Kissing Cassie

Title: Kissing Cassie
Author: L.T. Kelly
Genre: Contemporary romance
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Release date: 26th of August 2015
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When high school drama teacher Cassie Thornton finds herself drowning in a failing marriage, she struggles to get her head above water. Her husband, Robert, is a workaholic science professor at Oxford University with a sordid secret. After eight years of marriage, Robert’s blatant disinterest in her forces Cassie to demand they go on a vacation, hoping it will reunite them.

Gorgeous Jared Peterson is the cream of Hollywood actors. His squeaky clean image, coupled with his outstanding results at the box office, has earned him respect industry wide. That’s until his cunning fiancé and co-star goes on a rampage, setting out to destroy his reputation. How else could he cope with her betrayal except to escape Tinseltown?

When Cassie and Jared meet on the island of Majorca, it sparks a life changing chemistry between them. Jared refuses to continue with his career without her by his side. Cassie must decide whether to give up life as she knows it, or leave it all behind to give their love a chance.


LTKELLYL.T. Kelly lives in rural Lincolnshire with her husband, two children and a mentally unstable Cockapoo named Mylo.

She enjoyed a successful eleven-year career in the Royal Air Force which put plenty of stories in her writing cap.

L.T. now divides her time between writing, being a wife, mother and an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the ambulance service. It’s the writing that keeps her sane.

Twitter: @ltkelly2



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I received an ARC of this FANTASTIC book by Drue Hoffman. Ms. Hoffman had an idea and ran with it, The results of this amazing idea is INDULGENCE written by 15 TERRIFIC AND SEPARATE AUTHORS. Each story in this book is different and very unique in its own way. I was given this book in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of INDULGENCE.

When I started reading this amazing book. I was not sure of the type of stories that would be included other than they would be Romance ones. I am so proud to have been asked to read & review this. It was an honor and a privilege to do so.

This being said – Let me tell you some about each story that is enclosed in this MUST READ BOOK.

Royal Blood (Royal Blood #1) Book 1 by AMITY CROSS

OMG !! There are really no words to describe this story other than it is FANTASTIC AND LEAVES YOU WANTING MORE!
I received an ARC of this book from the very talented author Amity Cross. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of ROYAL BLOOD.
It is my honor and privilege to say that I was given this to read & review. Having said that -the mouse wants you to know. That this is the first book that I have read written by Ms. Cross. She has a different style of writing from what I have read before. Ms. Cross takes her pen to paper and is able to create an OUTSTANDING MC BOOK. Her characters jump off the page at you. She captures the reader and holds you hostage with her plot-characters-scenes. This is one story you must read- make sure to add it to your to read list on Goodreads.

Royal Blood is about a young women by the name of Mercy Reid. She is running from her past. And trying to create a whole new life for herself. That is until she stepped in to the Royal Blood MC Biker club. Mercy needs a job – and she is running from something or one. Weiss the owner of the bar can tell this. But he does not want to ask her. Mery has filled out an application to work there. She is hired by Weiss to tend bar.

Now the Royal Blood is a biker bar and it is owned and operated by the club. Both Weiss and Xavier Blood. Xavier or better known as “X” is a hit man for the club. He knows how to get the job done and without any witnesses or trace.

Weiss tells X that he needs to stay away from Mercy. As he is no good for her. But he falls for her and she him. At first they are just bed-buddies But as time goes on they become more to each other. Mercy doesn’t know what X does for the club. All she knows is that she has fallen for him.

X is asked to take on a job outside the club. If he does then the club will let him go and he can leave. Although no one leaves the club once they become a member. They are in for life. X is asked to find the person responsible for the recent attempted hit on Sykes. Her name is Allison Crawford. But he is having to search for her. As she has left no trail of herself to be found. It’s like Allison has dropped off the face of the earth.

What happens between X and Mercy? Who is Mercy Reid – and where is Allison Crawford? What happens when X finally finds Crawford. For all these answers and more. You need to read this FAR OUT AND THRILLING MC STORY! I recommend this book to all adults- especially those that love AMAZING BIKER ONE! Mismousey gives this a 60 out of 5 stars. Make sure to add this to your reading list and then GET YOURS TODAY!!


Book 2 by Audrey Carlan

OMG HAS CARLAN DONE IT AGAIN !!! If you have read Ms. Carlan’s Trilogy of TRINITY. Then you have already tasted what this author can do to you.
I received an ARC of this book from the author AUDRY CARLAN. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of ANGEL FALLING (FALLING #1)

Never had I believed that Ms. Carlan could take her writing to this hot reading. She has put everything that a person would want in it. Romance- and has SEX !!

This book is written for the adult over 18 due to the content of the story.  It is a very moving -compelling romance. One that this mouse recommends for all adults to read.

Ms. Carlan writes from her heart – the characters are so well defined that they jump off the page at you. As for her scenes in this book- she describes them so well you are able to see them right before your eyes. She brings real life situations to her story and in doing so. You-the reader are captured from the very beginning of the book. You are actually held captive with this amazing story until you completed it. Then you are left wanting more …

Angel Falling is about 2 people – one a women who has it all. Wealth-beauty and the in the 10 Forbes listing.Her name is Aspen Reynolds.  The other is a man who is her complete opposite. His name is Hank Jenson. He is the owner of Jenson Construction Company.

Hank owns his own construction company and has been hired to do a job. Build a building for Ms. Reynolds company. Although he doesn’t realize that she is the boss. He see’s her everyday- and each day he stares at her. Wants her in his bed.

This particular day- there is an accident on the site. When he see’s that she is about to get hurt. Hank rushes in and pushes her away – he gets hurt instead.  Aspen is devastated- knowing he hurt himself to save her. She makes a call to her friend and assistant Oliver. He agree’s to meet her at the hospital with a change of clothes.

Now Aspen or Pen as she likes to be called has a sister by the name of London – a brother , Rio and their mother is Mrs. Reynolds ( who as you read will find out she can be a witch (but with a “b” instead. ) All 3 children are very rich in there on right. They each have or own their own companies.

Pen has her attorney’s show up at the hospital and speak to Hank. She is afraid of a lawsuit. However, when she goes along with the attorney’s to speak about it. Hank tells her the only thing he wants is a dinner date with her. That the accident was just that an accident. She agrees but to also pay for everything he needs to recovery. And that means he is gonna be staying with her as he recovers. Pen has Oliver go get all of his belongings. What Oliver and her don’t realize is Hank also owns a dog. So when Oliver brings his belongings over – he also brings his dog (Man’s best friend).

During Hank’s stay with Pen. They grow close together. But will they be able to have a relationship together? Or is the fact that they are complete opposites work against them? Angel Falling has so many twist and turns in it. That you are caught up with the story and don’t realize that you have reached the end of it.

This is book is written for Adults over 18 only. Due to the content of it. Mismousey gives it a firm rating of 60 out of 5 stars. Make sure that you add it to you To Read list on Goodreads. ThEN RUN AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

22733363Book 3- by CAT MASON

Cat Mason has DONE IT!!! This book is a MAGNIFICENT READ AND A FAST ONE.

I received an ARC of this MAGNIFICENT READ from the author CAT MASON. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of ESCAPING ME.

Having read other books by Ms. Mason ( Gravity & Significance). I found this book to be totally magnificent. Ms. Mason has a writing style all her own. She draws you into her book/story from the very beginning of it. With the plot and her characters -scenes It is truly amazing how the characters just jump at you. Once you start reading you will not put it down.

In this the first book of her series for SHAFT ON TOUR. Escaping You is a very compelling story about a Band and their life on tour.  You meet Daisey Shayne, Greyson (band leader and brother to Landon -he also wants Daisy);Landon who is Daisey’s boyfriend , Tad (tour manager) , Cam ) Aidain’s groupie girlfriend) Hunter ) band member -bacon hound) and last but not least is Henry who drives the tour bus.

Daisey and Landon meet Grayson and the band at a bar where they are playing. They are leaving the next day for the tour. Now Landon has spoken to Greyson about signing on Daisey as an extra helper. The band members along with Daisey and Landon get on the bus and leave out early. Since there is only 1 bedroom big enough for them. Greyson lets them have his room.The only thing is once he see Daisey – he wants her. And she wants him as he makes her feel loved.

Landon starts affording her -not wanting to do the things together they used to do. He keeps telling her its because they will make to much noise and there are too many people on the bus. But that’s not the real reason. So what is ? Well it seems that our guy is being black mailed sort of. He is also having an affair with someone else. But who you ask. Well , the mouse isn’t gonna tell you. For that information you will need to read the book.

But what does happen between Daisey and Landon. There is a bunch that takes place during this tour. Lots of twist and turns- for you to read and enjoy. There is also a lot that happens between the band members that you won’t want to miss.

I will tell you this – there is one major shake up that you don’t see coming at all. But when you find it and read it you will say “OMG” to it no way!.

This book is written for adults over 18 due to the content of the storyline. With that in mind- I recommend it for all those over 18 to read. Mismousey gives it a firm rating of 60 out 5 stars.

Make sure to add this book and all of Cat Mason’s books in this series to your TO READ LIST ON GOODREADS. Then RUN AND GET YOUR COPY OF IT TODAY.

25799111 Book 4 by CYNTHIA SAX

I received an ARC of this book from the author Cynthia Sax, in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinon of “RELEASING RAGE”.

OMG – Is this a magnificent book written by a very talented author. This being the first book that I have read of hers. I was not knowing what to expect. But I sure did get a surprise. I never have read any book like this one. One where the author takes the reader so far into the future. That you have a machine that is half human. Now that’s good-amazing and terrific reading.

Once Ms. Sax picks up her pen and takes it to paper. She is able to create a story that is so exciting that you are captured. The reader is held hostage with sitting on the edge of your seat/ page. Till you have reached the end. And then you are left even then wanting more!

Releasing Rage is about a Cyborg named Rage – he is also known as Model C899321. He has destroyed all of his engineers. After destroying or killing off the last one. Rage is assigned another- this one is by the name of Joan Tull. The commander of the center does not like women at all. He has no use for them- and has made it know that women do not belong aboard his space center.

He has even gone as far as convincing all the men aboard the center. To think and act just like him towards them. Thinking that he will be able to get rid of Tull the easy way. He assigns her to the cyborg Rage. Little does he know that Tull grew up around them. She respects them as one of them saved her as a child.  At the point when she is transferred aboard and to the cyborg. The only friend she has is Denny. After a while though – he even turns against her. He says it is for her own good.

Rage, goes out with 2 other cyborgs. Whose name’s are Crash and Gap. These three are guys are friends and they work together. Each one has there own engineer.

Over the course of time- Rage accepts Tull as his engineer. But when they are alone in the same room together. Tull has to be out of uniform. Bare- it is the only way for him to accept her. He believes that she belongs to him.

They end up getting together. But what happens actually aboard the space center? And what actually happens to Tull? Between Rage & Tull.

This is one sci-fi thriller that YOU HAVE TO READ! Make sure to add it to YOUR GOODREADS TO READ LIST. And then travel and GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!

I recommend this book to everyone – especially those that love to read sci-fi. Mismousey gives it a firm 60 out of 5 stars.


*For a limited time My Last Dom can ONLY be read as part of the Indulgence Anthology – A Million Words of Romance for only $1.99

Have you ever read any of Ms. Hall’s books? If so, then you know exactly how hot and sexy this book is. And if not- well then you are missing out on an outstanding Author. And her magnificent book. Having read other books written by this author.  I was so very happy to receive an ARC from Ms. Hall. In exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of “MY LAST DOM”.

It was an honor and pleasure to read & review this book. And I so look forward to reading more of Ms. Hall’s books. When this very talented author picks up her pen to take it to paper. She creates such a moving -compelling story. That captures you from the very first page of the book. And it carries you through out the book. The characters are so life like and real like- you actually see everything that is written right before your eyes.

In this book we meet a divorcee by the name of Kimberly (aka Kimmie). Who is going through a ruff time of it. All she does is work and go to the club. She wants to feel and that’s the only place that she can. The club is a Dom/Sub one. As for her job – she is the best at what she does. She can make anything for you to wear out of leather.

One of her friends that is worried about her. Tells his friend about her to a man by the name of Jaz Givens. Jaz is also divorced and has a daughter by the name of Melissa. His ex-wife’s name is Meredith. ( But what neither one knows is that his ex is married to her ex. Making them all one big family.

Melissa hates her mother -Meredith very much. Just as much as her father does. Melissa can not forgive her mother for what she did to her father.

At first when Jaz and Kimmie hook up it is only as a sub/dom relationship. Over time it changes- although he says he can’t love anyone ever again.

Something changes with the couple. As they start to get close together one thing after another happens between them. Will it keep them apart for good. Or are they able to work it out.

My Last Dom is written for the adult over 18. Due to the content of the storyline. Mismousey gives this fascinating book a 60 out of 5 stars.

At this time you can only get a copy of this delicious story by GETTING YOUR COPY TODAY OF INDULGENCE. Make sure to add this wonderful book with all these stories and more to YOUR GOODREADS TO LIST. THEN GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!

There are another 10 stories in this delicious book, By another 10 different authors. Look for my reviews of those next 10 coming up. You won’t want to miss them.