25911315Reviewmouse_zpsa97eb0d4NEVER HAVE I HAVE READ ANY LIKE THIS                       BEFORE – SOCCER I HAVE TO READ THE OTHER BOOKS I AM SOLD !!

I received an ARC from the author ALLY ADAMS in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of “TEAM NIKLAS”. Having not read anything written by this author before. Especially the other books in this DELICIOUS SERIES SAINT’S TEAM. ( I am now going to have to read the other 2 books that Ms. Ally has written in Saint’s Team.) I did not know what to expect. Boy was I surprised!! And I do mean surprised –

Ms. Ally had me sold and hostage from the very first page. Picking up pen and taking it to paper she capture the essence of soccer and the players to the tee. The author is able to bring the character to life and describe them in the in such a way . The reader is able to visualize them right before your eyes. As for the scenes – they are magnificent! So well describe and detailed. The cover of the book- the blurb her teasers. Ms. Ally has created it to make the reader want – desire to read this delicious book.

Team Niklas is Book 3 in the Saint’s Team series. In this book we met Niklas Wagner from Germany. He has come to America to play Soccer for the Saint’s. It is Sasha Saxon job for them to put out information to the media ( newspapers-tv -etc.). An way- Sasha designs clothes at night in her home.

Now Niklas has a way with women- his accent is unbelievable( when reading this  you can actually imagine hearing it) Now he has no family – but no one on the team knows this . He does not take No for answer.

Sasha is coming off of a bad marriage- however they are still friends. she wants to design cloths. Has s twin sister- but they don’t look nothing each other.

Niklas wants to take Sasha out for dinner. She keeps saying no. Finally she agrees. They start getting to know each other. One night after several weeks of being together. While making love – Sasha notices burn marks on Niklas chest , They are like cig marks. When she ask him about them he shuts down.

This story has a lot of twist and turns in it. What happens between Sasha and Niklas? There is a problem that arises that makes Niklas want to leave. Does he? For all these answer and more . YOU NEED TO READ THE STORY!! MAKE SURE TO ADD THIS DELICIOUS HOT READ TO GOODREADS READING LIST!!

I recommend this book to all . Mismousey it a 60 out of 5 stars . MAKE SURE TO ADD IT TO YOUR READING LIST – THEN RUN AN GET YOUR COPY NOW!!

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