I received an ARC from the author Theresa Troutman in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of LIFE’S WHAT YOU MAKE YOU MAKE IT.
Having read one other book written by Ms Troutman- I knew that this one would be amazing. Ms. Troutman had written a book that was included in Indulgence – which was so FANTASTIC THAT YOU HAVE TO GET THAT BOOK!! Now let’s get back to this one- LIFE’S WHAT YOU MAKE IT.
Ms. Troutman has a wonderful way in writing her stories when she takes pen to paper. She creates such a magical story an whisk you away to time in the past. That contains everything that our teenagers are doing today. Ms. Troutman is able to describe her characters in such detail that you are able to visualize each of right before your eyes. You see Sebastian, Penny, Prince Alistar, ( these 2 are referred to Libertines.) Nanny Jones. when he reaches America he meets more people. As for her scenes -omg she has them down to the smallest detail!!
Once you start reading -you will not want to stop. As Ms. Troutman has you captured from the ery first page.You have to find out what happens next to this young teeneger.
So let the mouse tell you about this FANTASTIC-WONDERFUL-MAGNIFIC-AWESOME STORY!!
Life’s What You Make It is about a young teenager named Sebastian whose mother is loaded. She has him going to a private school by the name of Eaton. As for him he likes to drink-do drugs had have sex. He lives in London. It is allowed where he lives. Sebastian lives in a castle as he puts. The story opens with him in bed with a couple of girls. He decides that this weekend that he is taking all his friends to his house to celebrate his birthday. when they get there- he goes upstairs and tells Nanny Jones he is there and that he loves her. He thinks of her as his mother, She has raised him all his life. His mother has never had anything to do with him. He thinks of her as a well you will just have to read it to find out. Any way they party that night everyone is drinking and doing cocaine. The next day is his birthday -at the party his friend Colin collapsed and died from a drug over dose. Not good at all they had to call their attorneys and Sebastian was praying his mother would not find out. Now the next day he is demanded to take his exams – because of what went down he can’t. He walks out on them and goes to Penny. They flee to Spain for a week. When he gets Back his mother is furious! She is sending him to a catholic school in America.
This is when the story gets real good. Nanny Jones goes with him. Lots of things happen to him in America. For you to find out what happens to him. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!! I recommend this book to all to read. Mismousey gives this book a 60 out of 5 stars. MAKE SURE THAT YOU ADD THIS BOOK TO YOUR GOODREADS READING LIST. THEN RUN AND GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!


The Lost by Cole McCade

Date of Publication: August 25, 2015


She’s known it her whole life. She knows it every time she spreads her legs. Every time she begs for the pain, the pleasure, the heat of a hard man driving deep inside. She’s a slave to her own twisted lusts–and it’s eating her alive. She loves it. She craves it. Sex is her drug, and she’s always chasing her next fix. But nothing can satisfy her addiction, not even the nameless men she uses and tosses aside. No one’s ever given her what she truly needs.

Until Gabriel Hart.

Cold. Controlled. Impenetrable. Ex-Marine Gabriel Hart isn’t the kind of man to come running when Leigh crooks her pretty little finger. She loathes him. She hungers for him. He’s the only one who understands how broken she is, and just what it takes to satisfy the emptiness inside. But Gabriel won’t settle for just one night. He wants to claim her, keep her, make her forever his. Together they are the lost, the ruined, the darkness at the heart of Crow City.

But Leigh has a darkness of her own. A predator stalking through her past–one she’ll do anything to escape.

Even if it means running from the one man who could love her…and leaving behind something more precious to her than life itself.

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About Cole McCade

Corporate consultant by day, contemporary romance author by night.

Mid-thirties. Coffee addict. Cat lover. Bibliophile. Technophile. Definite sapiophile. Native Southerner. Runner. Country boy turned city suit. Shameless collector of guitar picks, vinyl records, and incense holders. Aficionado of late-night conversations over live music in seedy bars. Browncoat with a secret crush on Kaylee Frye.

Fascinated by human sociology, and particularly by the psychology of sex and gender – and their effect on relationship expectations, the culture of dating, and what it means to fall in love.

Non-smoker. The picture’s just a stock photo. A rather broody, dark one for someone who isn’t all that broody or dark, but sometimes forgets to smile even when he means to.

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Note: This book contains material that may be triggering for some readers


“State your name.”

Cold, clipped words, blending into the noise of the police station. Leigh lifted her head from a fixed study of her clenched fingers. Colors whirled around her in a lurid carnival nightmare, too bright, too blurry. On a bench on the far side of the room, a wasted and broken scarecrow woman picked at a scab on her wrist with a certain habitual listlessness, oozing diseased red-brown blood over liver spots. Her tendons were rails under her skin, and the dull gleam of cuffs chained her to the bench. She raised her head and stared at Leigh with yellowed eyes that captured her with a sort of empty, terrifying promise.

Across the desk a policewoman waited, with that compassionate impatience only a half-step from pity and shoulder-to-shoulder with disgust. Her flat blue eyes said she’d been trained to care, but couldn’t be bothered anymore. Leigh swallowed and tugged her hoodie close against the tinny air-conditioned chill. Her mouth had dried to a tacky, sticky mess, gummy pills of lipstick beading on her lips, and her tongue was a bloated and useless organ, this swollen pink thing pushing pointlessly against her teeth.

“Leigh,” she ground out. “Clarissa Leigh…” Her married name scratched sandpaper syllables against her throat. “…van Zandt.”

“And Miss van Zandt, do you know why you’re here?”

She nodded, her neck a creaking wooden puppet-hinge. “I do.”

“Your family’s been worried about you.”

“I know.”

She knew what she should do here. Bow her head in shame and contrition, maybe even sniffle. But she looked for the emotions and they weren’t there; just scraps and tatters, clinging to the empty place where they belonged. She had no feeling left, hollowed out and lost and wondering how she’d ended up here. This didn’t feel real. Instead it was a dream where everyone leered in fisheye close-up, their smiles all teeth and stretched red lips and manic glee. She wanted to run, but somehow she’d gone too numb to do anything but sit here surrounded by the stink of fear-sweat, stale beer, and that particular police-station smell of urine soaked into concrete for decades on end.

“What happened to you?” the officer asked. Leigh didn’t answer, and the officer’s pen tapped against the forms on her desk, rat-tat-tat, rat-tat-tat, Morse code for I’d rather be anywhere but here with this spoiled little runaway princess. “It’s been four years. You were declared legally dead.”

“That’s all right.” She closed her eyes with a laugh that ripped her guts up into her mouth, and buried her face in her hands. Dead. Dead.

Yeah, that was about right.

“Miss van Zandt?”

Stop calling me that.

“Miss van Zandt. I need you to focus on my voice.”

Stop calling me that!

Leigh took a measured breath and opened her eyes. Her shoulders squared. The bolts on the back of the hard, ass-biting chair dug into her shoulder blades. “I am focused. I can hear you just fine.”

“Eyes are dilated.” The officer—her nametag read Maroni, could there be a more clichéd name for a Crow City cop—leaned across the desk, peering at her face. Then she beckoned to the aide hovering over them like a mannequin. “I’ve seen this too many times. Drugs and prostitution.” She talked about Leigh like she wasn’t even there. “We’ll have to clean her up before her husband gets here.”

“I’m not on drugs. I’ve never been on drugs.”

Maroni’s pen-clicking stopped. Her disbelief was a heavy thing, push-push-pushing until Leigh nearly laughed.

“You’re not on drugs.”


“Then what happened?”

There it was. The first hint of exasperation. Of frustration, stitched into knitted brows and the purse of lips in just the right shade of I can’t be a woman, I’m a cop mauve. Because like anyone normal, anyone who wasn’t fucking broken to pieces and liked being that way, Maroni needed to make sense of this. Needed to quantify it in a world where the rules worked as normal and everyone wanted to chase that dream of happiness that wasn’t anything but desperation painted over of a frantic tally of things. Things of plastic, things with value created by people whose upper lips curled when they looked down at little girls like Leigh, and demanded she account for herself in sane, rational ways that made proper sense.

Sorry, Officer Maroni.

I’m not the kind of thing that makes much sense.

Maroni pushed a harsh sound through her teeth. “You had a job, a husband, a newborn son. You had a life other people would kill for, and we find you here on the streets. Were you pressured? Kidnapped?”

“No. None of that.” Leigh shook her head.

“You’ll have to explain, then.”

“I left.” She trailed off, lips parted; no words came for long seconds, until she managed, “I…I was afraid.”

“Of what?” Maroni tried to catch her eye, but Leigh looked down at her hands, at her chipped pink fingernails dipped in the sparkles of shooting stars. “Miss van Zandt. If someone was hurting you, you need to tell us now so we can take appropriate steps to protect you.”

“No. No one hurt me. Not like that.”

“I’m afraid you’ll need to be more clear. What were you afraid of?”


She struggled for an answer. Struggled for something this woman would accept, something that would make her sigh with sympathy and pity and relieved disdain that said there, but for the Grace of God…

But again, she found nothing. Nothing but the truth, and Leigh shrugged as she looked up at the policewoman and wondered if she had daughters who might one day be like Leigh, daughters who would cut stark red lines of fingernails in the walls of flesh that caged her in the shape of pop culture’s perfect woman.

“Of the inevitable monotony of it all,” she said.

And smiled.

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WLK synopsis
StrangeBedfellows - audio coverCan the billionaire son of a Democratic president build a family with the congressman son of a Republican senator? Forget politics, love makes strange bedfellows.

As the sole offspring of the Democratic United States president and his political operative wife, Trevor Moga was raised in an environment driven by the election cycle. During childhood, he fantasized about living in a made-for-television family, and as an adult, he rejected all things politics and built a highly successful career as far from his parents as possible.

Newly elected congressman Ford Hollingsworth is Republican royalty. The grandson of a revered governor and son of a respected senator, he was bred to value faith, family, and the goal of seeing a Hollingsworth in the White House.

When Trevor and Ford meet, sparks fly and a strong friendship is formed. But can the billionaire son of a Democratic president build a family with the congressman son of a Republican senator? Forget politics, love makes strange bedfellows.


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WLK Author Bio
Cardeno C - Logo

Cardeno C. – CC to friends – is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a lot of happiness and a few “awwws” into a reader’s day. Writing is a nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer work with gay rights organizations. Cardeno’s stories range from sweet to intense, contemporary to paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong relationships and walks into the happily-ever-after sunset.

Cardeno’s Home, Family, and Mates series have received awards from Love Romances and More Golden Roses, Rainbow Awards, the Goodreads M/M Romance Group, and various reviewers. But even more special to CC are heartfelt reactions from readers, like, “You bring joy and love and make it part of the every day.”

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Locket Full of Secrets Excerpt (Middle of Chapter 1)

“Okay,” Olena began once the waitress was a far enough distance away. “My aunt was in trouble. Some serious family stuff, and my mom knew we needed to help them. I told you as soon as I could. I wanted to stay, but it was important that we got to my aunt as soon as possible.”
As I listened to her words I thought back to the last time I had seen her. The day so long ago suddenly feeling like it was just yesterday…

“Claire!” a voice called to me as I headed out of school to catch the bus.
“Olena! Where have you been?” I grinned, stepping away from the bus line to talk to her. She had not been at school in two days and when I called her to ask about it there was no answer.
“I have to tell you something,” she replied, a serious look on her face. “My mom and I have to leave town for a little while.”
“Like for the weekend?” I didn’t know much about her mom, only that she worked a lot and traveled for business from time to time.
“It will be longer than that,” Olena frowned, as if she already knew what my next question would be.
“But you will be back for our party, right?”
I watched in shock as she shook her head at me. One of the coolest things about being best friends with Olena was that we both had the same birthday. It was still three weeks away, but we had already worked hard to plan our “Bowling Birthday Bash.”
“When will you be back?” I tried to keep my voice steady, but suddenly felt my chest tightening with emotion.
“I do not know,” Olena paused to reach into her purse. “I just came by to give this to you.”
Accepting the brightly wrapped box she handed me, I struggled to understand just what she was saying. Sdniom rozdenija, Russian for Happy Birthday, was written in tiny letters on the shiny silver paper.
“Just wait and open it on our birthday, okay?”
I nodded, unsure what else to do. Taking my eyes off the gift, I looked at her and could feel the sting of tears behind my eyes.
“You’re coming back though, right?”
“I do not know,” she shook her head. “But I need to go.”
Not knowing what else to do I stepped forward and hugged Olena, secretly praying this would not be the last time I would see her. Tears rolled down my cheeks as she finally pulled away, her face showing only a hint of sadness.
“Do Svidanija,” I finally said, clutching her gift tightly in my hand.
“Goodbye,” she replied before turning and walking towards the parking lot where her mom was no doubt waiting for her.
Forcing one foot in front of the other I climbed onto the school bus just second before it rolled out of the parking lot. Plopping down into my usual seat, I pulled my legs up to my chest and stared at the wrapped present still in my hands. She said to save it for my birthday, but I was knew that would just make me miss her more. As I opened my bag and slipped the package inside I resolved I would save it until I saw Olena again.

“So that’s it?” I asked, clenching my jaw more at the memory than her answer. “Your family needed help, so you go and can’t even call or anything?”
“I tried a few times,” she explained, her eyes peering deep into mine. “But my aunt was in a really bad spot, and even getting away to call you was impossible.”
“And now it’s all better and you can talk to me again?” My voice was low, but harsh. I did not mean to sound so rude to Olena, but it was hard dealing with all the emotions she was bringing up suddenly with her return.
“Kind of,” Olena glanced down at the table. “My aunt died in a car accident a few weeks ago.”
I could feel my heart slam into my chest. Here I was mad at Olena, and she was off dealing with family tragedy and who knows what else. I instantly felt childish and selfish for not being a better friend.
“I’m so sorry Olena,” I managed, my throat suddenly dry.
“Thanks,” she shrugged, her eyes glued to the table.
Silence enveloped our table as the waitress brought us our order. Olena still did not look at her, but picked up her coffee and took a long sip. I thanked the woman before sliding my pie away from me. My stomach was suddenly too upset to eat.

Locket Full of Secrets Excerpt (End of Chapter 5)

“Night, sweetheart,” dad added before giving me a kiss on the forehead.

As they turned out the light and left my room I found myself suddenly more awake. The dark reminded me of the bathroom just before I saw the body, and that thought got my heart racing once again.

Walking to the window I opened it to allow for some of the spring air to fill my room. It was cold out, but it felt good after being inside for so long. Hearing a metal scraping sound behind me I turned to face my vanity. Moving closer, it became clear what was making the noise. The necklace Olena had given me was swinging where it hung, tapping into the mirror.

It had been a full year since I last saw Olena. My birthday had come and gone, followed by summer and even Christmas. I knew it was time I accepted the fact that I would probably never see her again.

Pulling the wrapped gift box from the top drawer of my dresser I could feel tears pricking my eyes. Despite my promise to open it when I saw her again, I had waited enough.

Ripping the paper off, I tossed it onto the ground, revealing a flat square box. As I took off the lid, a handwritten card from Olena greeted me instantly.

“In case I do not see you again, I wanted you to have this. You are my true best friend, and you will be missed. Do svidanija, Olena.”

Wiping my face with the back of my hand I pulled the card aside to reveal a necklace I knew well. Nestled in the small box was the silver pendant Olena always wore. It was a gift from her aunt and uncle; a locket that never opened. That did not matter though, as the design on its front more than made up for it.

I ran my thumb over the intricate tree design with light pink amethyst stones making up its delicate leaves. Since we shared the same birthday, February 23rd, it was not just my birthstone but Olena’s as well. With shaking hands I undid the clasp and put it around my neck, then looked at my reflection in the mirror.

Staring at the necklace resting atop my sweater I suddenly felt certain I would see Olena again soon. This necklace was too important for her to give me and then disappear from my life forever. Picking up the wrapper and reading the Russian birthday greeting once again, I felt a smile pull at my lips. This present gave me hope. This small amount of silver and stone was a sign from Olena she would always be my friend, no matter what. It was a sign of hope she would come back one day, and proof that our friendship meant something to her.

Pulling the necklace from its perch I held it in my hand, my thumb rubbing over the tree design the same way I had done so many times before. Tears sprang up in my eyes as I turned and threw the necklace at the wall. As it tumbled to the ground I heard it making contact with the floor grate, before falling into the heating duct. It would likely be stuck there, out of reach, until I unscrewed the grate to find it. My tears blurred my vision as I stumbled back to bed, unable to stop their flow. Crawling under my covers I hugged my new teddy bear tight as my body was wracked with sobs. Pressing my face into my pillow to mask the sounds, I cried until my body was too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

Locket Full of Secrets Excerpt (End of Chapter 10)

Once we were in the safety of my dorm I collapsed onto my bed, my head pounding with a sudden headache. Steven sat next to me, one arm around my waist while the other held onto my shaking hands. Olena locked the door before turning to face us, her look more urgent than ever.

“The guy you found dead in the bathroom was Alexi Dyatlov,” she began, a calm expression on her face. “He was sent to kill me back in ‘95, but my mom and I got away. That is why I left Ohio when I did. The man he works for has been trying to find us since we moved to the United States years ago. When we left we headed to Canada, thinking we would be safe, but then he found us again. That was why I needed to come find you.”

“But why did you need to drag me into all of this now?” I asked, my voice finally calming down some. Something about the way she stated everything as a simple fact made me think there was even more she was not saying.

“Until we met a few months ago they did not know you and I were connected,” she explained. “But now they are likely watching you, making sure I do not contact you again. I wanted to stay away and leave you out of this, I really did. But I do not have a choice.”

With a sigh she sat on my desk chair, a look of remorse on her face. I glanced at Steven, his face a mask of concern and confusion. It felt good to know I was not the only one still in the dark.

“I had to find you in order to get the necklace,” Olena began again slowly. “The locket I gave you is the key to all of this. I did not know it when I gave it to you, but it is the only thing that will stop these men.”

“I don’t have it,” I managed to croak despite my dry throat. “I left it in Ohio.”

“That is okay,” she nodded. “That means it is still safe until we can go get it. If we leave now we can get there while your parents are still asleep so we will not have to involve them in this any more than they already are.”

“Wait, you expect us to come with you now?” Steven asked. A part of me could not help but smile to know he was going to stick with me through this. But, a bigger part of me was still a mess of emotions trying to make sense of everything I had just heard.

“The longer we wait the more danger we are all in,” Olena explained. “They have been tracking me since I killed Alexi, and it is only a matter of time before they figure out that I came here to see you, Claire.”

I could feel my heart pounding even more now, my pulse speeding up at all the news Olena was presenting me with. Earlier today I was happy to be spending time with Steven, and now I was being asked to drive to Ohio to pick up a necklace that was the cause of Olena killing someone?

“How do I know all of this is even real?” I asked, taking a deep breath in an attempt to calm down.

“This might help,” Olena muttered.

I watched in shock as Olena stood to shed her black coat before pulling off her black t-shirt. Standing only in her bra I sat in silence staring at her pale skin, covered in thick red scars. Most of the scars were small, likely not too deep. On her left side, however, was a scar that ran from her rib cage down towards her belly button. It was jagged and darker than the other as if it had only recently healed. Tiny puncture marks around it hinted at stitches and who knows what else.

“The knife was just centimeters from rupturing my lung and spleen,” she explained, her fingers tracing the large scar. “I stopped the bleeding enough to make it to an animal clinic. I paid a vet tech to stitch me up just enough so I could keep driving. I had lost so much blood I thought I was going to die.”

“Why didn’t you go to the hospital?” I asked, staring at the scars until she slipped her clothing back on.

“They would have turned me in to the police,” she shrugged, slipping her coat on once again.

“Won’t the police be able to help with this big mess?” Steven asked, his hand rubbing soothing circles on my back.

“No,” Olena said simply. “These men are not going to be stopped by the police. Nothing will stop them from killing me. Getting the police involved just means putting more people in danger.”

“So if we go to Ohio it all ends?” I asked, the pieces slowly falling into place.

“Yes,” she nodded. “They will follow me after I leave, so you should be safe.”

With a sigh I turned to face Steven. His look was one of concern, but he gave a slight nod, letting me know he was going to stick with me through this. Somehow just knowing he was by my side made my decision that much easier.

“Okay,” I finally mumbled. “When do we leave?”

mouse_zpsa97eb0d4IF YOU THOUGHT HAD READ IT                                                                                  ALL BEFORE YOU ARE WRONG!!!

I received an ARC from Dana Burkey in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of LOCKET FULL OF SECRETS. This is the very first time that I have ever read a book written by this talented author, Therefore I was unsure of what I was type of book I was going to read, Boy was I surprised!! This book is MAGNIFICENT AND SO IS THE AUTHOR!!

When Ms, Burkey takes her pen to paper she creates such a magnificent mystery that you are so wrapped up in it- that you don’t even see the mystery until the end of the book. She writes such an excellent story and includes everything in it

In Locket Full of Secrets this about 2 childhood friends who had to leave each other suddenly. They each have the share the same birthday- so they have one birthday party. But this one year Olena has to leave – but before she goes she gives Claire a gift. In the box it contains a locket. It is the locket that Olena has always worn. She promises to come back soon but doesn’t know when.

Claire is heart broken -Olena is her best friend-matter of fact her only friend. Claire finishes school – when its time for college she decides to move far away from home. Somewhere where no one knows her.

Claire gets a message after all these from Olena to meet her at the restaurant. So she goes there to see her. At first she is mad and upset at her. Then she is happy to see her after all these years. Olena joins her at the table. They start taking and Olena explains why she had to leave. Then all of a sudden she says she has to use the rest room. Olena gets up and goes.Its been a while – a long while so Claire gets worried about her. Claire goes to the restroom in search of her and finds a dead man and lots of blood all over the place. And Olena is no where around.

The police question her and think she knows something about it. Claire has told them They let her go back to the dorm. That’s the last she see’s or hears from Olena for a while. She meets up with Steve and the next they know someone is shooting at them. So they run. Having no idea why or who Steve and Claire just run and hide.

After a while Olena gets in touch with them and they meet up. The 3 of are on the run. When they are finally able to get to a safe place after being shot at and Claire being shot. Olena tells a different story to Claire then what she did earlier.

They have to get the locket – it contains the secret to everything. Along the way to getting it Claire and Olena talk.

The group ends up leaving the country -however they are being hunted. Will they be make it out alive? What is it about the locket? What secrets does it hold and what is it that Olena is not telling?

For all these fantastic answers YOU HAVE TO READ THIS AMAZING BOOK!!! I recommend this book for all readers as this is one book that is written for all. Mismousey gives this book a 60 out of 5 stars, I look forward to reading more of this authors writings.

Now make sure to add this book to your Goodreads Reading List and then Run and GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!


GypsyHeat_AvailableNowJillian Neal
Gypsy Heat
Release Date: 8/25/2015
Social Post:
Turn up the heat with @jilliannealauthor #GyspyHeat @rockstarlitprlc

Take a hot, sexy trip to the beach right from your couch! @jilliannealauthor #GyspyHeat @rockstarlitprlc
Nadya Montgomery was Gypsy Beach’s own personal wild child. There was nothing she wouldn’t do, especially when it came to Grady Havens. Until disaster struck and tore them apart. Desperate to protect Grady, she ran away from everything and everyone she’d ever known.
Fourteen years later, Nadya returns to the beach to try to rebuild some semblance of her life out of her ex-husband’s shadow, but that means returning to her past and seeing Grady Havens again.
Now a charter boat captain constantly trying to put his past behind him, Grady doesn’t know what to make of Nadya’s return. All he knows is she was always meant to be his, and he intends to make his claim. He wants her back in his life and most certainly back in his bed.
When his entire family is threatened, he’s caught between rekindling his relationship with Nadya and protecting what belongs to him.
Together they try to rebuild what always should have been, but their pasts are determined to keep them ensnared. As passions ignite between them, they realize that even Grady may not be able to keep her safe this time.

mouse_zpsa97eb0d4OMG THIS BOOK IS SO HOT!!!

I received an ARC from the author Jillian Neal in exchange for an honest opinion, This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book. First let me say this, -it is the first time I have ever read anything that this amazing author has written. And after reading Gypsy Heat- I have to read her other 2 books in this series!!!! They are now on my to read list. And they have to be on your also along with this amazingly hot read!!

Ms. Neal is a fantastic and very talented author. One that is able to create magic as she takes her pen to paper. She takes you inside the life of a gypsy and how they are treated by the average person. Makes you understand their life style – and how they just want to life in hiding. Ms. Neal brings the characters to life along with everyday situations like living with dementia and how it affects families.  And some of the characters are even acting like people today living. For you to understand my meaning you will need to read the book. Her scenes are so well detailed you can picture them right before you eyes.

Now as for Gypsy Heat- I have to let you this is one AWESOME-AMAZING-TERRIFIC-MAGNIFIQUE -HOT READ!!! So let this mouse tell you about it. Grab a nibble and some coffee .. oh yeah don’t forget to sit!

Years ago when Nayda when was just a teenager she ran from Gypsy Beach to her father. But she left her heart there at the beach. She was never really happy. Trying to make a life for her self an be happy she married a man an started a jewelry business online. Her jewelry sells likes hot cakes!! But as far as her marriage goes- thats a bust- see the man she marries has abused her and she has divorced him Nayda goes back home to start over. Hoping that she doesn’t run into Grady.

Nayda stays at her best friends hotel.She doesn’t feel like being seen by anyone. Not until one night when something happens on the back porch and she runs to the beach. Nayda tells her grandpa that someone was on the back porch trying to get in. A group of them run up there and check- all they find is a tree limb down. In the meantime -after they come the men come back Grady and Nayda dance there on the beach together. They wonder off to Grady’s boat.

Will they be able to get over the past? And who was actually on the back porch? Oh yeah there is one more mystery for you. Who is breaking into the houses? Is it the gypsy’s or someone else?? Lot’s of actions and an edge of your seat read!!

I recommend this book for all readers especially those that love an excellent mystery!! Mismousey gives this a firm 70 out of a 5 stars!!! Make sure to add this to your Goodreads Reading list then run and GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!!


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“What the hell is wrong with you?” Grady huffed as he studied his youngest brother. Beau had been twitchy since he’d entered the new boathouse. He looked like a wary bass circling a hook debating its fate.
“Nothing.” He bristled and fidgeted with the boat keys in his hand. Grady and Nate had been trying to sort through the old fishing boxes of contracts, receipts, licenses, and pay stubs at night now that they had an actual office to hold it all.
Nate rolled his eyes. “You know he’s not gonna let it go. Whatever it is just spill it.” He thumbed through a stack of old contracts before tossing them into the trash.
Very conveniently, Beau checked his watch. “I gotta get out of here.”
Moving nothing more than his overly-muscled arm, Grady caught the back of Beau’s shirt and prevented him from escaping.
“What the hell is going on with you?”
“She asked me not to say anything … but I kind of think you should know. Maybe?” Beau made a partial confession.
Grady’s brow furrowed, and he released his little brother. “Who asked you not to say anything?”
His head dropped, and Grady barely made out the word, “Nadya.”
Nate dropped the paperwork in his hand. The entire world seemed to stop spinning at that moment. Grady was unable to make any audible sound. He was stunned.
“You saw Nadya? Like Grady’s Nadya?” Nate beat him to the punch.
“Yeah,” Beau sighed. “She was at the coffee shop. Said she was gonna be here for a few weeks, and …”
“And what?” Grady managed to grunt. His heart felt like some kind of deranged pinball ricocheting from his throat, to his ribcage, to his gut in a nauseating cadence. It rang in his ears.



Jillian Neal is a Romance author that manages to blend her imagination, Southern sass, and loving heart in every novel she pens. She showed her talent for weaving intricate plot lines and showcasing dynamic characters in her seven-book, urban fantasy, series, The Gifted Realm. Her skillset continues to shine in her contemporary series, Gypsy Beach, which will leave you with a longing to pack your bags and move to a tiny beach town full of bohemian charm.
She lives outside of Atlanta with her husband and their children.



About the Gypsy Beach Series:

Book #1
Gypsy Beach
Single father Ryan McNamara returns to the only place he’d ever been happy, Gypsy Beach. This time he’s divorced, broken, but determined to make something of his life. Sienna Cooper is determined to forget Ryan, the last decade, and all of the hurt he’d left her with. She’s got enough spunk and gypsy fire in her soul to make this work. She’s going to run her grandmother’s inn and make it a success. But when a chance encounter throws them back together, the passions ignite and the past doesn’t feel so far out of reach. Can they rekindle the love they’d once had? Can he convince her that he never intends to walk away again? Will a potent dose of unending lust, a lifetime of love, and enough hot-blooded Gypsy spirit be enough to save them both?

Book #2:
Gypsy Love
Arley Copeland vows never to trust anyone, much less a man, ever again. After her fledgling career as a romance writer grinds to a halt and her ex blabs to the press about her preferences in bed, she heads to Gypsy Beach, desperate to regain some anonymity and maybe figure out what to do next.

Divorce attorney John Rowan has been in on the explosive end of more marriages than he can count. Love never lasts. Of that he’s certain. Sick of barely existing inside the concrete jungle of Atlanta with the endless traffic and endless noise he heads towards a two-week reprieve in Gypsy Beach, North Carolina.

From the moment he lays eyes on Arley Copeland, John is determined to prove that not every guy on the planet is out to hurt her, and maybe teach her a thing or two about herself in his bed and out. With every sinfully sweet caress, they’re falling more and more in love. Their pasts may be fading away, but will John ever be prepared to risk it all on a lifetime love when he doesn’t believe such a thing could ever exist?


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The journey of Kissing Cassie.


L.T. Kelly Romance Writer

My latest release Kissing Cassie was delivered (hopefully) into the hands of readers yesterday. For me, it was a beautiful moment. It’s been a whopping fifteen months since my last book Falling into You came out.


Poor Cassie and Jared were thrown in and out of my mind so many times that I’m surprised it’s ever seen the light of day. I started writing it almost immediately after finishing Falling into You, the story was born from a dream I had the night before going on holiday to the island of Majorca. It involved Alexander Skarsgard, me and my old office under the stairs. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I wrote up the full plot whilst I was on holiday and all Cassie had to do was wait for the end of Falling into You to come.


During that writing time a lot happened, by then I was…

View original post 567 more words


Welcome to my stop on the Don’t Drink the Nine Blog Tour! Read more about the book below, and be sure to follow along with the tour and enter the Mega Giveaway at the bottom!


With a suspect from the “Chorus Girl” case in custody, Detective Richard Giordano and Empathy Delacroix are ready to pursue the bonds of love and friendship. Free from the restrictions of the case, their love affair becomes a full-blown relationship.

Life is relatively normal until another chorus girl turns up dead, and a new cocktail hits the Broadway scene, “Nine.” As the case progresses, it’s looking more and more like Em is somehow tied to an illegal underbelly of New York. Richard must swallow his pride, and his fears, and work with his argumentative brother, Bobby, to crack the case and protect Em.

While one killer is behind bars, the man pulling all the strings is still at large and still set on Em. Richard and Em both know what it will cost to catch a maniacal killer, but the price might be more than they are prepared to pay.


mouse_zpsa97eb0d4OMG THIS THE MOST AMAZING AND EDGE OF YOUR                                                                 SEAT READ EVER!!

If you didn’t read PM Bride’s very first book in this series Death of a Chorus Girl. You have to read this one. Then make sure read the first one. Although they follow each other.

I received an ARC of this very amazing an thrilling book from the author PM Bride. In exchange for an honest review. This is my very honest opinion of DON’T DRINK THE NINE. First let me say this – having read other books written by this amazing and talented author. I knew she could bring it and bring it she did. However, this time Ms, Breide took it over the top!!

When Ms. Bride takes her pen to paper to write. She is creates such a murder mystery that you see it happen right before your eyes. You are there when it happens and you are able to feel everything that the characters are feeling. The way in which she writes the scenes are so detailed that you the reader feel you are right there in that scene an see every detail.

Ms. Bride is a very magnificent writer and a talented one. She takes her murder mysteries where only I have seen James Patterson in his Private series take them.

As for Don’t Drink the Nine – it takes up right where Death of the Chorus Girl leaves off. We find our Detective in the hospital being questioned about who shot him. They are holding Empathy down at the station for the shooting. And they have his ex-partner Steven in jail for attempted murder.

He tells them that she didn’t shoot him-that she was protecting herself as Steve was trying to kill her. Steve admitted to him that he was behind the killings. So as far as the cops are concerned they have the killer of the chorus girl.

Or do they? As another chorus girl has now been murdered. This time in a different show. Not one that Em directing but she did know the girl and she did audition for her.

Em starts have visions again. except this time she is seeing things in the future. So now not only can she see the past but also the future and the present. It scares her/ And really bad.

Now her boyfriend Richard and his brother both work on the force, They each work in a different department.One Day they get a tip that someone is trying to kill Em. But Richard decides not to tell her-insteads he decides to put around the clock supervision on her. He arranges for certain to be with her. Em believes something is up. But no one will tell her.

One night when Richard’s brother is walking her home through the park. She all of a sudden get’s this sudden vision. Now his brother nor his family or anyone else knows about her vision’s. So he thinks there is something really bad wrong with her. At any rate- she begs him not to walk through the park anymore. Em doesn’t explain it to him. But he agrees to it.

Now who is trying to kill her?? And will they succeed?? For these answers you will need to this marvellous and delicious story. THIS IS A TRUE MUST READ BY ALL!! AND ONE THAT YOU HAVE TO ADD TO YOUR GOODREADS READING LIST!

I recommend this book for all readers especially those that love a fantastic murder mystery. Mismousey gives this book a firm rating of 70 out 5 stars. And I can not wait to read the next book !!!


Good Morning and welcome back to Mousey Books. Today we have P M Bride the amazing and very talented author of DEATH OF A CHORUS GIRL. Mrs. Bride is back with us this morning. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Mousey–Your book Death of a Chorus Girl was so amazing and fantastic. I see that you have another book in this series . This one is called DON’T DRINK THE NINE. My first question to you is this. How did you come up this amazing new title?

PM–Because this series has a Broadway aspect to it, the titles of the each book are based on Broadway shows.  Death of a Chorus Girl = Death of a Salesman.  Don’t Drink the Nine = Don’t Drink the Water.

Mousey- In Death of a Chorus Girl the murderer is arrested and we were lead to believe everything is settled to a point. How did you come up with the plot for this story?

PM–The entire arc for the series is where I started.  From there, it was deciding where to break them.  I hope that in some regards, while there is a storyline that reaches across each novel, that each one can be read together as it’s own whodunit.  I know I’m unique in that I complete the writing of every book in a series before ever releasing the first one.  I do this because I change too many things and once a book is published, it’s poor taste to change it or disregard your own facts.

Mousey– In DON’T DRINK THE NINE; did you use anyone as a influence for your characters?

PM — There’s a little bit of me in Empathy.  I was a dancer as a kid and dreamed of being a Broadway choreographer.  I also wanted to eat on a regular basis, so I never pursued that dream.  Sabene and her relationship with Em mirrors my real life best friend and our relationship.  In truth, the besties in all my series are pieces of her.  Sean Moore, whom you meet towards the end of the book and who plays a key role in the third book, Phantom of New York, is based on a work colleague of mine.

Mousey– how long did it take you to write this amazing book? And how did you get in the mood to write this?

PM– The book took me maybe 3-4 months to write.  I watch a lot of theatre, so old movie musicals helped get me in the head space.  Singin’ in the Rain, On the Town.  I love old movies, so I watched Arsenic and Old Lace and Some Like it Hot.

Mousey–Can we expect more in this series?

PM  — There will be one more book, Phantom of New York, which is written and will come out Winter 2016.
Mousey– OMG that’s awesome I can’t wait to read it and find out what happens next to Em and Richard.

Mousey– In this book you have Empathy seeing visions of the past /future & present. How did you come up this ?

PM– I didn’t really want her to be psychic, so I played with the idea of having her be an empath.  But, given that she isn’t like anyone else and has no way to really understand the mysticism that surrounds her, this book delved into her coming to understand her power more than it changing.

Mousey–  Do you have anything else in the works?

PM– I’m writing the third book in my three book series to release in 2016, which is a twist on vampires.  I have the prequel to my very first series, The Charlotte Grace Series, called Spark releasing 10/6/2016 in the Wicked After Dark anthology, available now for pre-order.  It’s 20 authors for $0.99!  I have my second novel, Mirrors, which is written and on the back-burner for edits.  So yeah, I have a little bit in the works.

Mousey– Do you have any upcoming events? And do you plan on a Release Party for this book? If so, when and where?

PM– Join my fan group, The Adorkables on Facebook, for updates on the online events I’m at.  Our release party was at the beginning of the month.  I will be having a likes celebration on October 29th, so watch for that.

Mousey–I definitely will be there with you on October 29th and I hope all my readers join you as well.

Mousey- Can you tell us how we can follow you or stalk you?

PM– Oh, please stalk me! LOL





Twitter: @PMBriede





Mousey– Is there anything else you would like to tell your readers?

PM– I love interacting with readers about more than just my books.  I love hearing what you’re reading and what your interests are outside of reading.  So reach out to me anytime!  And make sure to check out the trailer for the Delacroix series so far!

Thank you so much for joining us today. I/we look forward to your New book. Don’t drink the Nine. Also please remember that you can get this book from Amazon and to make sure an add it to your Goodreads Reading List.

Have a Great Mouse Day

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About PM Briede:

PM Briede

I am a lover of all things artistic. I grew up surrounded by the performing arts both as a spectator and performer. That love of creation and design is the fuel for my writing now. Being able to create and entertain is a dream come true.

The imagination is a powerful thing, able to take you places you never dreamed. I write realistic fantasy. The idea of the possible having impossible explanations fascinates me. That idea is the driving force behind the Charlotte Grace series.

Be an Adorkable!



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