When Gwyn Morland travels to Scotland to meet the man of her destiny, she soon finds herself in a real-life faery tale of epic proportions. Sir Leith MacQuill, the object of her desire, isn’t just a shapeshifting faery knight who’s into BDSM, he also carries a curse that kills any woman who captures his heart.

When his usual methods fail to protect Gwyn, a dead ringer for the wife he tragically lost back in 1746, Sir Leith must find a way to break the evil spell or lose his soulmate a second time. Unfortunately, the enchanted cup he needs to reverse the hex is in Avalon, the mythical land where he was once enslaved and is forbidden to return.

Gwyn must, therefore, undertake the dangerous mission alone. Will she summon the courage to go up against Morgan Le Fay, the legendary queen and sorceress? Or will her own tragic past deprive her of her happily ever after with her sexy errant knight?


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