esmemouseysheformeI received an ARC from the author BETHANY-KRIS in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey very honest for her book GUN MOLL.
Having never read anything that Ms Bethany Kris has written before. I was unsure as to what to expect in this book. Sure the back of the book sounded exciting. But how many times have you found the back to read excellent only to find the inside to be a bummer?
Well- this mouse is happy to report she was captured from the moment she opened the book. I was held hostage by the mafia till the very end and then some. Matter of fact – I was left hanging – wanting more of the story. The way in which Ms Bethany Kris writes you feel you are right there in the scene with her characters. And the scenes are described in such detail -you can picture everything right down to the smallest detail there. The little piece of glass and the bullet.
As for our story- we have James Jr- who goes by the name of Mac. He is a solider in the mafia working for one of the made men. Now he is tiring to be noticed – he has a problem to solve -to make right and only a certain amount of time to do so. In the meantime- he goes to this club and he finds the outstanding beauty there. Her name is Melane . When she goes to leave the club she is busted for being a hooker. But they have nothing on her- what they want is for her to turn on Mac and his boss’s. She has no info to give them Bail is set and Mac pay’s it. He is waiting out front for her. Mac has to get her to play along that she is his girlfriend for a little while.
Mac takes her to met his boss- along the way he runs into a little problem. Melane ends up shooting one of the men between the eyes. It was a setup- but the guy took it to far. Mac calls her a gun moll.
Now will Mac avance thru the ranks of the Mafia? And will Melane help Mac with advancing? ANd what about Mac & Melane – will they be able to stay together? For all theses answers an more you HAVE TO READ THIS AMAZING AN SUPER TERRIFIC BOOK!!! I recommend to all readers!! Mismousey giver this a firm 90 our 5 mouse paws!!!!
Ms Bethany Kris please don’t keep us waiting for the next book in this amazing series!!! I have to find out what happened between Mac and his Doll !!!


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