25278223I received an ARC from the author , Jamie Salisbury in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of “ENCORE”. and ” ARCHANGEL”

The author Ms. Salisbury -truly has a way with taking pen to paper. She can bring magic-mystery and drama to the pages. And have them all jump out at you. You can see so much devotion and emotion that Ms. Salisbury put into creating her characters. Each character has a unique form and some might have a flaw in them. Just like us.

You can see each character in detail along the scenes she places them in. As I read about Daniel playing the violin  and walking around. I can actually see this happening in person and hear his wonderful music. I feel his emotion for his music and devotion for it. Ms. Salisbury is just that great in her description and in detail.

When reading both of this amazing books that she has written – there are so many characters that are in the story. However- the storyline is actually about one main character and the love of life. After so many years apart they finally find each again. After years of hiding and making a life for herself away from her family. Mary Scot as she referred to herself now days. But she is actually  Mary Elizabeth Tudor. Her brothers are well known and famous for there music. When Mary was younger she had asked her parents about being allowed to go to an ARTs schools like Julliard. But they said no -she wasn’t good enough. Mary ran away an applied received a full grant to go. Learned both piano /violin and voice. Now what pays the bills is photography.

This is where an old classmate comes back into her life. Danny- he is a Maestro only the best in the world. No one can play like him. He wants Mary to take some new pictures of him for promos. She agrees to do. He likes them so much that he doesn’t want any one else taking his photos from now on. Mary is to do all the photo shoots of him no matter where they are. She is to go where he is.

As time goes by Danny and Mary get closer an closer. They soon have a relationship forming. Out of nowhere- it is leaked that she is the long loss sister of Tudor brothers. Mary had to confess her secret to Danny an explain why she was using another name and not seeing her family.

Danny told his angle of mine that he would  stand by her and be with her when she faced her family. Encore leads into Archangel where there are even more twists and turns with the Tudor family. This story has so much excitement you just don’t want to put either books down. You go from one to the other!!

I recommend both ENCORE and ARCHANGEL to ALL !!! IT IS A MUST READ AND AN EXCITING MAGICAL -MYSTICAL ONE AT THAT!!! MisMousey gives a very firm rating of 60 out 5 stars to both books. NOW RUN AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!!

I am looking forward to reading more of TUDOR FAMILY AND MORE OF MARY AND DANNY!! Ms Salisbury you have out done yourself!!! These books are truly amazing and Thank you so very much for giving me the honor of reading them