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*** I received an ARC from the author , Dani Hart in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of ” REALITY (THE ARIE CHRONICLES #1).****
First let me say this about this amazing & very talented author Ms. Hart. I have read her adult books ” Forgotten Treasures and Firefighters Flame both are amazing books. Now I have started reading “THE ARIE CHRONICLES” and i must say I am not one bit disappointed at all. Matter of fact I am shocked by her imagination and creativity. Never would I have believed that I could I have been taken to a whole new level of excitement an thrill. I never saw this coming from her pen on paper. Ms. Hart is a genius when it comes to making worlds appear out of thin air .But let me tell you about ARIE and what happens to her without spoiling the book for you.
Arie is a young teenager who just has her mother. Her father left her when she was just a wee babe. They live near the meadows and love to go there . It is their favorite spot. Arie is comfortable with nature – the creatures come up to her and let her pet them like they are normal pets. ( can you imagine petting a deer or squirrel or even having a bird in your hand?) Her mom and her go to what they call butterfly circle. It is called this as all the butterflies land there . They even land on them. ( kewl huh?)
Any rate, arie has a friend by the name of River – he is her best friend they do everything together. It is even thought that maybe oneday they might hook up- but Arie doesn’t think of River like that.
Arie’s mom owns a book store and Arie does the story hour. She has a girlfriend that has a dress shop that work’s next door . Her name is Starling.
Now this one day while River and Arie are in the meadows when her mom is killed. This takes her on a downward depression. During this time she finds out she is part of another world reality all together. One where she had lived before. Her father Tevi lives there – She meets a young man by the name of Ashe – she is drawn to him. River and his family try to help over her grief of her family. When she turns 18 she gains controls of the book store and River’s parents a card that contain her mother ring in it. It is a unquie gem stone. Once she puts it on her finger she starts to glow. They also have left her a letter from her mother. In the letter her mother tries to explain how special Arie is – an how she met her father. She was a special gift from her father and one she will always cherish- she had wanted to say goodbye to her. But she will always be apart of her. At that moment Arie runs out of the store to her butterfly meadow to be close to her mother there she stays until dark. When River finds her. He tells her that she needs to leave – when they are walking away she feels someone watching them and yells run. They get into her house- he tells her that he – he has been protecting her. And that’s all he can say at the moment. Arie needs to speak to his mother. She is away- when she comes back home she is very ill. Not knowing what is wrong. They speak – she she try’s to explain about her mother and the fact that she is dieing to give her Arie her energy.
As the story progress’s you will find out that someone is trying to kill her. And that Tevi her father has taken her to the other vail. This is in order to protect her.Now I am not going to tell you what happens in the vail . Or to Arie-River- Starling- or the others. There are a lot of twist and turns in this amazing – FANTASTIC-TERRIFIC-OMG HOT FANTASY READ OF THE CENTURY!
Mismousey recommends this book to all young adults / adults and to all fantasy and paranormal lovers out there! I give this a different and firm 60 out 5 stars. Yeah I know you might think this mouse crazy. But I don’t rate normal. The way in which the writing – creativity- characters- scenes-cover- blurb- it all comes together. It is so awesome- in this Mismousey’s mind it deserves a 60. Ms. Hart girl you rock!! Can’t wait for the next book!!!


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