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Five day spectacular!!!
21st to the 25th of April by J.S. Scott
Amazon http://amzn.to/1109Are
Amazon UK http://amzn.to/1x34MOk
Amazon CA http://amzn.to/1GYpIKC
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Title: Secret Father
Author: Suz deMello
Publication Date: Feb.
15, 2016
Genre: Sweet Romance


 Secret Father: A Sweet Romance by renowned storyteller Suz
deMello. When Linda Travers was fourteen, Dave Madsen, then age seventeen,
rescued her from a snowy death. They later met at an end-of-term party at their
college and lost their virginities to each other before Dave left the country.
And now…Despite spending her teenage years mooning over
Dave, Linda Travers has moved on with her life. Being left pregnant and alone
will force that on a gal. Age twenty-five, she lives in their hometown with
their six-year-old, Mac. Then Dr. Dave Madsen reappears. He’s spent the last
years exploring in the Amazon, searching for new plants and medications. A
vicious snakebite has left him needing rehab from the only physical therapist
Their college lovemaking was the first time for both, so
Linda and Dave remember each other. She’s amazed to feel the same old anger,
hurt, and need. Less emotional, Dave’s curious about Linda, wondering why she
didn’t leave her address and phone number for him when what they’d shared had
been so good. Neither totally believes the explanations the other offers.
Since the rescue, Dave was always Linda’s hero, but she
doesn’t know him anymore. Is he worthy of fathering their son? And what of
their love? Can they create a future…together as a family?



I received an ARC of this book from the AUTHOR SUZ DEMELLO  in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Msmousey ‘s very honest opinion of her book SECRET FATHER: A SWEET ROMANCE.
Having never read anything that this author has written before. I was unsure of what to expect. Boy- was I surprised and thrilled when I started reading this wonderful heartwarming -romantic and loving story.
Ms. DeMello has a mixture of  emotions with this. She has love- conflict-hurt-turmoil-outburst-fear. All of these make up this fabulous and genius of a story. The way in which she has taken her pen to paper to create the characters and scenes. Is truly unique-  the scenes are defined & detailed to the smallest item. As for her characters- well they are brought to life with their depth an emotions- along with the way each character is defined & described so well. The reader is able is able to picture not only the scene before their eyes but also the character as well.
As you open this book – you are spell bound from the very first page till the end of story. Then you are still left wanting more. You want to know more of what happens between this couple. Ms. DeMello has done an outstanding job capturing the readers attention and holding it hostage. OMG YOU HAVE THIS MOUSE HOOKED!!
Secret Father: A Sweet Romance- is about a young couple who meet when they are teenagers. Dave Madsen rescues Linda Travers one day in a snow storm. Then when they are in are in college they meet again. She remembers him -but he does not remember her. They have a short fling which leaves her a son. Not knowing how to get a hold of Dave- she was never able to tell him he was a father.
Now 6 years after college-they meet again. This time she is his therapist- without realizing it. The morning came when she had her new patient – and this is when she found out that Dave Madsen reenters her life. Can Linda let him a father to their son? Can she trust him? And what about her feelings for him? What happens between Linda & Dave? Is there a happy ever after for Linda & Dave? Oh yeah how does Mac feel about Dave ? For all these answers and more. YOU NEED TO READ THIS MAGNIFICENT -ROMANTIC STORY!! THIS MOUSE IS HOOKED!! I have to have more of this fabulous author’s book’s. I recommend this book to all readers! Especially those that love a GREAT ROMANCE! Mismousey gives this book a 80 out of 5 mouse paws!!! NOW AD THIS TO YOUR GOODREADS READING LIST THEN  RUN AND GET YOUR COPY OF THIS AMAZING BOOK AT ONCE. !!
Ms. DeMello I sure do hope that there are more books in this series. You left me wanting more. After reading this one I am adding the rest of your books to my to read list. You are a very talented author. And I have to have more of your books!! You now have a new follower in the mouse. Keep up the awesome work and writing !!!



Best-selling, award-winning author
Suz deMello, a.k.a Sue Swift, has written seventeen romance novels in several
subgenres, including erotica, comedy, historical, paranormal, mystery and
suspense, plus a number of short stories and non-fiction articles on writing. A
freelance editor, she’s held the positions of managing editor and senior
editor, working for such firms as Totally Bound and Ai Press. She also takes
private clients. Her books have been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly,
Kirkus and Booklist, won a contest or two, attained the finals of the RITA and
hit several bestseller lists. A former trial attorney, her passion is world
travel. She’s left the US over a dozen times, including lengthy stints working
overseas. She’s now writing a vampire tale and planning her next trip.
–Find her books at
–For editing services, email her at
–Befriend her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SuzDeMello
 –She tweets @Suzdemello

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Title: The Redemption of Julian Price

Author: Victoria Vane

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: April 11, 2016


She gave him a chance to bury his past… but the price would be his heart..

Burdened by the past… Orphaned at a young age and left to run wild, at eighteen Julian Price joins the fight against Napoleon in the hope of attaining honor. Devastated when his best friend, Thomas, is killed in battle, Julian returns home burdened with guilt, only to find his wastrel uncle has squandered his inheritance.

Desperate to live her own life… Facing a future of drudgery caring for her aging mother and raising her brother’s children, Henrietta Houghton believes her chance at a real life died with Thomas, the only man who ever wanted her. But Henrietta is still full of dreams. When her wealthy aunt, offers her a gift of ten thousand pounds, Henrietta finally has the chance to choose her own destiny.

Everything has a price…With a fortune at her command, Henrietta offers Julian a marriage of convenience, unaware that she really offers Julian a means of salvation—not just his fortune, but his very soul.

Buy The Book

Amazon ~ BN ~ iBooks ~ Kobo


“What is it like?” she suddenly asked.

“What is what like?” he replied carefully, wondering how the devil to extricate himself from this damnable line of conversation.

“Coupling with another,” she said.

“It’s impossible to describe,” he replied. “There is no other comparable experience.”

“Then I don’t understand why so many women regard it as an unpleasant duty.”

“Perhaps some are soured by a clumsy first experience or by a selfish or insensitive lover.”

“I know the first time can be painful, but what do you mean by selfish and insensitive?”

“Must we continue this conversation, Hen?” he pleaded. “It’s damnably awkward.”

“Why?” she asked. “I have questions, and you have answers. There is no one else I can ask about these things. Do you honestly think Harry or my mother would tell me anything?”

“What about your married sisters?” he suggested.

She bent to pick another flower. His gaze lingered on the outline of her arse. To his chagrin, he was once more feeling stirrings below. Why was he having such lustful fancies about Henrietta when he had a willing mistress to warm his bed? Maybe that was the trouble? He’d been too long away from Muriel. But Muriel wasn’t the one currently inspiring his sexual fantasies.

“They would only blush and titter and speak in euphemisms,” she continued. “All I want is to understand what I would be giving up if I do not wed.” She lowered herself to the grassy bank and cast her gaze out over the shimmering water with a sigh. “They say one does not miss what ones does not know, but I don’t think that’s really true, do you?”

“From a man’s perspective, you would be right,” he agreed. “The sexual drive is very strong in men. We instinctively know what we are missing.”

“But women don’t?” she asked.

He tied the horses and sat down beside her. “Perhaps some do,” he agreed. “But those are generally women who make themselves available to satisfy men’s lust.”

“You speak of prostitutes? But I thought you said any woman could enjoy . . . coupling.”

“It depends on both the man and the woman,” he said. “If a man only seeks to satisfy himself, she is unlikely to experience any pleasure.”

“So a man must desire to please a woman?”

“Yes, Hen.”

“Oh. That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. Does it also hurt a man the first time?” she asked.

“No,” he answered tersely.

“So it’s always pleasurable?”

He hesitated and then shook his head, recalling the utter humiliation of his first sexual experience. “No. Not always.”

“You mean it wasn’t for you?” she softly prompted.

“It was at first, and then it wasn’t,” he replied.

“I don’t understand you,” she said. “Would you please explain?”

Julian hesitated to speak of what he had never shared with a soul, not even Thomas.

“Please, Julian,” she persisted.

Suddenly restless, he stood and scanned the bank for a skimming stone. “Do you recall the week before my sixteenth birthday when Winston arrived with four carriages full of guests?”

“Yes,” she laughed. “Who could forget? He supplied the village with a year’s worth of salacious scandal. Is it true what the servants said?”

“That he hosted a week-long orgy? Yes, Hen. And once he realized it was my birthday, he took it upon himself to initiate me to manhood.” It was only then that Winston even remembered his existence. In retrospect, Julian wished he hadn’t. In that single week, Winston introduced Julian to all manner of vice—gaming, drinking, and whores. Eager for acceptance, Julian had embraced it all. He might have pitched completely into the moral abyss were it not for Thomas, who’d brought him back from the brink.

“My first experience was at the hands of one of Winston’s whores.” He sent a stone bouncing over the water.

“But you didn’t enjoy it?” she asked.

“I did until she recounted the experience in minute detail to the entire party. I was utterly humiliated while they all had an enormous laugh at my expense.”

“How cruel! I’m so sorry,” she whispered.

“Me too,” he said.

“Sometimes I try to imagine what it must be like to be with someone that way.”

That remarked snagged his attention. “You fantasize, Hen?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I have kissing dreams.”

“Kissing dreams?” he repeated. “And who exactly do you kiss in these dreams?” Was it Thomas or someone else? Did he really wish to know?

“I don’t know,” she replied. “You know how vague dreams can be.”

Her pink tongue darted out to wet her lips. Was it a subtle invitation? Did Henrietta desire to be kissed? Julian tamped down the powerful urge to do just that. For once begun, he could never end it with just a kiss. He’d grown uncomfortably aware of her physically and feared he would soon be fully aroused. Kissing her could only end in ruin, shame, and disgrace.

We should return now,” he said abruptly.

“But it’s still early,” Henrietta protested. “Can’t we stay here for a while? Harry won’t return for hours yet.”

“That is not what I needed to hear, Hen.” He’d resisted the urge to kiss her, but any more time alone with Henrietta would only be tempting the devil. “Let’s go. Now.” Before I do something I shall surely regret.

About The Author

Victoria Vane is a bestselling author of smart and sexy contemporary romance and an award-winning author of historical romance. Her books have received many accolades to include the 2016 Red Carpet Award for Jewel of the East, 2014 RONE Award for Treacherous Temptations as well as Library Journal Best E-Book romance of 2012 for The Devil DeVere series.




Connect with Victoria

Email ~ Website ~ Blog ~ Facebook

Twitter ~Amazon ~ Goodreads ~YouTube

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Redemption and Regrets
by L.A. Cotton
Chastity Falls #4
Publication Date: April 12, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult, Suspense, Mystery


Purchase: Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks | Kobo | Nook

Four years ago, I had everything. All it took was the snap of his fingers and he ripped it out from under me.

Betrayed, by my own father.

His enemies want me dead and old allies want me back in their ranks to help take what’s owed. And while I’m trying to figure out what I want, there’s her. The one I watch from the shadows, afraid to bare myself to her—the real me.

Hard. Cold. Deadly.

She should fear me—Braiden Donohue—but I’m not the only one keeping secrets, and I must discover what she’s hiding.

Before it’s too late.

Redemption will be afforded, regrets will be atoned.

Welcome back to Chastity Falls.




I received an ARC from the author LA COTTON in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey’s very honest opinion of her book REDEMPTION & REGRETS CHASTITY FALLS BOOK 4.

Now this mouse has to say – she has read all of the books in this amazing series. I was looking forward to this next book so much. Ms. Cotton did not let me down one bit. Nope not at all -matter of fact she surprised me with this storyline completely.

Having read all of her books – I know her writing her style. And in this book she is true to form with it. The author brought all of the emotions (love-hate- guilt-forgiveness-revenge-regret). Whereas the reader is not only able to read them but also feel them. Ms. Cotton has you held captive from the very beginning -when you open the book. You – the reader -are held hostage till the very end needing to know what happens next. You find yourself on the edge of the page – turning an turning to find out what happens till the very end.

The way in which these amazing characters are defined and detailed. You are able to visualize them right before your eyes. What about the scenes? My goodness- they are described so terrific and in such detail. The details are described so well. You are able to see the actual scene right before your eyes. Picture this – Branden being beaten so severely in a basement over and over again. That he can hardly stay upright on the chair. His face is a mess- yet he tells them nothing.   You are feel that you are a part of them.  Can you imagine seeing Braiden Donohue reuniting with his sister? Can you imagine Branden being beaten like that?

As our story opens – We find our main character Braiden Donohue just being released from prison. He is wondering if anyone will be waiting for him when he gets out. He doesn’t care – his own father turned his back on and grandfather has left him to rot in prison. When he is released – his kid sister Briony met him. Her and her boyfriend picked him up -took him back to their apartment.

Luke wants Braiden to come back into the fold. As soon as they get back to the apartment he goes to meet the guys and talk with them. They want to met with Braiden- so he goes back to get him. Before Braiden decides to rejoin he wants to think about it.

Braiden leaves town -Luke takes him to his ex-girlfriend apartment that she rents out. The only thing is he has to do is lay low an use another name. Braiden Donohue does not exist here at all. Here he is Braiden Kelly and he meets Cara O’Conner. Not realizing that she is the daughter of the man that killed his father- and tried to kill his sister -ordered the hit on him.

As our story continues Braiden falls in love Cara. But realizes that they can not be together. Her father will not allow it. O’Conner gives Braiden a choice. What will Braiden choose? Redemption or Regrets? This story has so many twist and turns .

It has held captive from the moment you open the book till very end of the end of the book. You are left wanting more and more of this gripping -moving-mind blowing story. At the en of the story you find yourself wanting more of Chastity Falls – asking is there going to be another book? OH PLEASE OH PLEASE SAY YES!!

I recommend this book this book to all readers. Especially those that love contemporary romance , suspense. Mismousey gives this book a firm rating of 80 of 5 mouse paws. Now RUN TO GOODREADS AND ADD IT TO YOUR TO READ LIST -THEN JUMP ON OVER TO AMAZON AN GET YOUR COPY  OF THIS TERRIFIC-AMAZING-GENIUS BOOK TODAY!!!

Now read further for the interview that I had with L.A.Cotton . Mismousey is sure you will enjoy it.

Today we have the pleasure of having with us the amazing very talented AUTHOR LA COTTON. I am very honored to have here with us this morning-to discuss your latest book. REDEMPTION & REGRETS CHASTITY FALLS BOOK 4. I have followed this series from the beginning to now. And I am so looking forward to this discussion. With that being said- May I call L. A. ? And I see from your bio that your from a small town in the middle of England- your mum of 2 little people. With all the recent events that have taken place over in Europe recently. How has it affected your life? and your as a writer?

L A – Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how to answer this question. Recent events in Europe were tragic and heart breaking, but similar events are happening all over the world every day, and as a mother of two small children, I fear what the future holds for them. Of what the world will be like when they grow. I want to believe that good will prevail but I’d be lying if I said these weren’t scary times.


Mousey–Have you always known you wanted to write? Who or what influenced you to write?

L A – I have only been writing for a little over two years, but I have always been creative. I kept a diary as a young girl and enjoyed writing letters to my friends, that kind of thing. But I have always loved to read. It is something that has stayed with me through my life, and when things got a little too much a couple of years back, I turned to books. I was reading a book by Kelly Elliot (her Wanted series) and had a lightbulb moment of ‘could I do this?’ I started plotted Fate’s Love and two years later, my ninth book is due for release.


Mousey–You write a wide selection of book for both the young adult and the adult. How did you come up with these books??

L A – Hmm, I’m not sure. Fate’s Love (my debut novel) was very loosely inspired on true events (it is definitely NOT biographical, but there are elements of truth in there). And the other two books in that series were created from the characters themselves; they had stories to tell. Chastity Falls was the series I wrote to push myself as a writer. To write something a little grittier and darker. Lucky Penny started out as my attempt at an epic love story – I’m not sure it ended up that way, but it’s probably my favourite project so far. I just adore Penny and Blake’s story. And my last release, a collaboration with my good friend Jenny Siegel, was another attempt at pushing my comfort zone. Even though I’m nine books in, I still feel like I’m finding my flow and learning my craft … so who knows what will be next.


Mousey–When you created the characters in this Chastity Falls series, did you base them off of anyone?

L.A – Nope. Everything about the Chastity Falls world is fictional – except for places (Oregon etc) Chastity Falls was my first attempt at really building a whole world around the characters, but I guess I used archetypes for certain characters. For example, the outspoken but loyal best friend (Elena) or the self-assured douchebag bad guy (Braiden).


Mousey–Do you have any favourite characters in your books? If so who??

L.A – Oooh, this is always a tough one but staying true to previous answers, my favourite character to date is Keefer from Love’s Spark. He was so much fun to write. I also really enjoyed writing Elena from Chastity Falls and Marissa from Lucky Penny (both kick ass best friends).


Mousey–Having read all 3 books in your Chastity Falls series, I am totally at aw with them. You have me captured from the moment I have started reading them. Tell me, what are your plans for this series?? Is this the last we see of Chastity Falls?

L.A – I went into writing Redemption and Regrets being certain it was the end. Now … well, now it’s more of a ‘hold that thought’. I don’t have any plans to write another book in the series, but who knows. We might see more of the gang in the future.


Mousey–How can your readers connect with you -stalk you like me the mouse ?

L.A – I’m fairly visible on social media. Readers can find me regularly posting on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/authorlacotton and I try to keep my website up to date: www.lacotton.com


Mousey–Do you have any projects/ books in the works that you can tells us about?? Book signing coming up?

L.A – Right now, I’m trying to figure out where I want to go next. I have at least three stories in my head all vying for attention – it’s exhausting (and a little crazy). I anticipate whatever does come next will be angsty and full of tension and drama … maybe it’s my mood! LOL.


Mousey–Is there anything that you would like to tell your readers?




L.A. – Thank you. For buying my books, getting in touch, spreading the word … it really is all about the readers. That’s why we authors do what we do. I love writing. I love creating worlds. But most of all, I love knowing that someone connected with my words. So thank you.



I have so enjoyed having you with us today here on Mousey books. Loved chatting with you , your books are amazing. I have to have the next one in the Chastity Falls series with REDEMPTION & REGRETS. For all of my followers out there. YOU HAVE TO GO GET REDEMPTION & REGRETS, also LUCKY PENNY  as its a HOT READ and a MUST READ. You will find them both on AMAZON and make sure to add them to YOUR TO BE READ LIST ON GOODREADS READING LIST.


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About L.A. Cotton

100_5928 (3)

Contemporary romance and romantic suspense
… written with feeling

L.A is author of contemporary romance novels ranging from sweet with just a hint of steam, to suspenseful reads full of angst, tension, twists and turns. Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time mum to two little people with writing. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find L. A immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter

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Beauty and the Beast
The Beauty Series Boxed Set
by Skye Warren
Publication Date: October 7, 2013
Genres: Boxed Set, Contemporary, Romance


Purchase: Amazon

Fall in love with this modern day fairy tale…

“I love this “Beauty and the Beast” story that Skye Warren has crafted. She puts a twist to this classic tale that makes it different and deliciously erotic.” – Nina’s Literary Escape


Erin cleans Mr. Morris’s house twice a week, soaking up every moment with the reclusive ex-soldier she secretly loves.Blake Morris knows he’s scarred both inside and out and is no good for the beautiful young woman who cleans his house to pay for college. But when Erin walks in on Blake touching himself and moaning her name, all bets are off.


When Blake receives an offer to return to his alma mater as an associate professor, he knows this is his chance to reenter the world–and to be worthy of the woman he loves. Erin wants this chance for him to heal…even if it means leaving her behind.

And when they enter the classroom on the first day, both of them are in for a shock.


A troubling revelation puts Blake’s newfound career in jeopardy and Erin’s impending graduation at risk. The couple forge ahead, determined that love conquers all. They find a new depth to their respect for one another and new heights for their sensual play, but secrets and shadows lay in wait along the path.


With the end of semester approaching,Erin and Blake decide to lay low. After all, they have all the time in the world after that. Except Blake’s future at the university is up in the air and trouble is brewing back in Erin’s hometown. When the couple is tested, they will have to trust each other to forge their own sexy ending.

This omnibus edition contains the original Beauty series, including:
1. Beauty Touched the Beast
2. Beneath the Beauty
3. Broken Beauty
4. Beauty Becomes You

“[A]n intriguing and sexy beastly hero, a vulnerable young student who coaxes him out of his shell, and a romantic and erotic story line that is sure to satisfy readers…” – Penelope’s Romance Reviews

“I consider this series a Top Pick because their story is not only very memorable and extremely sexy, but I could read this series many times over and never tire of it. In fact, I already know I will revisit them again for years to come.” – Ms Romantic Reads


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About Skye Warren

Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dark romance such as Wanderlust and Prisoner. Praised as a “true mistress of dark erotica”, her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, four dogs, and one evil cat.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | Instagram

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Cowboy Justice - tour header


12 pack covers
Get your TWELVE Cowboy Lawmen who are so hot it’s criminal. The COWBOY JUSTICE 12-Pack includes fresh novellas by twelve New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors:
JUSTICE FOR LAINE by Susan Stoker – What began as a favor turns out to be fate when Laine meets sexy Texas Ranger Wes and falls for him.
JUSTICE BURNING by Elle James – Hard-nosed sheriff’s deputy, Nash Grayson, places his family and hometown in danger when he rescues a desperate runaway bride
LAYING DOWN THE LAW by Becky McGraw – Doctor returns to hometown when mother takes a fall and falls harder for new town Sheriff…her first love.
TEXAS JUSTICE by Cynthia D’Alba – First-term Sheriff is torn between duty and love when sexy Chief of Surgery is accused of medical malpractice and homicide.
TEXAS LONE STAR by Sable Hunter – An all-business Texas Ranger falls hard for an irresistible lady rancher he rescues from dangerous poachers.
CAIN’S LAW by Delilah Devlin – Lawman, Cain Whitfield, discovers the shy brunette he’s been flirting with is a former mob boss’s girlfriend when her cabin goes up in flames.
COWBOY LAWE by Donna Michaels – More than bullets fly when a former SEAL protects a sexy witness who’s actually an undercover agent secretly assigned to protect the stubborn SEAL.
COWBOY’S BEST SHOT by Lexi Post – A cowboy veteran who’s lost so much. A bartender who never had it to begin with. Is this their best shot?
PROTECT AND SERVE by Sabrina York – He’s vowed to avoid his high school crush, but his duty demands he protect her from a growing menace.
BADGE AND A SADDLE by Randi Alexander – Detective Rex Tarrow is sworn to protect Astronomer Dr. Mina Cooper, but will she get them both killed?
BLIND SIDED by Lindsay McKenna – Dark family secrets stand between the sheriff and the woman he loves from afar. Can he expose the treachery? Win her hand?
LAZARUS by Beth Williamson – Being a Graham isn’t easy and it’s about to get a lot harder for one stubborn lawman and the woman who still owns his heart.




When Gwyn Morland travels to Scotland to meet the man of her destiny, she soon finds herself in a real-life faery tale of epic proportions. Sir Leith MacQuill, the object of her desire, isn’t just a shapeshifting faery knight who’s into BDSM, he also carries a curse that kills any woman who captures his heart.

When his usual methods fail to protect Gwyn, a dead ringer for the wife he tragically lost back in 1746, Sir Leith must find a way to break the evil spell or lose his soulmate a second time. Unfortunately, the enchanted cup he needs to reverse the hex is in Avalon, the mythical land where he was once enslaved and is forbidden to return.

Gwyn must, therefore, undertake the dangerous mission alone. Will she summon the courage to go up against Morgan Le Fay, the legendary queen and sorceress? Or will her own tragic past deprive her of her happily ever after with her sexy errant knight?