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Spearwood Academy Volume 1

Avalon Clementine, the first female of her kind, is painfully cursed to turn into her dragon form every night. She has so many questions about who she is and why her parents abandoned her days after she was born.

It seems as if someone has been listening and she may get a chance to learn about her past, but at what price? Will the all boys school of Spearwood Academy really help her? Will she even survive the first week?

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mouse_zpsa97eb0d4OMG IF YOU THOUGHT J K ROWLING WAS                                         GOOD THEN YOU HAVE TO READ THIS AMAZING SERIES!!

I received an ARC of each of these books of the SPEARWOOD ACADEMY, from the amazing -talented and magical Author A. S. Orn-in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of each of these books.

I was very honored to have been asked to read and review this exciting series. Ms. Orn has a very creative imagination -one that she has taken her pen to paper . In the process of doing so- she has created the next best series to Harry Potter!. And I have read them all. Ms. Orn writing style is like that of J. K. Rowling – she can draw a young person into the story and hold their attention all through the book. Once you start reading you find yourself in the world of magic -dragons-humans( or you think they are)-outcast along with a whole lot more. This is my first time reading anything that this fantastic author has written. My goodness the way in which I devoured these books- I have to say. I can hardly wait for more books from Ms. Orn.

In Spearwood Academy Book 1- we are introduced to a young teenager who is having bad growing pains. Her and her father live on an Apple Orchard farm.  Avalon and her father work on this farm together with some hired hands. Now her birthday is coming up -once a year she gets to have a cake with thick rich chocolate frosting. YUMMY ( can the mouse have some please? who else would like a slice?)  she her father doesn’t believe in sweets being in the house except for once a year on her special day.

Avalon as she has been told by her father was abandoned by her parents. And he found her. Since he has no family – Ed decided to raise her as his own. But there is one little difference with Avalon. She changes at night. Yup that’s right. As she has grown her form that she changes into gets larger and larger. So now at night , Avi ( as she likes to be called) gets locked in the barn at night. Soon she will even out grow it. This special girl changes into a Dragon with GOLD SCALES!

What Avi doesn’t realize is that for the past few years she has been receiving packages from the Academy ( yup there’s that owl from Hogwarts dropping in). On her birthday your father -Ed has a surprise for her. She will be leaving for Spearwood Academy. They have been after him for the past few years. Now he is gonna send her to it. He thinks that this is the best thing for her. As she is going through a lot of pain when she changes. They are suppose to help with that and to teach her what she needs to know about herself , along with where she came from.

Now the fun begins- Spearwood is a school made of all BOYS! They have never seen a girl before. Let alone one that when she changes it hurts. They welcome her- give her tour of the school.

But things are not as they seem. Something is amiss. They say that the governors get rid of the weak and those that are born of outcast.

Spearwood Bk 1 has a lot twist and turns in it. So many that you are kept on the edge of your seat reading it. Now to find out what happens to Avalon you are gonna have to read this amazing book. AND IT’S FREE RIGHT NOW!! Try BOOK 1 and you are hooked! Then GO AND GET THE REST OF SPEARWOOD ACADEMY TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO AVALON & HER FRIENDS DURING HER TIME THERE.


About the Author

A.S. Oren

I never really know how I should write these things. Do I go the professional, but boring route and talk about myself in the third person (which feels unnatural), or do I do first person, like a dating site? Sadly, second person doesn’t work here, that would be cool.

Something like:
You are looking at the profile of GoodReads author A.S. Oren. You know she is a cat person, and owns three of the little fuzzy things.

I digress. I live in Colorado, born and raised here all my life. Like you read above, I have three cats and want a big dog (perhaps an Alaskan Malamute).

I love writing, it’s one of the few things I get joy out of and know I’m good at. I’ve been doing it off and on since I could draw and think I was writing words with backwards sevens and squiggle lines.

I currently work as a graphic artist and editor.

Feel free to friend me or message. I like getting to know other people who like reading and writing, too.


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