Good Morning and welcome to Mousey Books. We have a special treat today! We are honored to have with us The Outstanding Author Tre Vaughn Taylor. Who in just 3 short years has written 3 books – along with accomplishing other projects! Please Welcome give a BIG Mouse to Tre Taylor!

Welcome Tre and it’s so great to have you here with us again. You have been a very busy writer. Your latest book – The Project of Being A Woman: The After Effect. I must tell you. Once I picked it I could not put it down: till I had it finished!

With this book, you completed the lives of all the women. Which I thought was great. However, couldn’t one of them of had a happy ending? By that, I mean not all our lives our unhappy. Yes, we have unhappy moments in them. Poor times, and do some horrible things. But all the time?

Tre: Hello, for one thank you for having me again and conducting another interview with me. Thank you for reading my work. To answer your question, I think because readers attach themselves to  the characters. You’ll want a happy ending and good closing, I truly understand that.  I paint reality with my work, everything isn’t all bad nor all good.  “ The After Affect.” in the title stands for mayhem. It’s like the morning after everything has hit the fan. My work isn’t fairytales or anything with guaranteed security it’s gonna be a “ happy” ending. But what I can say is the reader will be moved, provoked and interested in the storylines. Brenda’s storyline had a great ending to it; she survived everything her mother and husband did to her. She found herself and her freedom. So, we can’t say that there wasn’t any good “ endings”.  Also “ happiness” is defined differently in every human being.

Mousey—When you start writing a book. Where does the inspiration for the story line come from?

Tre: Good question, I think it comes from seeing the story line play in my head like a movie. I see all my books as movies and I just write. Most stories just come to me and I write them out loud. I’m inspired by everything in life. Life is a book itself, I use it as resource tool.

Mousey- You recently had another book signing not too long ago. Can you tell us about it?

Tre Yes, it was in September. It was BEAUTIFUL, all the love, support and meeting readers for the first time. And actually enjoying that moment together with each other. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve gotten since embarking on this journey as an artist. Everyone enjoyed themselves and made me feel the love I needed to feel. I worked hard for that moment and I was so happy when it became reality. Thank you, again to everyone that came out. Also everyone that been purchasing book bundles through my newly launched website ttaylornovels.bigcartel.com. I wanted to make sure everyone was able to get the book signing experience this year and years to come! I currently have a deal happening with my book bundles. It consists of all three current novels at the retail price of $35 + S&H. I sign them and ship them out myself. So, if you’re interested in this deal? head over to my website today!

Mousey-Have you composed any new music? What do you have instore for your music career? Is it linked to your modeling career?

Tre Yes, I’ve been in the studio. I’ll actually be in the studio these following months. Just recording new music and preparing  my upcoming debut mixtape “ Boys Just Wanna Have Fun.” I’m just creating and connecting with listeners of my music on another level. I’m truly grateful for that and the support I get with my music.

I think everything is linked together, just being that I’m an overall artist of many things.

Mousey- Now that you have finished your latest book. Do you have anything new in the works? Another book, maybe?

Tre: Yes, I’m currently working on two bodies of work. The one I’ve been talking about is “ The Misunderstanding Of Loving A Black girl.” which will have a 2018 release. I’m excited to share it! more info on my newest book soon. I wanted to take sometime and write my 4th novel while I create new art. Everyone will be able to pre-order my new novel next year via my personal website and amazon.

Mousey- With your book signings: do you plan on taking them on the road? By that I mean, travel with the rest of the indie authors when they book signings? If so this mouse would love to catch up with you in Tampa or Orlando!

Tre: YES! I will be doing book tours soon. If you would love for me to come to your state? request me. I’m open for speaking engagement/ party hosting plus more. You can contact me on my business email: tretaylor86@gmail.com.  I would love to come to Florida and meet readers there!

It’s gonna happen very soon!!!

Mousey- With your modeling career how do you find the time to sit and compose music and write a book?

Tre: I’m gearing and getting my modeling back polished. I’m finding time for everything. Just having fun while getting business done.

Mousey—Is there anything thing that you would like to say to your readers?

Tre: THANK YOU. Meeting readers for the first time and having them come up to me in public; is a beautiful feeling. Please keep going for your dreams and don’t you ever stop.

I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!! God is so good. I owe all thanks to him.

Mousey-How can your Readers stalk(follow) you?

Tre: I loved to be stalked.

IG: @OfficialTTaylorxo

Twitter: @OfficialTTxo

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tre-vaughn-taylor

Thank you for the interview! I always have the most fun times with you!

Thank you for joining us today. It’s been awesome having you again! I must tell you that I have read every book you have written. Hanging on the edge of my seat while reading them. You are a true to life and dynamitic writer. Now for my followers out there- Please make sure to add to your GOOD READS READING LIST THE PROJECT OF BEING A WOMEN: THE AFTER EFFECT.  Then run and get your COPY OF THIS FANTASTIC BOOK AS FAST AS YOU CAN!


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