Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like pulling the knife out of your heart and asking them to stab you again.


Everyone deserves a second chance, but that doesn’t mean I have to give Logan shit.
I should put a bullet in his heart for what he did to mine.
He didn’t just break my heart. He ground it up into dog food and left it out for the vultures.
I was broken when he left.
It took a long time but I picked up the pieces and put my life back together.But I’m in serious trouble and he’s the only one who can help me.
And I’m afraid the pieces will all come crashing back down.


I thought I had buried her in my past.
Just another bullshit teenage romance gone astray.
But when I see her again, all grown up with that same spark in her eyes, I just know I have to have her again.
I don’t deserve her after what I’ve done.
Everyone knows that.
But if I save her from the cartel who has taken her than maybe, just maybe, I can get that second chance.







I received an ARC from the author KIMBERLY FOX in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book THE HITMAN’S SECOND CHANCE.
The mouse has read the first book – HAVING THE HITMAN’S BABY- by Ms. Fox. Therefore I knew this writers writing style. I have been so looking forward to the second book coming out.Both books can be read as stand alone”s.
Ms. Fox when she picks up her pen an takes it to paper to create this marvelous and thrilling romance novel. She captures you an holds you hostage till the very end of the book. You have to know what happens next – and you find yourself reading this wonderful an intoxicating story right up till the very last page.
Her characters are are describe in such detailed and depth- the reader is able to see each of them an what they are doing an wearing. ( can get kinda sexy – not for readers under 16)
As for the scenes man they are described to the smallest detailed. You are able to picture the gunfight- the swimming scene and Dixie being a traitor to Sam.
As for our story- it starts off with Logan being asked to take a job against his boss. Skull wants his to kill some one – while they are talking his men bring in a delivery of women that he is gonna ship to Columbia. In the group is Sam – she is among them. I have to make Skull and his 2 goons think that I am just wanting a piece of ass. I’ll do the job for free if I can have her first. All he wants to do is get he away from these bad guys He asks to take her to a private room. One of the guys shows them to a room. Once they get there- he kills the guy- explains to Sam that they are leaving now. She refuses to leave without the rest of the girls. So he rescues all the all the girls  Unfortunately Skull got away- so Logan decided the best thing for him to do is keep Sam safe.

He takes her back to her apartment to get her little doggie  and some clothes. Then they head to her cottage in the woods. She is hating him because of what happen to her brother. Man her whole blames him for what  happens. Sam wouldn’t even let him explain.

Now do the  bad guys get Sam ? What happens between Logan an Sam? Does Logan finally tell Sam the truth as to what happen to her to her kid brother?

There are a lot of twist and turns in this amazing read. It is a standalone which is super!You never know where are going to be next-or even how you are going to feel. One minute you are in a shoot out the next you might be making love. You could even be running down to the water  in the nude!

I recommend this book to all my readers that love an excellent Romance. Mismousey gives this a firm rating of 75 mouse paws out of 5 . NOW MAKE SURE TO ADD THIS TO YOUR GOOD READS READING LISTING – THEN SHOOT YOURSELF OVER TO GET YOUR COPY OF THIS HOT & TERRIFIC BOOK TODAY!!!



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