I received an ARC from the author LONDON MILLER- in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey very honest opinion of RED.-DEN OF MERCENARIES #1.
This little mouse has never read anything written by London Miller before. However- once I opened the cover the book an started reading. I was spellbound. Captive till the very end of the book.
The way in which she takes pen to paper an creates this amazing mobster story is truly unique.
Red is about a man that is mistaken for his twin brother. His girlfriend and him are both kidnapped. He is beaten for information that he is suppose to have. Because Niklaus will not give it to them- they decide to use his girlfriend The men bring her in front of him- they pour gas all over of her and then set her on fire. Niklaus has to sit and watch her die- unable to do nothing for her. His brother finds out what has happened to him and get him away from them.
Niklaus is now out for revenge – the only way now is to join the DEN. In doing so he becomes another person. His name now is RED. He is a killer. Red is now looking for the men that did that to him and his girlfriend. Along the way he fins another girl. Can she help him over come the pain that the other mobsters inflected upon him? For all these answers and more you need to read this amazing and terrific book.
I recommend this book for all to read. especially those that love a excellent mobster book. Mismousey gives this book a firm 80 out of 5 mouse paws.
Now what are you waiting for? Run and get your copy today!!

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