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Amazon Heat by Valerie Twombly
Erotic Paranormal Romance

When Katrina faces the death of her father, she is left with only one choice. Hire a local demon to help her retrieve a mythical healing stone from deep in the Amazon. However, when the two finally meet, sparks fly. The man is a walking sex god and when he offers to pleasure her in exchange for his services, she finds it hard to refuse.

Damis only intended to have a good time with the beautiful blonde who entered his office. Little did he know, the vixen was not only half demon, but his mate, as well. Can he resist the urge to bond with her? Or will his desire be his downfall?


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For The Love of Hockey RELEASE TOUR
by Taylor Lavati

Lindsay Wilson has spent her entire life protecting her five younger siblings. At eighteen, she knew the man she’d devote her life to, but when he left her, her passion dimmed. Engrossing herself in her small business and jumping from guy to guy could only distract her for so long.

Finn Jacobs chose his dream of playing professional hockey over the girl he loved. Year after year he competed, throwing himself into the game. After an injury that could end his career for good, he begins to question his decision all those years ago.

Six years later, Lindsay and Finn’s paths cross yet again. The reunion is less than ideal, both unhappy and unfulfilled in their personal lives. Lindsay’s barriers begin to crumble as Finn discovers she’s not the same girl he left behind. They try to avoid each other, but sometimes life forces you to face your past mistakes to make them right. Can their love survive a second chance?

In this inspiring tale of true love and loss, Finn and Lindsay discover each other and find their forever.


Finn Jacobs ruined my life. The asshole left me when I needed him most, and I’d spent the last six years avoiding the living shit out of him in hopes that I wouldn’t have to face him. Whenever my younger brother Luke told me Finn would be around, I’d dodge the event and wallow in a few glasses of wine and butter pecan ice cream.

However, today all of my hard work would be squandered. I couldn’t avoid him any longer. I knew he’d be at the rink playing in the charity match, but it didn’t make his appearance any less jarring. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be comfortable seeing him and knowing he wasn’t mine. Now that he was just a few feet to my left, I knew it was true. My entire body shook with just one simple glance.

His dark blond hair had grown much longer than I had ever seen it before. At sixteen, he kept it cropped and cut around his head. At eighteen, he let it grow just on the top. But today it flowed in gentle waves around his neck and across his forehead, nearly in his eyes. I didn’t like it. Or maybe I was just stuck with how he used to be.

The hair, though pretty in its own right, distracted from his face. He always had his boyish charm about him that girls couldn’t help but admire. Something about his cut jaw and dark eyes appealed to almost anyone, and now that he was older, his features only matured.

He’d bulked up, too. I knew he had since I saw him on TV, but the television screen didn’t do him justice. I guessed the rigorous training that a professional hockey player for one of the most famous North American teams had to endure was the reason for the new muscles. Minor perk. I almost expected him to look exactly the same as I remembered him. Six years felt more like six days to me.

He hadn’t noticed me yet, so I savored the free moment to watch him anonymously. He moved differently, like he was a big fucking deal with swagger to match. His hips swayed with each step, his shoulders pushed back making his broad chest puff out. He was always confident, but the attitude was new.

I turned away from him and grabbed a glass of wine from the banquet table behind me. I chugged it as fast as possible to take the edge off my nerves. I had to calm down before I burst into tears—or told someone off. Getting drunk was the easy solution, but I had to make a speech for Maggie, my brother’s soon-to-be fiancée, and I didn’t want to fuck up Luke’s proposal on account of me being scared.

I huddled in a corner of the lobby at one of the tall tables near the restaurant and watched as Asher, Maggie’s ten-year-old brother that she adopted, ran up to Finn. Finn crouched down to receive a hug, and his black t-shirt rode over his hips. There was a white strip down his side. Finn leaned forward and grabbed Ash, hugging him hard against his chest. My heart lurched into my throat.

Asher was Finn’s biggest fan, and they hadn’t even met yet. After Maggie and Ash’s parents died, they both went through an adjustment period. Ash used hockey like Finn did, as therapy. Seeing them together here, I knew it would only be a matter of time before Asher fell even deeper in love with him. How could he not? Finn used to be the nicest boy known to mankind. There were even times when we dated that I wondered if he had an angle to his madness. What did he get out of staying after school to help students pass math? He nearly missed hockey practice one time because Jess James couldn’t figure out the Pythagorean theorem. Finn cared about others like their struggles were his own. He always tried to do the right thing.

Or so I thought. That wasn’t the case when he left me at the bottom of my driveway with my luggage in hand and a simple “this is for you, Lindsay. I love you, but you can’t come with me.” Yeah. He was a real class act that morning.

Of course, I doubted he was the guy I knew anymore—whether it was the nice guy or my dumper. He had done so much in his life that he probably grew a big head and became a typical conceited athlete. I couldn’t even tell you a single thing about Finn Jacobs anymore. The thought made me wince.

Taylor Lavati is a twenty-something year old author residing in a small town in Connecticut with her husband and dog. She writes both Young Adult and New Adult romances with ranging genres from fantasy, A Curse Books trilogy, to dark romance, A Reliant Love. When not writing, she enjoys playing video games, hiking, and spending time with family.

Romance with a bit of CHAOS.


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Reviewmouse_zpsa97eb0d4           WILL LOVE CONQUER?

I received an ARC from the author TAYLOR LAVATI in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book FOR THE LOVE HOCKEY.

Now having already read the first in this delicious series of Love series. I have to say that Ms Lavati hasn’t her readers down. Matter of fact- she has taken this one even farther than the last one.

Her writing skills are so unique that you are left speechless and so moved with emotion. To the point that you are feeling that emotion jump off the page at you and onto you. Ms. Lavati – is a writer that is very dramatic and descriptive. Her stories -characters and scenes all show this. She is able to bring her characters to life before your eyes – and with such detail. You actually believe that you are seeing them standing right next to you talking. The scenes in the FTLH are so well defined. As a reader- you will think you are in a hockey rink ice skating ,  or at the house at with Wilson siblings.

As our story opens -it does a backflip on the reader! Yuppers that right everyone. This book does not take off where FOR THE LOVE ASH left off. (Just had to let you know that). Our story takes places before Maggie and Luke got married.

Matter of fact this is at the beginning when  Finn comes back into Lindsley life. Lindleys is one of Luke’s sister’s. He has4 of them- Lindsley- Lauren -Lisa and Lilly. At any rate- Luke has asked Finn to be one of his best men for his wedding. And of course being that Maggie is no other siblings-she has asked if Luke’s sister’s would be in their wedding. She has asked Lindsley to be on of the maid of honor’s along with two friends. Her new sister’s are helping to plan the wedding with her.

Ash is all excited. Remember – Ash is Maggie’s little brother that she has full custody of that she is now raising.

However- this story is exactly about Maggie and Luke. It’s about Lindsley and Finn. And what happen to them 6 years before. Why they broke up. How hurt Lindsley is over how Finn left her. And exactly why she thinks she now hates him.

So when Lindsley finally is able to talk to him. She tells him off and then informs him that she hates him. She never wants to speak to him again. And then turns and walks away. Just like he did to her 6 years before.

He doesn’t understand why she is so mad at him. He left her for her own good. However-he never explained the reason. Just made her think that it was for the better of his career.

The Wilson siblings have all been protect each other over the years. Lindsley didn’t want to stray too far from home so that she could make sure that her younger brother and sisters were protected. Now it is Luke’s turn to protect his younger one’s.  You see their father love to beat them. And their mother likes to stay drunk- so she doesn’t notice what her husband does to the kids.

Will Lindsley allow Finn back into her heart again? Is there another chance for Love between them?  In order to find out what happens YOU HAVE TO READ THE STORY!!! Mouse is not giving away anything!!

This story has so many twist and turns in it. It also has a story within a story. It is filled full of love- compassion-ups and downs- there’s even some abuse in this story.

I recommend this book to all readers. Mismousey gives this a firm rating of 80 out 5 stars.




Good Morning and Welcome to Mousey Books. Today we have with us the very talented and energetic Taylor Lavati. Please everyone lets all give her a BIG A MOUSE WELCOME!!!!
Mousey—- Hit there Taylor, and welcome to Mousey Books. I have to tell you. I have enjoyed reading all of your books. Thousand Year curse series- Wingless- Finding Sam-  The Last Legacy and many others. Now you have written For the Love of Hockey. My goodness girl – where do you get all your energy from? You are working full time and writing too. Plus your married. We have to know your secret.
Taylor—- I think the secret is passion. Everything that I have in my life and work towards, I am passionate about. I wouldn’t force myself to write at five in the morning unless I loved the story, or loved doing it. Working isn’t so great, but something has to make the money! But I think when you love what you do, you’ll jump through all sorts of hoops to accomplish your goals. I just set some crazy big goals for myself.
Mousey– When did you know you wanted to write?
Taylor– My first idea for a book came to me, and I had no idea what to do. It was a little bit of trial and error, figuring out how to write characters and make them real and creating a plot that made sense. I never published the first book I wrote, but after I realized I actually had the ability to write a novel, I decided to keep going with it. I never expected to be an author, but I knew I wanted to write.
Mousey– You are so creative. I know you have a team made up of 20 to help promote you- discuss your books- sound off things to. Some even make teasers for you. But you do make the majority of them. You are always hosting an art contest on your page. Was art or drawing your favorite in school and is it still?
Taylor— I cannot draw at all! I never took art and the closest thing to it was ceramics that I took as an elective. However, I think art goes along with writing so I find art very interesting and thought-provoking. Plus, it’s pretty to look at! I do enjoy making teasers and I think that falls under graphic design, but still. I like adding my words to photographs that evoke certain emotions. Combining different creative mediums is always fun!
Mousey– Where did the story idea for the Love series come from?
Taylor– I wrote For The Love of Ash first, and that idea just popped out of my head. I don’t think I know where the majority of my plots come from. They seek me out and force themselves to be written. But I love creating very complex characters, with layers that the reader has to discover. I find that aspect of the writing craft very interesting, challenging, but also fun. So when people loved Lindsay and the Wilson siblings, I decided to keep going and adding more and more layers and giving the other characters their own spotlight for a book.
Mousey– In For the Love of Hockey- you have the 2 main characters Lindsay an Finn meet each other after 6 years of being apart. The emotion that you wrote in the story. What did you draw that from?
Taylor— Oh, that’s a hard question. I think a lot of the emotion is from myself. I like using real life experiences and changing them to fit the story because it feels more authentic. Romance itself is such a broad topic, but we love to read about it because each of us has experienced it for ourselves. Lindsay was a character (might be the most in any of my novels) that I relate to the most. She’s in a tough part of her life, trying to find her place. It’s very much so an underdog story. And it’s also a story about second chances, about getting what you deserve. It’s all very real to me.
Mousey– What inspired you to write this book series?
Taylor— The characters, 100%. They forced their story to be told.
Mousey–Do you have a favorite character?
Taylor— How can I not love Asher? He’s not a main character in this book, but I love writing children. They’re so innocent and pure and get the true intentions out of people. The way a child can work into a story really inspires me. But in this novel, Finn is my favorite. Simply, he’s just a good guy with a big heart who isn’t afraid to show his emotions.
Mousey–Have you ever had writer’s block? If so- how did you over come it?
Taylor– It happens sometimes. I find if I take a step back, write something that isn’t the main project I’m working on (like a writing prompt or a new character or an outline) that I can get my creative juices flowing again. Sometimes I switch on the music and let a song write me a scene or something. I play around to get myself back into a rhythm.
Mousey– Now here is a fun one for you. Where can your readers stalk you?
Taylor– EVERYWHERE! I’m super easy to stalk because I’m everywhere. And I love chatting with everyone on facebook. Here are my links: Newsletter: Book Club:
Mousey— Now this question has been bugging the mouse since she read For The Love of Ash. So you have to answer to it please. You let us hanging or so it seemed. Yes you have Maggie and Luke married -expecting a baby. But girlfriend- you never did have them have it. Is there going to be another book for them?
Taylor— I had a feeling you’d ask this! So, in the epilogue of For The Love of Ash, Maggie is expecting her first child. But it’s years later if you remember. Asher was in middle school, already in the 8th grade, and Maggie was teaching at the elementary school. However, when For The Love of Hockey starts, it begins right when Maggie and Luke get engaged, which is years prior. Asher is only 9 here. So, there’s a bit of a lapse because the epilogue is so far forward. As more books come out, we’ll get closer to that time, but it won’t be until Liam’s book that we get to meet the baby! There’s much more drama to be had!
Mousey- Do you have anything you would like to tell your readers??
Taylor— That you all rock! This is a book that wouldn’t even be created if it weren’t for the readers. They are the ones who pushed me to turn this standalone into a series. This book is really for the fans. And I love that you all are constantly telling me exactly what you want.
It has been awesome having you here today with us on Mousey Books. Thank you so much for joining us Taylor. Now everyone Go get your copy of FOR THE LOVE HOCKEY!!! You don’t want to miss reading this one!!! Make sure to subscribe to Taylor’s blog and be sure to go out an get all of her YUMMY BOOKS!!



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