May is the time when we all stop an support Mental Health. Right now there is a fund raiser going on in the memory Keith Melaino .. This man who was so loved suffered in silent. It got to the point to where he thought he could not take it any more .

The reason I am sitting here writing this at this moment to you. Is to tell you an everyone. That mental illness affects everyone. Not just the person who has it but there family also. You ask me how I know this. That’s a good question.Let me explain.

First I will tell you that I myself have had depression all my life. There are times when it gets so bad with out my med’s – that yes I had thought some real bad thoughts. I have gone through some horrible times and and even voiced that it situation didn’t work out. I don’t know how I could go on. But lucky for me I had a terrific support system. Between my family- my doctor and friends. I was able to get through it.

Yes – those thoughts were there- but then I thought : if I did that what would it solve? It would only hurt my loved ones more an not solve anything.” So I kept fighting through the problem and thoughts. It is a everyday battle. Some more than others. But I have an do things that make me happy. I don’t sit around – I read- review- blog – I am here for my authors to help them. And for any one that might need an ear.

Now what you might now realize is that depression is linked to your genes. Say your mom had it – your brother has it – you have – chances are real good that one of your children will have it. In my family alone all of my siblings suffer with depression- my 4 brothers an myself all have PTSD – my youngest son suffers from depression.

Earlier I mentioned that it affects the entire family – 8 yrs ago my daughter-in-law took her own life right in front of son. To this day my son is still suffering from that. Every day an night he relives that scene over an over in his head. For him there is no peace. She thought she was being funny and the gun was empty. So when she put to her head an pulled the trigger . You can imagine from there.

That was just the beginning of the nightmare. I can say this to any one who suffers from any time of mental health issues.

Please Please and Please speak up and get help !! Do it for yourself and your love ones. You deserve a happy healthy long life .

I know that I am now stable as long as I take my medicine every day. when you have depression you have to continue to take your medicine everyday even if you feel better or else you go back into that dark black hole again.

Please go support the Online Auction that  is live right. And I sincerely hope that I have enlighten you some on what a person can go through . The Mouse loves and cares about all of you very much so please if you suffer any form of mental health issue call someone – reach out for that special person to help you.


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