her fingers that creates all the scenes and characters perfectly. To the point the reader is able to visualize everything she writes. Ms Michaels is true genius when writing paranormal books.
The cover of this book is remarkable! It draws the reader to want to read this Shape Shifting book. And OMG! The blurb , man what can I say! After reading it – you are bitten with wolf bite of needing and wanting to read this NOW AND I DO MEAN YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW!!
Here you have a man that was born to be an Alpha -to take over his pack when his father stepped down. But he has no desire, need or want to be. He has stayed away from his family all these years, as he was tried of fighting with his dear ole dad /leader of the pack. ( hmm theres a song there “Leader of the Pack) Any rate, now he has been summoned home by his mother and she wouldn’t say why. Once he arrives, he finds out they have been having a lot of problems, Especially his uncle over at another pack now. Off he goes over there to help out. Little did any 0ne knoek what would happen when he arrived.
This amazing kick butt shape shifting -wolf biting – book by A K Michaels can be yours today to see what goes on this HIGHLAND WOLF CLAN BOOK 1 – THE RELUCTANT. I have to say the cover of book is a HOTTIE AN THE BLURB, WEEK THERE IS JUST NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT. I recommend this book to all readers. MisMouseys hereby gives this book a 50 out of 5 stars. NOW SHAPE SHIFT YOUR WAY OVER AN GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!


Custom Book Cover Jen Burrows 3 Official Ebook
Title: Saved (The Surrender Trilogy, Book 3)
Author: Jennifer Burrows
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 17, 2015
After finally rescuing his beloved Kate from the clutches of his twisted cousin, Tony has spent the last seven months running from his demons, only to find himself in a drunken stupor.  The thought of her carrying Masimo’s baby plagues his very soul, and yet every day he spends without Kate is sheer torture.  Finally resolved to drown his sorrows in a bottomless bottle of whiskey, Tony has taken up residence in a seedy hotel room in downtown San Diego.  He has all but given up hope on everything and everyone in his life when his best friend and security expert Jasper arrives to inform him that all is not as it seems.  Now Tony must make both the physical and emotional journey back to Kate, beg for forgiveness, and pray that the life he always dreamed of slips through his fingers.
Having gone through a lifetime of torture she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy, Kate can’t let go of the hurt of being left her alone and pregnant with Tony’s child. And now, Tony is forced to  keep another secret from Kate, something  which is certain to make things worse.  Following the delivery, Kate spirals into a post-partum depression that renders her helpless, and Tony is forced to function as a single parent.
There never appears to be a lull in the storm that looms over Kate and Tony.  Just when there seems to be chance for the two of them to get back on track, an ex-girlfriend returns, and makes it clear that she won’t stop until she gets the life with Tony she has always wanted. Now locked in a fight for everything he holds precious, Tony is forced to find a way to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to get his life and his family back together.  Will Tony figure out a way to save Kate and his young family?  Find out in Saved, the final story in the Surrender Trilogy.
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About the Author:
Jennifer is a Registered Nurse, and she holds a Master’s degree in Nursing Administration. She has 15 years of experience working in the Emergency Room and the Intensive Care Unit of a major trauma center. While she is equally adept at all facets of patient care, Emergency room nursing is her passion, and is the inspiration for A Shot in the Dark. Currently, she resides in Southern California with her husband and their three amazing boys. A Shot in the Dark was her debut novel with Into the Light following as the sequel. Surrender is her newest release and the first in the Surrender Trilogy.

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