I received an ARC from the AMAZING and I have to say it again the very talented author CAT MASON. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book ” GRAVITY”. This book follows Significance – as we have Mitch along with the Artistic Pricks shop in this story.  I would recommend reading Significance first- that way you have a back ground of what is going on in Mitch’s mind. But you do not need to.

Now I am again honored to read and to review Ms. Mason’s book ” Gravity”. I find myself looking forward to reading  her books. I have yet to be disappointed by the mystery or romance that she brings to her readers, Ms Mason captures your attention from the very page of the book and hold you captive until the very end. You are left on the edge of your seat of with page that you read. This book has so many twist and turns in it. That just when you think you have it figured out  your get another shock and surprise.

Ms. Mason is able to bring her characters and scenes to life along with making them jump right off the page at you. She describes a ink shop in such detail and one getting a tattoo in such detail you can picture right before your eyes. As for Ki – our author has also been able to describe to her job as a dancer in such detail. You can picture the pole that she uses in the club.

Gravity is about a man by the name of Luke who runs Artistic Pricks with Mitch Now he always seems to have to go and get Mitch out of the club every night as he is drunk. This one night he enters the club where he sees the Diamond dancing. Mitch is always wanting to get a private show with her, She always turns him down- as she never does private show’s. When Luke goes into get Mitch out-thats when he first spots her,

Ki goes home and she finds her neighbor outside looking so lost and hungry. She is looking for her lost cat, It seems the kitty got out and she can’t seem to find it. Some one has called her son Luke- he comes and wants to know how long she has been left alone? Why she is out side and when is the last time she has eaten?

Ki takes her inside and feeds -calms her down-the kitty comes home. This is how Luke and Ki actually meet. As Ki is his mother’s next door neighbor.

That weekend while she is off work- her car breakdowns It leaves her stranded in the middle of the road. Now – Luke’s mom calls the shop and tells them at her power is off in the house. She can’t get anyone out there till Monday,before Luke heads over.he stops and picks up food,  After picking it up he is traveling down the road when he almost runs over Ki’s car. He helps her move it off the road and then takes to her his mom. They go down in the basement where as they are working on the power. This is where Luke starts to realize that he has feels something for her. It may be lust- but it is something.

Overtime they are hanging out together, Ki starts to be known as he his girl. At work she starts to receive threats. But she doesn’t tell Luke about them. The only one that knows about them is Danny the bouncer and she makes him promise not to tell anyone.  Then one night when she is off with spending it Luke her house is broken into. So she has to tell him-call the police and make a report.

Over the course of the next several days there are several more notes left on her car for her. And shots fired at her. Who is tiring to get hurt Ki? And why are they doing this? For the answers to these questions and more. You will need to read the story.

I recommend this book for all readers especially those that love romance with a little twist of mystery in it. Mismousey gives it a firm rating of 60 out of 5 stars. NOW MAKE SURE THAT YOU ADD THIS BOOK TO YOUR READ LIST ON GOOD READS AND THEN JUMP OVER AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY !!!

Ms. Mason – I am so looking forward to the next book in this series. You are amazing an very talented author. I enjoy reading all your books. You bring your characters to life in such a way that you make your readers want more of the story from the very beginning. Thank you.


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