25278223I had received an ARC from the author Jamie Salisbury in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book ENCORE. This is truly an heart warming story One of romance an love and family. The author has done a fantastic job in bringing everything together and making it all jump right out at the reader.
In this the first of many book of Tudor Family. We meet Mary Stuart who is actually living under a false name. As she is hiding out from her family. And has been for years. You see she is the younger sister of the famous Tudor Brothers. Her parents & brothers thought she could never be good enough music wise to be accepted in Julian school of Music. So she silently left home and applied to the school-received a scholarship and learned to play the piano and violin very well. Now she plays at night under the name of Archangel. No one knows when she will show up or who the Archangel is. All they know is that she brings in the crowd an she is amazing an exceptional!.
This one night while is at the club performing she see her friend from school in the crowd. Daniel Kennedy. He came up to her after the show wanting to take her out. She told him no. Then left in a cab. Now 6 months left he comes to her to have some photo’s taken as she is well known. Not knowing that she is the famous Archangel. She agrees-
Daniel has Mary start taking all his photos – he has her under contract. Where ever he goes she goes. . Now along the way he discovers her secrets that she has been hiding. He has fallen in love with her. But can he forgive her . And can their love withstand the secrets that she has been hiding? All these questions and more are found in this amazing story of ENCORE!.I recommend this book to all. Mismousey gives it a firm rating of 50 out 5 stars. Now run and get YOUR COPY OF THIS AMAZING AN ROMANTIC BOOK NOW!!



23920116In this terrific tale of paranormal romance-mystery-murder- and vampires along with some werewolf’s. It seems that our young friend Liz had a strange roomie who was Dectective. However- he was a vampire- and now he is dead. She has inherited his ring. Along with that his friends. But it also seems that his business partner and her have to work together to figure out who killed him. But in the process if they kill either of the other one . Then they both die. Ouch! Bad karma on them.
So they decide to work together Now someone is out to do them in before they can figure out who killed there friend. Are they able to find the killer of there close friend?? Or does someone do them in?
This book has so many twist and turns in it. You have to read it. It is an amazing-terrific romance paranormal yet it has a twist of mystery in it also. This mouse loved it!!! I recommend this book to all Paranormal romance reader-along with those who like mystery. Actually everyone who love a good book. Mismousey gives this fantastic book a firm rating of 50 out of 5 stars.

Mr Flynn please write a follow up to this book. I would love to see where your characters go. This was an amazing read one that I truly enjoyed reading.