I received an ARC from the author Nina Mason in exchange for an honest opinion. This is mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book ” THE DUKES BEDEVILED BRIDE”.

Having had the honor of reading the first book in the series – The Devil in Dukes Clothing. Which I must say right here for everyone to know is a must read. If you haven’t read it yet – then you are really missing out on a fantastic story and author. I knew that I had to have more of the story of Robert and Maggie. I was so excited when Ms. Mason announced that Book 2 was in the works and would soon be available. Never did I realize that this one would be so powerful and romantic- along with erotic.

Ms. Mason has a very unique writing style that is all her own. She does a tremendous amount of research for each she writes. As her books are historical novels- and she wants them to be the correct down to the point period that she is writing about. Making sure that what she writing actually did happen during that time period. Her characters are so enchanting- one minute you move them the next you might hate them.However, she makes them so well defined and describes them so well. You are able to picture each character in detail in the time period. With the correct clothing on. Her scenes well – lets just say they are so hot !! That after a bedroom scene or two you need a cold bath. LOL.. No really – the erotic scenes are very hot in this book and I did find myself needing to cool of a time or two. But I kept reading. Had to have more of the story. Just pictured myself in the book as one of the characters.

Her covers – teasers- trailers- are all done by her. She even does her own promo. Ms Mason is considered an Indie author. Both books in the Royal Pains series are self-published.

Before I give you my review of  her delicious book. I had the pleasure this morning of sitting down with Ms, Mason and interviewing her.

Good Morning and do I have a treat for everyone today!! This morning we have with us the very talented author Nina Mason.Thank you for joining us today. May I call you Nina??

Nina: Of course.
Mousey: Now Nina, from reading your bio. I can see that you have written several books already. You have written The Tin Man, The Queen of Swords (which, may I say, is fantastic). And Devil in Duke’s Clothing, which is book 1 in the Royal Pains series. Now you have released today book 2 in the series. Is that correct??And can you tell us some about it??
Nina: Yes, Darlene. The Duke’s Bedeviled Bride is book two in my Royal Pains series. Book two picks up right where book one left off and careens off into another another adventure for Maggie and Robert Armstrong, the duchess and duke of Dunwoody, a fictional duchy in the border shires of Scotland. The series is highly erotic, features light BDSM, and is set during the reign of Charles II. For those who don’t know their British history, the first two books are set in 1680. I envision moving forward in history a few years as the series progresses.
Mousey: when you are writing how do you come up with your characters??
Nina: Usually, I go through quite a process. I pick inspiration pictures to determine what they’ll look like, assign them astrological signs and personality traits, give them histories and issues, and work out how they’ll be attracted and conflicted in relation to their co-star and villains. With this book, I actually just started writing and filled in what I needed as I went along. I didn’t even know what time period I was in until I got a few chapters in. I chose the restoration period because it’s so full of decadence and danger–a great time to set an erotic romance!
Mousey: at what age did you know that you know you wanted to be a writer and what or who inspired you to be one??
Nina: I’ve always had a way with words and was known at school as a good writer. If I entered a writing contest nobody else would because they believed I’d win. I usually did, too. Lol. I studied journalism in high school and college and wanted to be a newspaper reporter, but one thing led to another and I ended up in public relations, working mostly for very good colleges. I tried my hand at a romance novel in my early twenties (before computers, friends), but never did anything with it. A few years ago, when the economy crashed, I couldn’t find work, so I started to write what is now The Queen of Swords. From there, I just kept writing. The Duke’s Bedeviled Bride is my fourth book, but I’ve got two more already scheduled for release with Lyrical Press, the digital imprint of Kensington.
Mousey: how did you come up with this series Royal Pains??
Nina: I wanted to write a quick series to fill the gap between The Tin Man and Starry Knight, which would have been a whole year. I’ve worked hard to build a fan base and feared they’d all fall away if they had to wait a whole year for my next book. So, I started Devil in Duke’s Clothing because I decided to try my hand at an erotic historical. I love historical romance. It’s about the only romance genre I read for my own enjoyment and I do like my romances on the steamy side. Royal Pains is on a par with Fifty Shades of Grey in terms of the erotic content, I’d say, but the writing style and characters are very different.
Mousey: you write historical erotica and paranormal novels.. I know that you put a lot of research into each book that you write. Which genres do you prefer to read??
Nina: I think I just answered this. Lol. I have tried to read paranormal romance, but I just can’t get into it for some reason. I write the sort I’d like to read–intelligent, sexy, and based on mythology.
Mousey:  Do you currently have any books in the works right now?? Or is that a secret???
Nina: Not a secret. I need to start on my next book after I get past all the hoopla of releasing The Duke’s Bedeviled Bride. I have three choices: start on book three of Royal Pains, which I expect to release in October if all goes well; start on book three of Knights of Avalon (the series with Lyrical), which won’t release until the middle of 2016; or try to finish a book I shelved after writing about 40,000 words. I decided to try and finish the latter, since I have plenty of time to write the others afterward. The book is an urban fantasy with a romance element about a merman who gets trapped in an oil spill in the Minch, the strait between mainland Scotland and the Hebrides islands. Cuan, the hero, is one of the Blue Men of the Minch and the heroine is the corporate communications veep for the oil company. Like the Knights of Avalon, it’s set in the modern day, but plays on the mythology of the islands around Scotland.
Mousey:  How can your readers follow you???
Nina: I’m pretty active in social media, mostly Facebook. My Facebook author’s page is On Twitter, I’m @ninamasonauthor. I’ve also got a website (, a blog (, a YouTube channel with trailers for all my books, a Tsu account, and Pinterest boards.
Mousey : Can you tell us some about yourself?? I know that you are an Indie author and that you have published some of your own books.Can you tell us about being an Indie author an what books you have published on your own ?? And where can we purchase them??

Nina: At this point, only the Royal Pains series is self-published–so I could get it out in between my books with publishers. The Queen of Swords and The Tin Man are with Vamptasy/CHBB and my forthcoming Knights of Avalon series is with Lyrical Press. Not sure yet what I’m going to do with my merman book. Need to finish it first and see how I feel about submitting it to publisher. As for purchasing my self-published books, you can purchase them from the following places. Amazon-Barnes & Nobles ( has paperback) and also my Esty shop at Now as to how it feels to be an Indie author, that’s a good question. Like swimming in a tank full of sharks. Lol. Seriously, it’s hard work and I have no budget to do marketing, so I have to rely on social media. It’s very tough to be noticed when there are so many other authors pimping their books to the same people.

Mousey: Is there anything else that you would like to tell your readers Nina??
Nina: My books tend to be a bit on the dark side and contain more history than the typical genre read. If you pick up one of my books expecting the same old fare, you’ll be surprised–pleasantly, I hope.

Mousey: I know that your book are on Amazon US & UK , Barnes & Nobles and that your readers can add them  to the TBR on Goodreads.

Nina: Yes, they’re on Amazon in lots of different countries, both as e-books and paperbacks. The paperbacks are also available through Barnes & Noble online.
Thank you so much for joining us today!! Make sure that you go out and get your copy of The Duke’s Bedeviled Bride. It is a must-read by all!!! Adults that is..

Books by Nina Mason

The Queen of Swords

The Tin Man

Devil in Duke’s Clothing (Royal Pains #1)

The Duke’s Bedeviled Bride (Royal Pains #2)

Starry Knight (Knights of Avalon #1)

Dark & Stormy Knight (Knights of Avalon #2)


Now as to Mismousey’s review of this FANTASTIC -TERRIFIC- AMAZING-OMG A HOTTIE YOU HAVE TO READ BOOK!! I have already told you how I felt about Ms. Mason writing style and being honored about reading both of the her books in this wonderful series.

So now let the Mouse – tell you a little of what happens in this second book of Nina Mason’s. And believe me YOU HAVE GOT TO READ IT !!!

The Dukes Bedeviled Bride takes up right where book 1 leaves off.

We find our young couple Robert and Maggie in the carriage. Maggie is so very mad at Robert. She can hardly stand to sit by him let alone think of letting him kiss her like he wants to do wants to do to her.

However instead of winning his wife over- she had other plans for him. Right there in the carriage she decided to start his punishment. With no paddle in the carriage she uses her hand on his backside. Not realizing that it would be so seductive. After a while – our poor Maggie has had enough. She decides she needs her husbands – and we know how. don’t we ??

The story goes on with our couple learning about each other. And how to please one another. Robert is into BDSM and introduces his wife Maggie to it. Which she learns pretty fast.

Upon there return home – Robert receives a letter from his brother Hugh. It seems that he and his new bride are returning for a visit. And would like to get to know his new sister-in-law and vis-versa. They will be arriving in a few days. Robert does not tell his wife about this letter from Hugh as he believes she still has feelings for him.

When Hugh and his wife arrive all sorts of things start to happen. Suddenly Robert is called to court and he can not get out of it. He has to go. While he is away – Hugh and his wife take over the mansion. Making Maggie nothing more than a servant girl. Even though she is his brothers wife and the heir. On the way to London – Robert has an accident and has been reported to be missing.

Maggie with the knowledge of Hugh has had a letter spirited away to her father. Asking him to go in search of her beloved.  He writes her back telling her that he will look for her.


In order to find out what happens to Robert and Maggie You have to read this book !! You won’t want to miss it!!! Make sure you READ BOOK 1 IN THE ROYAL PAINS SERIES THE DEVIL IN DUKES CLOTHING ( WHICH IS ON SALE THIS WEEKEND FOR $1.99 ) THEN GRAB THE SECOND BOOK “THE DUKES BEDEVILED BRIDE  (JUST RELEASED TODAY!!!)

MOUSEY recommends this book to all adult readers that are over the age of 18 and who love a good historical novel. That is spicy -sexy-steamy – and seductive!!! As for Mismousey’s rating of this yummy and delicious book. I gave it a very firm rating of 60 stars out of 5 stars.



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