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99a2f-about2bauthor I had the most wonderful honor and pleasure today of sitting down Debbie White, We have a wonderful conversation and Mismousey would love to share it with her readers.

Ms. White , may I call you Debbie??

You can call me Debbie, or Deb, but don’t call me Debra. It reminds me of the days when I was in trouble with my parents!

Thank , Debbie. When did you know you wanted to write??

It wasn’t something I knew from an early age like many authors. I was and still am an avid reader. I love a good book that is engaging, well-written, and tells a story. I know sex sells, and seems so many book these days are loaded with it, but I like a good story that has me turning the turning the pages to see what happens next, not the next move in the bedroom. Now don’t get me wrong , I like romance like the next gal, and if it’s tastefully excuted. I love to read about it as well. So to make a  long story short, I decided to take a stab at writing the types of books I like to read.

Who or what influenced you into writing??me

I worked in a library for over 4 years. I had access to every new book that came out, and every best-seller on the shelves. I learned early on , that I was more of Danielle Steel romance reader and not a Harlequin romance reader, but I soon even out grew her. I like so many authors, but I don’t have just one favorite. I do like some of Nicholas Sparks books, and many one hit wonders have a oft spot in my heart as well. I’ve enjoyed Elizabeth Berg, Helen Cooper , Mary Kay Andrews, and Carol Higgins Clark ( Mary Higgins daughter)

When writing “Passport to Happiness” did you base any of your characters off of anyone?

The characters personality, no. However their jobs yes. I’ve traveled a great deal and so I thought it would be interesting to write about it too.

Do you have a favorite character in ” Passport to Happiness”

Jessica, with Momma a close second

Have you written any other books besides this  one, if so which ones?

Yes, THE SALTY DOG, and THE PET PLACE. I’ve re-introduced characters in all of the books so although not a true sequel , you’ll see the connection. I usually ask people to read The Salty Dog first, then Passport and lastly, The Pet Palace.

How can your readers contact you??

I have a website http://www.authordebbiewhite.com   My facebook page is : https://facebook.com/authordebbiewhite?ref=aymt_homepage_panel   and I have a blog page at http://www.authordebbiewhite.com/wordpress/

Do you have any other books in the works at the moment that you can tell us about??

I’m currently working on a women’s fiction with a touch of mystery. It’s loosely based on my mom’s real life adoption and the unusual circumstances surrounding it.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your readers Debbie??

I happily donate a percentage of ALL book sales to Animal Rescue.It’s a charity that  near and dear to my heart. I have some upcoming book signings and events, and I update them periodically on my website and blog. If you want to stay connected, be sure and sign up for my newsletter. Thank you for having me today . It was fun!

There ya go folks!! An Up close and Personal Interview with Debbie White!! I sure did enjoy speaking with her and had a blast having her on Mousey Books!! Thank you ever so much for joining the Mouse..


Debbie WhiteI write easy to read romance books that could also be classified as women’s fiction/sagas that are great for taking to the beach, reading while traveling, or to help relax after a long busy day. My books feature independent, strong women who in the midst of finding themselves, sometimes endure tragedy, but always strive to enjoy life to the fullest. My books will always end on a positive note as I believe we have enough instances in our life when things don’t go as planned. Writing and reading about happiness is therapeutic for me and many others.

My books are about real life, and real events – some that I’ve experienced first hand. I’ve embellished the stories – as any good writer does, and changed the names to protect the innocent while trying to entertain and delight readers.

I avidly support animal rescue, and happily donate a percentage of my book sales to local shelters and animal rescue organizations. I have two adorable rescue dachshunds, Dash and Briar – you’ll see pictures of them on my website.

I feel my books offer readers another choice besides what is currently available in fiction. I hope you enjoy my books.

Check out my website http://www.authordebbiewhite.com/
Check out my blog at: http://www.authordebbiewhite.com/wordpress/
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