Taylor Lavati’s Art Contest

For the entire month of July we’ll be accepting pieces of art submitted at (pinned post) that relates to our theme. Drawing, photographs, videos, images, designs, or any other creations are acceptable.Theme: Zombies and greek mythology. You can pick one subject or combine the two! Get creative with it.

Judging: The winners will be chosen 50% based on likes and 50% based off judging. We want to make sure this isn’t about talent, but creativity, thought behind it, and relation to the theme.

Prizes: Depending on turnout, prizes may change. First place prize will win a custom “I conquered Taylor Lavati’s Art Contest” t-shirt, $20 amazon GC, and a signed paperback book of their choice. A second and third place may be chosen to win signed swag and t-shirts as well. If enough people enter we will create categories and supply more winners.

Submission Window: July 6- July 31

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Anything book-related is acceptable. Swag (keychains, necklaces, etc), e-books, paperbacks, apparel.
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