For fans of Kathy Reichs and Linda Fairstein, Richard Hilary Weber’s new Brooklyn Crimes short novel follows police detective Flo Ott as she crisscrosses the borough’s mean streets and lands in the crosshairs of a highly skilled assassin.

NYPD detective Flo Ott has rotten luck. First she’s put on bodyguard duty for U.S. Senator-elect Cecil King after a ultra-right-wing terror cell announces plans to assassinate him. Then she’s saddled with investigating the homicide of a hip-hop mogul. Ballz Busta was fatally rapped on his head outside his mistress’s Park Slope condo. The two jobs couldn’t be more different. Finding Busta’s killer takes Flo into the outrageous livin’ large margins of the Brooklyn music scene. Keeping Senator-elect King alive requires constant vigilance as well-trained assassins could strike anytime, anywhere. It’s only when these cases explosively collide that Flo realizes she’s finally caught a break.

What she doesn’t know is that she’s lit a fanatic’s fuse and now he has a new target: the woman cop with the nerve to try and stop his murderous schemes.

I received this book from the publisher via NETGALLEY- in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey's very honest opinion of the author's RICHARD HILARY WEBER book- FANATICS.  Having never read anything that Mr Weber has written before I was unsure of what type of author he was or even how this story would even play out. Boy- was I surprised to find out that FANATICS is the most thrilling read ever. The writer 
catches  your attention from the very first page and hold you captive through out till to the end. Mr Weber has a creative way in his storytelling and in description of the characters and the scenes in the story. As for his plot of storyline- my goodness- it reads like it could be taken right off today' news headlines..
Our story opens up murder of a man by the name of  Owen Smith. He goes by Ballz Busta. It is a wake up call to Senator -elect Cecil King. See the Double A is after him and will stop at nothing to get to him.  Detective Ott and Detective Murphy are
 assigned to King - they are to make sure nothing happens to him. This is gonna be a hard 
task- but they will do there best. While trying to keep him safe there is another 
attack on his life.  Ott and Murphy are also working on solving the murder of Ballz. It is done by the Committee and they want King dead also.
Will Ott and Murphy be able to keep King alive? Who actually killed Ballz? And will the Detective's get the killers ? For all these answers and more you need to read the book.
This is a fast pace book. And it is an edge of your seat thriller. I am looking forward to reading more books written from this author. Add this book to your Goodreads reading list and MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!
I recommend this book for all readers. especially those that love a good crime 
thriller. Mismousey gives this book a firm rating of 80 out of 5 stars. 





Richard Hilary Weber, a native of Brooklyn and a Columbia University graduate, has taught at the universities of Stockholm and Copenhagen, and has been a scriptwriter for French and Swedish filmmakers. He lives in Provence, France.






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