I received an Arc from the amazing and very talented author Cat Mason;in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book SIGNIFICANCE. I am very honored to have been asked to read and review her book. This is not the first book of her’s that I have read. Having said that – I can say with honesty Ms Mason is very talented in writing. Along with be creativity.

Ms. Mason draws you into the story from the very moment that you start reading. You are captured and held hostage till you have completed reading the entire story. As takes pen to paper to create the magical life that you read. You begin to feel every emotion and event that each character goes through.

Significance is about the life of two people who are so in love. Mitch is a sailor and he has just returned home from being deployed from overseas. When he returns home to his girl Becky. Who he loves will all his heart- the first thing he does is ask her to marry him. Becky accepts. There bestfriends – Taylor ( he sea buddy) and Madison who is his wife are very happy for them. Madison wants to plan her ( Becky) wedding – she has even picked the date for her.  Now that my friends is going a little over board don’t you think? At any rate, Mitch tells Becky that by the time he deploys again he wants her to have his name and to be expecting his baby. Becky is not happy – yes she wants children but she is afraid she wont be a good mother. They make up. As time goes on, The couple decides to let Mitch plan there wedding . How does it come off?? where does Mitch plan for it to happen? And what goes on with the happy couple?

For all these answers and more. You will need to READ THE STORY!! This is an amazing and very emotional read. It has you feeling everything. One moment you will be happy , excited, then you will be sad.

I recommend this book for all readers, And Mismousey gives it a firm rating of 60 out 5 stars, Make sure to add this book to your TO READ LIST ON GOOD READS. AND THEN RUN AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!


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