I received an ARC from the lovely author Alicia Renee Kline in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very opinion of “CHANGED”. I have to say I am very honored to have been given the privileged of reading this delicious and very moving story.

Ms. Kline has such a way in her writing style that when she picks up her pen and puts it to paper. It is pure joy she brings to her readers. She is able to bring each emotion out on paper and yet the reader is able to feel them as they read it. That is a skill and a talent that takes times over years and several books written for an author to be able to master, Yet , Ms Kline has master this skill in CHANGED.

She is able to bring her characters to life , give them depth, heart and soul. As for the scenes of the story- the layout- you are able to visualize right before your eyes. Ms. Kline has such a way that she is able to describe in even the smallest detail everything you see right before your eyes. So if you are picturing a hot steamy shower scene . The you will actually picture 2 people in a shower full of hot steamy water getting it on – all hot and bothered… hmmm but the author does it better trust me.

Now in the book :CHANGED”  We find our main character Gracie lives in Indy and her bestie Lauren was getting married. However, the night before the wedding she hooked up with Will. He is a friend of theirs and a recently divorced. Lauren and her hubby have a beautiful baby girl Sadie.  Now Gracie and Will have decided to keep there so call relationship a secrete. Even though it is not really a relationship. It is more like a friends with benefits things.

Will tells Gracie that they can never be a couple – they can never have an actual relationship. He has a daughter who is just 10 years younger than her. He is just getting out of his marriage. And not ready for a relationship or a another marriage. What would everyone think?? So they decide to hide what they have.

Then she is offer a house an a job by Blake. The ranch house is the same one she has already stayed in an loves. The only problem is. If she takes the job that means they will have to find some place else to meet. 

Before Gracie knows it everything changed . She walks out on Will. He told her – he would never make her cry make and he did. Now she is just a very sad and lonely person. That is until the day of her car accident.

Then everything changed! Will everything change between Gracie and Will ? Will they find true happiness together?  To find out this and more you need to read this amazing and terrific story. Ms. Kline keeps you edge of your seat with her story telling. You find yourself needing to find out what happens between 2 loving people.

I recommend this book to all readers, especially those that love a good romance novel. MIsmousey gives this book a firm rating of 50 out of 5 stars. Make sure to add this to your goodreads to read list. NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? RUN AND GET YOUR CO[Y TODAY!!! OFF YOU GO!!!


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