I received an ARC from the author, JUSTIN BIENVENUE: in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of “BLOODY, BLOODY MESS IN THE WILD, WILD WEST”.
When I was asked to read and review this book for the author for Mr. Bienvenue’s book tour. I was quite fascinated with the story line. That I just had to read this book. I have never read any of this authors books before. Therefore, you can imagine my shock when I started reading this book. And found it to capture my attention from the first page. His writing is very different from any that I have read. Mousey has not read a lot of zombie books. But I have to say this one has me hooked.
The way on which the author takes up his pen to paper to create this marvelous story right out of our history books- is just pure GENIUS! The way in which he has taken a piece of history- then added to it. The pieces which have been added to make this into what I would classify a fantasy – horror .thriller. Mr. Beinvenue has true talent – with his creation. He brings it to life right before the reader’s eyes, the characters are brought to life not only in detail- but also in spirit. As you read what is going on and what each character is saying. You are seeing everything unfold right before your eyes. As a reader – the author has made sure in his writing that the description is so fine tuned to the smallest detail.
When you read the title of the book- you think ok this is a western. Awesome, everyone loves a good cowboy and Indian story. But looks are so deceiving. The phrase- don’t judge a book by its cover” well this book differently fall’s in that category. At first glance, when you are starting to read this amazing book. You will even think that it is a historical western. However, as you are drawn further and further into the show down. This fascinating western is actually a different type of Zombie book. One that is written for both the young adults in mind and also for the adult readers.
This is the very first book that I have read from this author – Mr. JUSTIN BIENVENUE. And I am so looking forward to adding his books to my bookshelf on Goodreads to be read. Not only that I am looking forward to reading his next book in this series. I sure hope there is a follow up with this one!.
The Bloody, Bloody Mess in Wild, Wild West takes places in 1870”s. It is after the Civil War between the states, all the men are returning home. Toomswood is located between Mississippi and Alabama, it is a very small town. Has really nothing going for it- the towns folks have tried to keep it going. They don’t trust or like out siders. The one time that they did trust them. It came back to haunt them in the end. This is that story and how they were able to get rid of that little snake of man by the name of Bones Jones (by his men).
Bones as he is called – when he started drilling for oil. All he found was bones – animals –humans you name it he found it . If they were bones then Javier Thus the name “Bones”. Now, Javier Bones Jones was a real bad guy. A killer, thief, wanted in Mexico. He held a bank and killed 2 lawmen a third man- Made it across the border to his brother Juan. See his brother can help out and has asked him to come for some reason. So he is wondering what’s so urgent.
Juan has a deal for him- he offers him some land in Toomswood and tells him that is has oil on it. The people of the town don’t even know it. He could go in there and take over the town – run it. Just him and his men, the only problem being is he has no men, Problem solved – Juan gives him all the men he needs to take over the town.
Here in where it starts with the twists and turns of this amazing –terrific-OMG YOU HAVE TO READ TO BELIEVE IT!
Now I could tell you that we have a man enter in a give “ole Bones some extra gun slinging abilities, and then we have some gun men who somehow after being shot like 10 or more times and killed are still standing and shooting. Here is another little tidbit you get to read this HOT ! HOT ! READ. How about all the civil war soldiers being unburied from the cemetery?? They come marching down the hill.
There is so much more that happens in here. But to truly find out if the townsfolk of Toomswood are able to get rid of Javier “ Bones” Jones for goAYod. And take back their town- you will need to read this AWESOME –TERRIFIC-AMAZING STORY.
I recommend this book for all young adult and adult readers. Mismousey gives this book a firm rating of 50 out of 5 stars. NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? RUN AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!
Mr. Bienvenue “Thank you for allowing me to read you book. I really enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to the next chapter in this series. Please tell me there is another one in the works? Got to have more of the Toomswood town. You are an amazing & talented author. Your creativity is shown with each word you write and character you create. I applaud you for your Genius and creativity.”



(A poem about the antagonist and antagonist)

Emerson V. Javier
He’s for the law and goes by the book
The other believes in an eye for an eye
Crime doesn’t pay and you’ll pay in the end
Guns blazing without any care or concern
You have right to trial its in the moral code
If someone doesn’t die it just isn’t good enough
To kill if one has to is as long as it’s justified
Spitting in the face of those against those who play dirty
Anger may consume but control is the answer
Let it take over and let all who disagree burn in hell
Some instincts and skills cannot be taught or learned
Power can be achieved if you know the right people
Not every conflict needs to end in blood
It isn’t a conflict if it doesn’t end in a bloody mess..

“I’m the baddest man there is in this town or any town through The Mississippi. You thinking you’re gonna waltz up on me and kill me? Ha! I’ll do for you like I did for my late dog and put you out of your misery” -Javier “Bones” Jones

“If you love to kill and can do it as well as I can, then what better way to raise hell?” -Javier “Bones” Jones

“God help me, I’m gonna make sure we get out of this alive and I’m going to kill that son of a bitch…I’m gonna make him wish he never stepped foot in this town” -Emerson Shaw

“If your drunk I suggest you lay off the bottle a while cause we need everyone alert” -Emerson Shaw

99a2f-about2bauthorI was born in and reside in Massachusetts. I am a friendly and outgoing person. Always enjoy meeting new people. I graduated high school in 2006. As an author and poet I have three published books.
I enjoy writing and it always makes me satisfied to have others enjoy my work. I like to be creative and different, always trying new things. I have a background in creative writing which really helped me develop my writing and expand my imagination. When I’m not writing I’m usually enjoying the outdoors or watching sports.



The Plasmatic Writer
Like A Box of Chocolates, a unique, unusual and creative collection of Poetry


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