Title: Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Series: Renegades Book 2
Author: Melody Heck Gatto
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: April 17, 2015
Patrick was a infamous
playboy known for his love of women and of course, puck bunnies. He never
wanted to be a one woman kind of guy…
Since the day he laid eyes
on his cousin’s sister-in-law he’s been in knots. Actually, the first thing he
laid eyes on was her ass, and a mighty fine ass it was. The way she paraded
herself around, strutting and swaying her rocking body made his mouth water.
The things he would give up to have that body against his.
Gia’s first impression of
Patrick was pure disgust; the way he ogled her was just gross. With blatant
staring and drooling he made no attempt to hide his attraction to her. The
cocky smile that spread across his face made her want to puke. Sure, sauntering
around her sister’s yard in a teeny tiny bikini didn’t help the situation. The
fact that she liked the attention was wrong since she was with Tyler. Patrick
was dangerously hot and there was a naughty excitement that filled her, but
flirting was as far as it would go.
Until that night.
One night of weakness.
One night of pure lust.
Gia quickly learned it was
impossible to make her feelings vanish, seeing Patrick brought all those raw
desires back. She was determined to fight them, her relationship with Tyler
meant too much. That cocky smile that infuriated her also turned her on. Coming
face to face with him, her body took over and she gave in to her primal
When Gia’s life takes an
unexpected turn, all true colors are revealed.
In the midst of her life
falling apart, her true love may have been in front of her the whole time.
Patrick didn’t want a puck
bunny, he wanted Gia. How was he supposed to get her out of his head? This last
month was almost too much to bear. He hadn’t seen her in almost a year and his
body ached from missing her. He felt like he couldn’t breathe. This was bad.
Really bad.
“Kris,” Patrick
said softly as his friend turned to go back to their table.
“Yeah, Cuz?” Kris
paused, looking Patrick in the eye.
“There’s one
problem.” Patrick sighed heavily. “I don’t think I can.”
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Author Bio 

Melody was born and raised
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband, son and two
dogs. The whole family are avid Pittsburgh Penguins fans and like going to
hockey games when they get the chance. Melody enjoys taking her son to meet the
players on game days. It’s no secret that meeting the players is just as
exciting for her as it is for her son; especially when it comes to her favorite
Melody has loved writing
since she was small, in school she never met a creative writing assignment that
she didn’t love. She is lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who encourages
her to write. When she was laid off from her job of 14 years, he was supportive
about letting her stay home and take care of their son. During that time she
discovered hockey-romances and found a renewed love of reading as well as a
passion for writing.
Melody spends her spare
time reading hockey romances. At holiday time she really enjoys any romance
about Christmas. When it is the hockey off-season, she enjoys swimming and
spending her days out in the sun.

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