When Sarah Kesterson’s little brother, Billy, is kidnapped by a band of raiding Sioux, she enlists the help of Tom Carnes, a neighboring rancher and former army captain, to return her brother to safety. From the rolling, grassy hills of southeast Nebraska to the Black Hills of South Dakota, Tom and a motley crew of characters must overcome harsh terrain and weather, harsher enemies, and as time passes, the growing sense of dread that Billy may no longer be alive. Unfolding on the eve of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Sioux Sunrise is a story of love, loyalty, and perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.






The title of this magnificent book caught my eye along with book cover. Having never read anything written before by Ron Schwab. Reading the book bio sold me on the book.

I knew at once I had to read this exciting story. I had to find out what happened to Sarah and her family.The old west was hard on the white settlers an the their families. Some families were able to live along side with the Indians – until you had that one tribe or wild one that wanted war. Then it was very dangerous for them. As you will find out in this marvelous historical story.

As our story opens we find our family of 4 on the farm. The women folk are cooking an waiting for the men to come into  eat .  They are doing the morning chores. Pa is milking the cows and has asked his 10 year old son Billy to go get a bucket. In the meantime- a small group of 5 Indians with 1 white man have come upon him. Pa went running towards the house but a Sioux war  axe cut his skull – unable to warn his family. This is where are story gets interesting.

Bear- the white man- captures Billy. And ma gets a idea to go looking for the men. When she goes. The Indians finally kill her – and Sarah is raped -left for dead by them.

Her neighbors see fire in the distance towards her family place. They decide to ride over and take a look. Upon getting there – they never expected to find the massacred. Let alone Sarah alive.  Thomas Carnes and his brother helped bury her family. She then went to their place.

The next morning Sarah decides to go after her little brother Billy. Will she be able to get him back? Will Sarah even be able find him? What about Billy? Will he still be alive?

For all these answers and more. YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK!!! I recommend this book to everyone!! As for this mouse- well I intend to run and pick up more books from this author!! I RECOMMEND THAT YOU RUN AND GET COPY OF THIS BOOK NOW!!

Mismousey gives this book a firm 90 out of 5 mouse paws!! Mr Schwab- I love the way you told the story. You drew the reader right into the story itself. I felt like I was in the west an along side Sarah as she was looking for her brother I look forward to reading more of your works. This mouse was enchanted with this one!

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