reviewesmemouseysheformeCAN THEY STAY AHEAD & STAY SAFE?

OMG Never have I read anything like this before. Author Michelle Areaux is to be commended for writing such a touching and heartfelt story.One that has you held spellbound from the moment you open the first page of this amazing dramatic running for your life You have to keep reading till the very the end. This is a fast read.
Runaway is the first book that I have read written by this author. I am truly happy that I was introduced to her here on Good Reads. I am now reading her other 2 other books Wicked Lies and Wicked Cries. The way in which in she is able to ring her characters to life with such depth and detail – the scenes are descried in such detail right down to the smallest blade of grass or in this case the gun casing. It is magnificent. Ms. Areaux is able to make the reader believe she /he is part of the story. Like you are right there taking part in it.
Runaway is about 2 teenagers -one boy and the other is a girl. They live the high life -thinking that there father’s are working for a big company- or at least least that what Hallie thinks until the night of the family dinner party when Jackson left his cell phone at the table. And they went back for it. They went to go downstairs and saw something they shouldn’t have. Now they are on the run. Running for their lives. Jackson’s promises to tell Hallie what’s going on but getting her to believe him is gonna another thing.
They run to Mexico- and they are found. As they are running away . Jackson starts to fill Hallie in what their dad’s do for a living. He promises to keep her safe. But can he ? Can they out run their parents and mob?
Does her father finally get her back ? What about Jackson? What happens between Jackson and Her? In order to fin out the answers to these questions and more. YOU NEED TO READ THIS AMAZING AND TERRIFIC BOOK!!! I recommend this book for all to read. MAKE SURE TO ADD THIS TO YOUR GOOD READS READING LIST THEN DRIVE AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!
Mismousey firmly gives this book a 90 out 5 mouse paws .

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