mismouseybyesme2I received an ARC of this book from the AUTHOR SUZ DEMELLO in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Msmousey ‘s very honest opinion of her book SECRET FATHER: A SWEET ROMANCE.
Having never read anything that this author has written before. I was unsure of what to expect. Boy- was I surprised and thrilled when I started reading this wonderful heartwarming -romantic and loving story.
Ms. DeMello has a mixture of emotions with this. She has love- conflict-hurt-turmoil-outburst-fear. All of these make up this fabulous and genius of a story. The way in which she has taken her pen to paper to create the characters and scenes. Is truly unique- the scenes are defined & detailed to the smallest item. As for her characters- well they are brought to life with their depth an emotions- along with the way each character is defined & described so well. The reader is able is able to picture not only the scene before their eyes but also the character as well.
As you open this book – you are spell bound from the very first page till the end of story. Then you are still left wanting more. You want to know more of what happens between this couple. Ms. DeMello has done an outstanding job capturing the readers attention and holding it hostage. OMG YOU HAVE THIS MOUSE HOOKED!!
Secret Father: A Sweet Romance- is about a young couple who meet when they are teenagers. Dave Madsen rescues Linda Travers one day in a snow storm. Then when they are in are in college they meet again. She remembers him -but he does not remember her. They have a short fling which leaves her a son. Not knowing how to get a hold of Dave- she was never able to tell him he was a father.
Now 6 years after college-they meet again. This time she is his therapist- without realizing it. The morning came when she had her new patient – and this is when she found out that Dave Madsen reenters her life. Can Linda let him a father to their son? Can she trust him? And what about her feelings for him? What happens between Linda & Dave? Is there a happy ever after for Linda & Dave? Oh yeah how does Mac feel about Dave ? For all these answers and more. YOU NEED TO READ THIS MAGNIFICENT -ROMANTIC STORY!! THIS MOUSE IS HOOKED!! I have to have more of this fabulous author’s book’s. I recommend this book to all readers! Especially those that love a GREAT ROMANCE! Mismousey gives this book a 80 out of 5 mouse paws!!! NOW AD THIS TO YOUR GOODREADS READING LIST THEN RUN AND GET YOUR COPY OF THIS AMAZING BOOK AT ONCE. !!
Ms. DeMello I sure do hope that there are more books in this series. You left me wanting more. After reading this one I am adding the rest of your books to my to read list. You are a very talented author. And I have to have more of your books!! You now have a new follower in the mouse. Keep up the awesome work and writing !!!


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