24918896OMG And JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THE                                                                  HOUSE COULDN’T GET BETTER!!
I received an ARC of this FANG-TASTIC book from the author Nicholas Bella. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of his book ASCENSION (HOUSE OF THEODEN #2) . Having followed this amazing series from the beginning- Until this second book in season 2 book 2. I have to tell each of you that this author only gets better with each book.
Nicholas Bella takes his paranormal beyond the limits where no one has reached before. You are taken into the dark and romantic side of the vampire life
In this amazing book.

We are taken to the Ascension to the throne of Prince which Theoden is be given the title of. His sire chose him over all his brothers – and they are very jealous of him.
Once his sire has made the announcement to his children. Theoden does to his sons and speaks to them. It is at this time that he tells them that they will each have to sire a child within a week’s time. Also he is making them his Generals-not only that but he is going to embrace his youngest son. Also 2 of his sons are going to help the King in his army.
Noel is to go with his brother Marco for further training and to purchase clothing that night. They are all looking for a man by the name of Dante. Plus they have a child to find and to embrace.
Marco is mad at Noel -very mad at him and he has plans for him later that night when they get home.
Now this is a fang-tasic dark erotic story which has been following the new vampire Noel life. It has a lot of twist and turns in it.To find out what happens to Noel- and his brothers along with the night of the crowning. You are going to need to read this story. Due to content of this terrific story – I recommend it to ADULTS OVER 18 AND THOSE WHO LIKE DARK ROMANCE PARANORMAL.
Mismousey gives this a firm rating of 60 out 5 stars. I am looking for to reading the 3rd book in the Second Season of the House of Theoden.
Nicholas Bella you are an amazing writer and I truly love to your books. It has been a pleasure and an honor to read and review for you.