Here is a Letter written to all of Tre Vaughn Taylor’s Book Readers for “WHAT’S THE T” …Tre V.Taylor asked me to share to with all of you; which I am doing. This is an insight into how he came about writing the book. 

Also here is the link for you to purchase the paperback copy of the amazing book now.


I wrote this novel at an interesting moment in my life. I felt the need to write the truths of those who couldn’t connect all the words. Maybe their words were lost or maybe they wanted their words to stay lost. Either way I wrote it and now you will be able to read their truths.

I like to think of these characters as just characters. But- My god how this book came alive and showed me the truth. So many people in this world are ” Christopher’s” patiently waiting for life to get better. Sometimes hope is a mother fucker. Because it keeps you there; when you know you should be moving on. This book took courage to write and even more courage to share with you. I would like for you to have an open mind as a reader. Every page that turns will tell a story.

Right now, I am nervous as the time approaches. I know once this novel is released that everyone will have their thoughts about it. I want you to have an opinion about my work. True ART provokes you to and I am excited to hear everyone’s experience with this novel. I’m already thinking of new novel ideas and I know you guy’s can’t wait. I wrote this for every black gay male. Our stories sometimes aren’t told correctly or sometimes we are just a token. I wanted to speak about what color boys go through but overall what every person in the LGBT does.

Did I miss anything?

Besides THANK YOU. It means so much to have your support. I wouldn’t be able to do this without God and you.

Let’s support the artists that need it the most.

What’s The T?

Happy reading.



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