esmemouseysheformeI received an ARC from the AUTHOR TRE VAUGH TAYLOR -in exchange for an honest opinion. This is Mismousey very honest opinion of his book WHAT’S THE T.
Mr. Taylor has written one other book entitled THE PROJECT OF BEING A WOMEN. He is currently finishing up the second part to this wonderful book. I mention these books – as I this is how I came upon this genius and very talented author. He not only can write- he produces music- he is model also.
Mr. Taylor brings a lot of creativity into his writing. But he also brings truth to them. As in this story his character’s names are not real but the base of the story is. This happens every day to someone.
As I read this WHAT’S THE T- I read with an open mind. And what I found – opened my eyes. I always treated everyone as equals. But I never realized that just how hard of time a transgender person has with acceptance. Especially with their own family. A family that is supposed to love them unconditionally. Yet -they don’t – they don’t even accept for who they are. Please as you Read this book read it with an open mind and accept all people for who they are no matter what. For everyone what and needs acceptance.
WHAT’S THE T- Is about coming out as a transgender.How one young man deals with it. This is his/her story. What happens to him during his way of finding who he is .
THIS IS A MUST READ! It opened my eyes as a reader. I recommend this book to all readers. Mismousey gives a firm rating of 95 out of 5 mouse paws. MAKE SURE TO ADD THIS TO YOUR GOOD READS READING LIST. THEN JUMP ON OVER AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY. YOU DIFFERENTLY WANT TO READ THIS TODAY.


white 35

Tre’ Vaughn Taylor born 10.20.94 of the age 20 years old. Living in New Haven, CT he strives to make his ART touch the world. The multi-talented young man strives for his part of the culture of the artistic world.
He wants to leave his print on the world of ART.
From Acting to Modeling to Creating novels and being the creative artist he is.
He embodies Art in it’s purest form and manifest it in his craft(s).

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