OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!  It is filled with so many twist and turns and so much adventure that you are kept on the edge of your seat/ edge of the page.

I was honored to receive an ARC of DREAMS from the author DANI HART. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her 2nd book in the ARIE CHRONICLES. Having already read REALITY  the first book in the series, can you imagine my delight when I was asked to read the DREAMS?

If you thought that Ms. Hart had magic and imagination in Reality- then you haven’t seen anything. She has out done herself in Dreams. There was no way you would be expecting and seeing what was coming once she picked up her pen to paper in this story.Ms. Hart is able to take you places that only you where able to dream about. Her writing is truly genius and unique. Ms. Hart has a style all her own- one where she is able to make  the unbelievable -believable. The characters, scenes, are so real you feel & see everything. Even the plot of the story seems so real that you don”t realize that it is a fantasy.

In Dreams, Ms. Hart has picked right where Reality has left off. Arie is torn between her family and her friends that she has had to leave behind. She misses Starling and River. But she has found a new sister Amary and her father Tavoni .

In her dreams she is starting to remember certain things about her past life. Arie has found out that the essence of the butterfly contains a person’s soul. Just like a lighting bug does. The butterfly is the essence of the good and lighting bug the essence of the bad. ( interesting ) At any rate in one dream her mother tells her that she must make a choice – she will know it when the time comes. Hmm wonder what the choice is ?

Arie is also dishearten by the death of Ryder, She can not get over it. She has a dream of Ryder being held some here especially since one of the village members has been kidnapped. Arie dreams of where they are being held. She can go there in her dreams and she that they are safe.

Arie goes to lead her people there only to find out they one has to be able to fly up to get onto where they are. Arie has wings that she has been hiding. Beautiful wings,

Now I am not going to tell you any more about this delicious story by an amazing -talented author.

What happens to Arie- Amary and their world?? Is she able to save her world? For all these answers and more , you need to read the book. I recommend this book to all readers -especially to the ya readers. Mismousey gives it a very firm rating of 60 out of 5 stars.

Make sure that you add DREAMS to your TO READ LIST on Goodreads and PUT YOUR WINGS ON TO GET YOUR COPY OF IT TODAY!!!!


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