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Welcome to my stop on the Don’t Drink the Nine Blog Tour! Read more about the book below, and be sure to follow along with the tour and enter the Mega Giveaway at the bottom!


With a suspect from the “Chorus Girl” case in custody, Detective Richard Giordano and Empathy Delacroix are ready to pursue the bonds of love and friendship. Free from the restrictions of the case, their love affair becomes a full-blown relationship.

Life is relatively normal until another chorus girl turns up dead, and a new cocktail hits the Broadway scene, “Nine.” As the case progresses, it’s looking more and more like Em is somehow tied to an illegal underbelly of New York. Richard must swallow his pride, and his fears, and work with his argumentative brother, Bobby, to crack the case and protect Em.

While one killer is behind bars, the man pulling all the strings is still at large and still set on Em. Richard and Em both know what it will cost to catch a maniacal killer, but the price might be more than they are prepared to pay.


mouse_zpsa97eb0d4OMG THIS THE MOST AMAZING AND EDGE OF YOUR                                                                 SEAT READ EVER!!

If you didn’t read PM Bride’s very first book in this series Death of a Chorus Girl. You have to read this one. Then make sure read the first one. Although they follow each other.

I received an ARC of this very amazing an thrilling book from the author PM Bride. In exchange for an honest review. This is my very honest opinion of DON’T DRINK THE NINE. First let me say this – having read other books written by this amazing and talented author. I knew she could bring it and bring it she did. However, this time Ms, Breide took it over the top!!

When Ms. Bride takes her pen to paper to write. She is creates such a murder mystery that you see it happen right before your eyes. You are there when it happens and you are able to feel everything that the characters are feeling. The way in which she writes the scenes are so detailed that you the reader feel you are right there in that scene an see every detail.

Ms. Bride is a very magnificent writer and a talented one. She takes her murder mysteries where only I have seen James Patterson in his Private series take them.

As for Don’t Drink the Nine – it takes up right where Death of the Chorus Girl leaves off. We find our Detective in the hospital being questioned about who shot him. They are holding Empathy down at the station for the shooting. And they have his ex-partner Steven in jail for attempted murder.

He tells them that she didn’t shoot him-that she was protecting herself as Steve was trying to kill her. Steve admitted to him that he was behind the killings. So as far as the cops are concerned they have the killer of the chorus girl.

Or do they? As another chorus girl has now been murdered. This time in a different show. Not one that Em directing but she did know the girl and she did audition for her.

Em starts have visions again. except this time she is seeing things in the future. So now not only can she see the past but also the future and the present. It scares her/ And really bad.

Now her boyfriend Richard and his brother both work on the force, They each work in a different department.One Day they get a tip that someone is trying to kill Em. But Richard decides not to tell her-insteads he decides to put around the clock supervision on her. He arranges for certain to be with her. Em believes something is up. But no one will tell her.

One night when Richard’s brother is walking her home through the park. She all of a sudden get’s this sudden vision. Now his brother nor his family or anyone else knows about her vision’s. So he thinks there is something really bad wrong with her. At any rate- she begs him not to walk through the park anymore. Em doesn’t explain it to him. But he agrees to it.

Now who is trying to kill her?? And will they succeed?? For these answers you will need to this marvellous and delicious story. THIS IS A TRUE MUST READ BY ALL!! AND ONE THAT YOU HAVE TO ADD TO YOUR GOODREADS READING LIST!

I recommend this book for all readers especially those that love a fantastic murder mystery. Mismousey gives this book a firm rating of 70 out 5 stars. And I can not wait to read the next book !!!


Good Morning and welcome back to Mousey Books. Today we have P M Bride the amazing and very talented author of DEATH OF A CHORUS GIRL. Mrs. Bride is back with us this morning. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Mousey–Your book Death of a Chorus Girl was so amazing and fantastic. I see that you have another book in this series . This one is called DON’T DRINK THE NINE. My first question to you is this. How did you come up this amazing new title?

PM–Because this series has a Broadway aspect to it, the titles of the each book are based on Broadway shows.  Death of a Chorus Girl = Death of a Salesman.  Don’t Drink the Nine = Don’t Drink the Water.

Mousey- In Death of a Chorus Girl the murderer is arrested and we were lead to believe everything is settled to a point. How did you come up with the plot for this story?

PM–The entire arc for the series is where I started.  From there, it was deciding where to break them.  I hope that in some regards, while there is a storyline that reaches across each novel, that each one can be read together as it’s own whodunit.  I know I’m unique in that I complete the writing of every book in a series before ever releasing the first one.  I do this because I change too many things and once a book is published, it’s poor taste to change it or disregard your own facts.

Mousey– In DON’T DRINK THE NINE; did you use anyone as a influence for your characters?

PM — There’s a little bit of me in Empathy.  I was a dancer as a kid and dreamed of being a Broadway choreographer.  I also wanted to eat on a regular basis, so I never pursued that dream.  Sabene and her relationship with Em mirrors my real life best friend and our relationship.  In truth, the besties in all my series are pieces of her.  Sean Moore, whom you meet towards the end of the book and who plays a key role in the third book, Phantom of New York, is based on a work colleague of mine.

Mousey– how long did it take you to write this amazing book? And how did you get in the mood to write this?

PM– The book took me maybe 3-4 months to write.  I watch a lot of theatre, so old movie musicals helped get me in the head space.  Singin’ in the Rain, On the Town.  I love old movies, so I watched Arsenic and Old Lace and Some Like it Hot.

Mousey–Can we expect more in this series?

PM  — There will be one more book, Phantom of New York, which is written and will come out Winter 2016.
Mousey– OMG that’s awesome I can’t wait to read it and find out what happens next to Em and Richard.

Mousey– In this book you have Empathy seeing visions of the past /future & present. How did you come up this ?

PM– I didn’t really want her to be psychic, so I played with the idea of having her be an empath.  But, given that she isn’t like anyone else and has no way to really understand the mysticism that surrounds her, this book delved into her coming to understand her power more than it changing.

Mousey–  Do you have anything else in the works?

PM– I’m writing the third book in my three book series to release in 2016, which is a twist on vampires.  I have the prequel to my very first series, The Charlotte Grace Series, called Spark releasing 10/6/2016 in the Wicked After Dark anthology, available now for pre-order.  It’s 20 authors for $0.99!  I have my second novel, Mirrors, which is written and on the back-burner for edits.  So yeah, I have a little bit in the works.

Mousey– Do you have any upcoming events? And do you plan on a Release Party for this book? If so, when and where?

PM– Join my fan group, The Adorkables on Facebook, for updates on the online events I’m at.  Our release party was at the beginning of the month.  I will be having a likes celebration on October 29th, so watch for that.

Mousey–I definitely will be there with you on October 29th and I hope all my readers join you as well.

Mousey- Can you tell us how we can follow you or stalk you?

PM– Oh, please stalk me! LOL





Twitter: @PMBriede





Mousey– Is there anything else you would like to tell your readers?

PM– I love interacting with readers about more than just my books.  I love hearing what you’re reading and what your interests are outside of reading.  So reach out to me anytime!  And make sure to check out the trailer for the Delacroix series so far!

Thank you so much for joining us today. I/we look forward to your New book. Don’t drink the Nine. Also please remember that you can get this book from Amazon and to make sure an add it to your Goodreads Reading List.

Have a Great Mouse Day

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The imagination is a powerful thing, able to take you places you never dreamed. I write realistic fantasy. The idea of the possible having impossible explanations fascinates me. That idea is the driving force behind the Charlotte Grace series.

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