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I received an ARC of PASSPORT TO HAPPINESS from the author DEBBIE WHITE. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book. I am so very honored to been allowed to have given the pleasure of reading and reviewing Ms.White’s book.

This being the very first time that I have picked up a copy of one of her books to read. I must say that reading PASSPORT TO HAPPINESS- I will continue to read more of her book in the future. Ms. White has now been added to list of Authors that I have added to my bookshelf of favorites. To make that list is a hard thing to do – not many Authors are able to be listed there.

The way in which Ms. White has taken her pen to paper to create this magnificent  -heartwarming story. Right from the start she is able to capture you- with this terrific and spell binding -gripping  story. The way in which she memorizes you with her characters – scenes – and the tiniest detail in her description is utterly FANTASTIC!! You would never imagine a create plot such as this just by the cover of the book. Ms. White’s detail’s are so well defined that you feel yourself right there with the characters experiencing everything tht they do – see- and feel. As for her characters , OMG what can I say!! She has written  and described them to perfection.   It truly amazes me how one author can take and write so much creativity into her story as Ms. White has done.

Passport to Happiness is about a young women who wants a change from her small town after graduation. She wants to get out away from the hum drum life and live. She decides she wants a career with the State Dept.. So as soon as she graduates both Jessica and her boyfriend Josh start their training for State dept. During that time Jessica has a roomie by the name of Birdie- they become best friends . Jess and Josh become strangers – they don’t talk r spend time together. He has his new friends and Jess has Birdie. After graduation – Birdie and Jess learn they are being sent to Africa and josh – his assignment is France.

This begins Jessica’s Passport to Happiness- but what eventually makes Jessica happy?? In order to know this you HAVE TO READ THIS AMAZING- FANTASTIC-HEART WARMING-OMG TERRIFIC READ OF A BOOK!!

I recommend this book for all readers!!! Mismousey gives is a 50 out of 5 stars!! NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?? FLY AND GET YOUR COPY NOW !!

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