The year is 2032, the planet has been ravaged by the Eco Death, humanity is forced to live under domes, and Dante Alighieri High School for paranormal pupils is preparing for the annual Valentine’s Night Party. The seniors have distributed old-fashioned valentine cards, and the Drako Del Sarto triplets are planning their big night out.
Darius has decided it’s time to confess his sentiments to Selene, a cute little vampire from his History of the Occult class.
Arianna and Daniel don’t want to hide their relationship any longer and are getting ready to talk to their families.
Serses has fallen in love for the first time, but he can’t talk about it with anyone else.
The rest of the school is alive with preparations, but not everyone has Love on their mind when it comes to a secret Valentine’s Night Party.
An Immortal Valentine’s Night is the first YA novella in the Immortal Future series, starring the sons and daughters of Marcus and Alexander from The Immortals.







I received an ARC from the Author MONICA LA PORTA in exchange for an honest opinion.This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book – THE IMMORTAL VALENTINE NIGHT.

Having read the entire series of IMMORTAL’S to date- I already know the writing style of Ms Porta. And what to expect of this author in her books. Let me tell – she brought it and more with this one. Ms. Porta writing style is unique one and true to  her own. She has such a way when creating Immortal’s . That you actually believe you are there with them. Her teenagers have been crafted down to the smallest detail to act like and feel like regular teenagers. Except they are supernatural ones. Ms. La Porta storyline is pure genius – so are her characters and scenes. Once you start reading this out of world story – you are held captive till the very end. Then you are left wanting more of Immortal’s . And can hardly wait till the next book comes out. You have to know more what happens next to the younger generation of Marcus and Alexander.

As our story opens we are school and it is night time. The seniors are in Italian Lit. – Darius was thinking about Selene as she was not  in nocturnal class tonight. Tonight she was taking her driving test .Their teacher Mrs. Lanetti was interrupted by a knock at the door. She wanted to know what Daniel wanted. He came in and explained that the Seniors were having a Valentine’s Day party . It’s a secret Valentine theme this year.Here are the invites all you have to is follow the directions on the inside.

Find a pen—there are plenty for everyone, you just need to look around—and write your valentine message under the heart.

Fold the card. Turn it over.

Write the name of your valentine on the back of the card.

An arrow suggested to turn the paper to read the rest of the instructions.

Show up at Santa Severa Castle by midnight tomorrow.

Give your card to your valentine.

Good Luck!

In the meantime– Arianna ( who is one of the triples if you remember) she has a relationship with Daniel. He is the best friend of her brothers. They haven’t told them yet- but they are hoping to tell them soon how they feel towards each other. Every male has to give out a Valentine card. Selene is hoping to get one from Daniel – however when she is in the girl’s bathroom. She overhears Nilla talking to her girlfriends about what she saw Serses do. She is s upset about – that when Nilla leave she is found crying in the bathroom. Arianna went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and found her – she invited her over to her house the following week. Which really cheered her up the bell rang – they had to rush to get to their next class.

Serses tells his brother he wrote his valentine to Mr Valerius ( their teacher). Darius wait for brother after class while he gives him the card.Serses has never felt this way before for anyone. Before Mr.Valerius could say anything he placed the card in his hand and turned left.

As he is walking outside he walks into Selene. They start talking and walk out of the out of the school together. He gives his brother the thumbs up sign. Darius then gets on his airbike rides over to where they are. He asks if he can give her a lift home. Thinking that it might cause problems with between him and his brother. She ask – he assures her that it won’t. Darius then asks for her address. Selene gives it to him – come to find out it is not far from where he lives.

But as everyone is getting ready to go to the party. Selene is being picked up at her house by  Darius. The doorbell rings- she run to answers it – then she is gone. When Darius comes to pick her up he thinks his brother already did. So he goes to the party only to find a big mystery taking place. What is happening to all the  vampires? And who has taken Selene? The guys have alerted the council for help but in the meantime they are looking. Will they find everyone in time?

For these answers and more– You need to read this delicious and genius story!!MIsmousey recommends this to everyone especially to those that love a fabulous Paranormal read. I give this book 80 mouse  stars .

Now  make sure to add this to your GOODREADS READING LIST THEN RUN AND GET YOUR COPY!!!!