esmemouseysheformeHello there – Bet you all thought this mouse was loss . Well she has been for several months. I’ve been lost in some bad depression that was brought on by some family problems.

Family problems that we have been dealing with since July. One very major problem with our youngest son. This stage of the problem comes to an end this Friday. Since you are all close to me. I will tell you some about it. Not all the facts -just some of them. Six years ago he was placed on probation for internet porn. Yes – they will and do get you for that. He made the mistake of taking his computer in to be repair and the repair man told him it was fried. However- he went looking on his computer an found porn-turned him. And he was charged. He kept telling us these past years he was behaving. However- he was violated in July. Since then he has been waiting for sentencing for prison. As of my writing he is looking at 20 years with 10 years probation.

Not sure what he will get this Friday. All I know is since July – my life has turned upside down. I have been lossĀ  – in a deep depression. Not only have I had to deal with my son- but I almost lost my older brother in October. Then hubby had to surgery in Sept. I had back surgery in November .

They say when it rains it pours. I agree with the saying. I know that I have let a lot of people down these past months. For that I apologize. I am now on new med’s and doing my best to fight this dark demon.

Depression is something that is not seen. A person will look fine – will tell you they are fine. However- we are fighting every moment of every day to just to handle daily things. Things that you take for granted. It takes all I can do at times to get up in the morning- cook or clean let alone go out in public. Or even socialize. All I ask is that you please bare with me just a little bit longer. I promise the mouse will back and she will stronger than ever.