Iraq war widow Katie Simmons hasn’t considered giving love another chance since the devastating loss of her husband. She’s happy sharing her love with her six-year-old daughter, Jessica. What more could she want from life?

Evan Waters is headed for the big time. He’s plowing his time, money and energy into recording Spires’ debut album. Following on in his British rock legend father’s footsteps, he has big shoes to fill, a mission made more difficult by his alcoholic mother.

When Katie and Evan meet on the London Underground, she denies his advances. Evan must find a way to demolish the walls she’s built around her heart. But even if he’s successful, will he be able to provide her with the commitment she deserves and still fulfill his ambitions?



I received an ARC from the Author L T KELLY in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book KISSING KATIE. Now this mouse has to be honest with you – I have been following this amazing and very talented author for years. Therefore I already know Ms. Kelly writes.As I have already read three of her books.
In her first books when Ms. Kelly wrote her paranormal -she had one style of writing, With her contemporary romance books she has a total different style of writing. By that I mean -she can turn the heat of love one moment in one book. In another you find yourself in the middle of blood bath with vampires loving every minute of it. nd
When creating her characters for this book – the author described in such detail and with depth . The reader is able to see each character – along with feel what they along with they are going through. The way in which Ms. Kelly writes her scenes in such detail. You are able to see the smallest image right before your eye. You feel like you are right there in the story itself. From the very first page she draws you in and holds you captive till the end. You don’t even realize that you have read the entire book till you have come to the end of it. Ms. Kelly’s writing that talented. This book is such a genius of a story.
As our story starts we have a war widow by the name of Katie Simmons. She has a young daughter by the name of Jessica- her nickname is bunny. One night at club she meets a up and coming Rock Star by the of Evan Waters. Her friend Mel convinces her to spend some time with him . Evan takes her home and ask if she will be at work in the morning. She says yes-but doesn’t tell which job.
As time goes on Evan and Katie begin to get close then one day his manager Al has some important news to tell the band. They finally have a contract and have to go back home now! He has no time to explain it to Katie just to call and say he is leaving. He will call her later and explain it all. She drops the phone and says to Bunny everything is alright.
Evan keeps calling to talk to her . However-Katie will not answer her phone. Evan is now a Rock Star mickeyrockstarThe band is taking off but he feels like he left part of himself behind. So what happens between Katie and Evan? Will they get back together? And what happens at the center where she volunteers at? Can Katie over her past and what happen with Lee to start another life? Will she be able to Love again?


I recommend this book to all readers especially those that love a EXCELLENT CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE. Mismousey gives this book a 80 MOUSEAND CHESSE mouse & cheese stars!! NOW OFF YOU GO TO ADD THIS YOUR READ LIST AND THEN GET YOUR COPY.


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Good Evening and Welcome to Mousey Books. It is a pleasure and an honor to have the brilliant and very talented Author L T Kelly with us today. Please give a BIG MOUSE WELCOME LT KELLY!! Hello  L T – please pull up a seat -get comfortable. May I call you Lucy?  An please help yourself to a glass of chilled red wine.

Of course you can call me, Lucy. After all it is my name! Chilled red wine? I’ve only had it chilled once and that was when I was on board a naval ship and some silly woman forced me to keep it in the fridge due to ship rules. I’ll take it at any temperature though. I’m no diva ;).

Mousey— I have to say that I have become a fan of yours over the years. I fell in love with your writing when I read Teagan’s story in Falling to Pieces. Then I had the pleasure of really having fun with you and others in a book release party. My goodness, that was when the mouse was first getting started. My question to you is – When did you know you wanted to started writing?

I wouldn’t say I ever knew that I wanted to start writing. I just started. I never thought I’d ever write a full length novel, let alone 4 and a half! A friend of mine talked me into writing a book. I was shocked at how easy it came and I haven’t stopped since.

Mousey—You have served in the Royal Air Force. Having read your intro of ” Kissing Katie” ; I known that writing this book was hard on you.Did it  give
you any flashbacks? By that I mean like most military personnel they experience living certain experiences over again.

No, it didn’t give me any flashbacks. It’s funny really because the military service placed me in a number of bad situations. There were some really terrifying times. I actually developed PTSD at home in the UK when I slid on ice and ended up sitting in someones front garden after unceremoniously going through their fence. Writing Katie’s story brought up some hard feelings unrelated to my service in the military. Writing about suicide will always be difficult for me.

Mousey– In Kissing Katie, you have a war widow ( Katie Simmons)  who is raising her daughter. Then she meets a rock star (Evan Waters) who is following in his father’s footsteps.  Who was your inspiration for Katie and Evan?

Katie, in looks, demeanour, and character traits is based on my sister who’s also called Katie. Evan just kind of came out of no-where, though he’s loosely based on someone I used to know.

Mousey– I have to ask this question. Does Teagan have another story yet ??? You knew I was going to ask about my girl .lol

Teagan has lots of stories. The problem is that I self-published both ‘Falling to Pieces’ and ‘Falling into You’. I enjoyed the control of self-publishing, however, I’ve become somewhat accustomed to not paying for editing and cover design! I’ll never say never. But, just not right now.

Mousey–You have 2 paranormal books out and now you have 2 contemporary romance. Do you have anything planned for the future?

I’m currently working on two projects. I’ve been working with an American author, Matthew Peters on something very different for the both of us. ’Take me Home’ is a love story crafted in letters, it’s very beautiful. The two hardly knew each other when she was sent to Iraq for four months. Their lives are shared in the exchange of letters over which they fall in love. 

The other project is a novella which I just started yesterday. It’s a fun foot fetish novella.

Mousey— You have 2 children, your a wife- and you work full time as what is referred to 911 operator. However- I believe where you live in UK you are called a phone medic.How do you find time to write your wonderful and thrilling novels?

My certification actually comes from Salt Lake City. So, in both countries (and about 24 others) we are called Emergency Medical Dispatchers. Sadly, I’m leaving the ambulance service to go to work in mental health. I’m looking forward to being at home every night and working normal hours! How do I find time? I haven’t got a clue if I’m honest. I just keep at it and it seems to come.

Mousey– How can your wonderful Readers like me the mouse stalk you?

Oh, I’m pretty much everywhere. You can like my Facebook page: Follow me on Twitter: , or even hop over and follow my blog:

Mousey– Do you have anything that you would like to say to your readers?

Just thanks a million for reading my books. I hope you enjoyed them, and even if you didn’t, I hope you left me a review!

Mousey– I have one more question my dear friend . Well maybe 2 – do you have any more books coming out in the near future? And did you enjoy your visit to the USA when you came this past November? I hope you found us very friendly . On your next visit we will have to get together for sure.

I’m working on the two projects. Matthew and I would really like to find an agent for ‘Take me Home’, so it could be a long time before that one sees the light of day. But I’m hoping to have ‘Broken Heels’ out around summer time. 

I totally loved my trip to the USA. Yes, everyone was kind and I had a great time. I must do it again soon, and yes, I have to come visit you for sure!

Thank you so much for joining us tonight. It has been a great honor to have you Lucy. We have had blast chatting away & sipping red wine  here on Mousey Books. We must do this again real soon my friend. Now REMEMBER ALL KISSING KATIE IS LIVE & IT’S HOT YOU HAVE TO READ IT . THIS MOUSE KNOWS I HAVE was lucky. I was given an ARC so be looking for my review !!! GET YOUR COPY NOW ON AMAZON!!!!


L.T. Kelly lives in rural Lincolnshire with her husband, two children and a mentally unstable Cockapoo named Mylo. She enjoyed a successful eleven-year career in the Royal Air Force which put plenty of stories in her writing cap.

L.T. now divides her time between writing, being a wife, mother and an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the ambulance service.It’s the writing that keeps her sane.



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