I had the pleasure to be able to sit down and speak with Tre Taylor again this morning. He is a very fantasizing person. This young man is not only a author – but he composes music- and is a model. Tre Taylor is also under taking a large project in community. He is very open an active in LGBT. Recently he has found the love of his life – they plan to be married.  During our conversion this morning the following is what took place–


Today we have the pleasure of having with us Author Tre Taylor! I am very honored to have you here with me to discuss your new book. Welcome Back to Mousey Books Tre!!! With that being said let’s jump into the meat of your book (yummy).

Mousey– Right off the bat as everyone will want to know this. What made you decide to write a second installment to The Project of Being a Women?

Tre– Hi! Thank you so much for having me. For one I always enjoy our talks and the space we share here for the art of literature itself. Books impact our culture (if people didn’t know that already.) I am an honest being. I am still finding myself as a writer. Anyone looking to be a writer?  just be it. Let the words form in the roof of your mouth and express itself through your fingertips. To answer your question; I think what truly made me write a second installment was the readers of my work. At my book signing we shared space and knew these characters. These characters reflected us. We had so many conversations about ONE BOOK. And we still wanted to learn more and understand things. My 1st book was rated 5 stars; it was a fan favorite for sure. I owed to those who took a chance on my work to repay them. I wanted to make sure when I did write the second book that it was perfecting timing. That’s what made me write another installment.

Mousey-The women in your book- Laura-Sidney-Brenda-and Veronica. Have you drawn their stories out more to the point this will conclude them or is it possible that we might see another book?

Tre— My mission is to have this be the last novel of this series. I can make another part if I choose to but I want to soon introduce readers to new work. I can say I am having fun as I’m writing this novel and this novel is going to expose everything you ever wonder about the characters. Because at this moment in their life everyone has something to lose. And people tend to fight for the things they love the most. So we will see the fights and struggles of each character in this second installment.

Mousey—As for their stories how much deeper can we expect them to be?

Tre—. Deep. There’s things in this novel that’s going to shock you, pursue you and make you even think about it before going to bed.

I’m going that deep with creation. It’s truly the crying game. I’m just excited to share this body of work with everyone.

Mousey– Your second book – WHAT ABOUT THE T?  Do you plan on doing a book tour with it and the The Project of Being a Women book’s?  If so when and where

Tre—. “What’s The T?”— That book is some of my best work thus far. I personally think because of the subject matter that some people didn’t give into it as they gave into “The Project Of Being A Woman.”. Which I get, that novel was GOOD and you wanted more. But I wanted to introduce new work and tell different stories. I don’t like to be boxed in with the same agenda. I would love to do a book tour, speaking engagements plus more. I’m still working with my team on doing a book signing this year. I would love to. Just trying to figure it all out. I might have some tricks up my sleeves.

Mousey— Do you have any projects/ books in the works that you can tells us about?? Book signing coming up?

Tre— Besides working on “The Project of Being a Woman: The After Affect.” I have other projects I can’t speak on (just yet) and new music I’m writing as well. I just want to release things out of the blue and be like “Here y’all go!”. That’s where my art is at right now. I’m also working doing a writing seminar to help other writers advance their writing. And also learn some of my personal tricks.

Mousey – How can your readers connect with you?

Tre—. Readers can find me on social media.

Facebook: Tre Vaughn Taylor

Twitter: @OfficialTTxo

IG: @OfficialTTaylorxo

For business/ personal letters :

I’m very open and friendly.


Mousey—Is there anything you would like to tell your Readers?


Tre— Yes, thank you so much. The support and love for both novels will always be cherished.

Thank you for taking a chance with my work.

Inviting me to share space with you and my novels to be in your space of learning.

I don’t care if you got $10 in your pockets right now. Don’t ever think you’ll always be in that one spot. Keep pushing. Keep inspiring. There’s so many times when I felt like I wanted to give up but God has pushed me. Please- please please believe in yourselves.

I love you all.



I have so enjoyed having you with us today here on Mousey books. Loved chatting with you, your books are amazing. For all of my followers out there. YOU HAVE TO GO GET The Project of Being a Women and What’s the T they are both HOT READ’S and a MUST READ’S. You will find them both on AMAZON and make sure to add them to YOUR TO BE READ LIST ON GOODREADS. Look for his UPCOMING BOOK THE PROJECT OF BEING A WOMEN THE AFTER AFFECT COMING THIS FALL!!!







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