esmemouseysheformeHey there everyone!… Sorry about being gone for so long. I wrote and told you all about my fight with my severe depression. And that I am doing my best to get battle it – so that I can get back to my blog – authors- books and family.

In the past few months so much has happened. My son has now been in for 6 months. It has been a hard 6 months for us. His mental health is not good. We have also found out that he has a dent in skull to cave in . It is causing him severe headaches. He has been prescribed 2 excedrin every 4 hours more if needed. They ordered an x-ray but the doctor has to tell him the results. It has been over 3 weeks now – and no results. Just come back when the doctor is here as he has to tell you. In the mean time his headaches are getting worse.

Prison – The state does not care about inmate. The food that they feed them is horrible. Believe me- I have seen it. When we where there one day to visit our son. We saw first hand what they fed them. The bread is soar- the meat is unfit human’s to eat let alone for animals to eat. It was rotten food. No wonder  – we as families have to send money for the canteen for them to eat.

Every month – I send around $190.00 to our son for his canteen. That goes for his soup’s- drinks-coffee-soap-stamps-paper-envelopes-batteries-or anything else he might need. See the state doesn’t supply everything to them. You as the family- have to supply wash cloth-towel-toilet paper over what they give them ( 2 rolls) soap- laundry soap- ( yeah if they do their laundry it gets lost. So it’s better if the inmate washes his own.

One other thing- Mail – when you mail your loved one a letter.  takes a while for them to get. Why – you ask- very simple. The mail goes to the mail room- from there it depends on what was sent to them. If it was a newspaper- Then it goes in one bag they receive it that day. If it is a magazine- it goes to another area to be approved- sometimes they aren’t and have to be destroyed or sent home at the inmates cost. Then you have the regular mail for inmate- and there I have learned so much. We can send them cards to mail home 10 at a time. However – you can not send any cards to them them that have glitter on them! Or have a little poem card attached to it. The inmate can not have cards sent to them with glitter. You can send them 5 stamped envelopes and 10 sheets of paper along with the 10 cards.

The reason I am telling you all this – I want you to know what a loved one has t go though. It is not fun- the state not only punishes the prisoner but the family. Then when you go visit. Well then you are treated like a prisoner truly. Once you go thru the front door of the prison- you have to tell the guard how much money you have- how rings- watch- necklace-charms- glasses- hearing aides- meds you have  ( you are only allowed one in the bottle) if you use a puffer it has to be in a box with your script on it . you need your dr license and the id for prison . if you have have mental inplates then you need those id also.  then that guard scans you and your shoes. one you get by that door- you go through another door to another guard for body search. Then you go through another door to your inmate till you have to go to the bathroom. Lord help you if you have to go- cause then you have to have a body search again. Yup – that’s right they search you if you pee- just like the inmate. You have to shake out your tits girls. Oh yeah – and make sure to wear sports bra’s!! Other wise you won’t get in.

I Love my son with all my heart- But I am saying this now. With his headaches being what they are. If anything happens to him because they denied him health care. I will be seeking out a lawyer. I believe the state is only out for the state just the government is only out for the government. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. I have mine – you have yours.

I have told you everything that I have seen and lived through for the past 6 months . Maybe – not so much – as I have left some out- like how he feels. What he has to do in order to make it inside. I am sure that some of you have loved ones that have spent time in prison. Or you know someone who has- so you know or they know what it is like.

I started this out concerning Rob’s headaches and the fact that they will not let him have medical attention. I have reached out to the Warden both with a call and an email with no luck at all. Therefore I am writing my mouse notes to let everyone know. Maybe one day- things will change- The state will care- The  Governor will care . Let’s reach here – The President will care. Naw not gonna happen in my lifetime. But we can pray for miracles – and for America. And we can that pray that all Inmates get health care and treated fairly and equally even through they are in prison.




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