I was gifted with an e-book from the author in exchange for an honest opinion of her book. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book.
From the very first page of this terrific and amazing and very moving story – I was hooked and drawn into the story. I had to keep reading it. Could not put my book- e-reader at all. It is a edge of the seat – page of turner that you have to finish in one sitting.
Ms Cotton has done it again!! There are no words to describe how much of a genius this book is. The plot and storyline is nothing like I have ever read before. You are taken somewhere that you would not believe. Introduced to college students and a town that you grow to become apart of.
The way that Ms Cotton has taken her pen to paper with writing this story is truly unique and pure genius. Being able to bring a town an college campus to life is no easy task for one do to. But the way in which the author has written this fantastic story- makes it looks so easy. The plot-the cover- storyline – her characters just jump right out at you . Everything is so believable- she makes it seems so real -like it is actually happening as you are reading it.
Now for Loyalty and Lies you an a young women by the name of Savannah Ana – ( she goes by the name of Ana). She arrives at the college of Chasity Falls in the town of Chasity . The college is well known for its football team. The Fallen are what they are known as. Now Ana has decided to attend this college as it is far from Florida as can be. She is trying to forget her tragic past.
Ana doesn’t want to hook up with anyone or party during her freshman year. But her roomie some how gets her take part in some parties. Thats when some thing bad happens to her. What you ask?/ Well for the answer an to know what lies are told and who loyalty is being being tested.
I recommend this book to everyone over the age of 16 to read. And Mismousey gives it a very firm rating of 50 out 5 stars!! YOU NEED TO READ THIS TERRIFIC AND AMAZING-FANTASTIC-OMG HOT BOOK!!! NOW RUN AND GET YOUR COPY OF THIS DELICIOUS BOOK TODAY!!! NOW GO GET YOURS NOW!!!

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