Good Morning and Welcome to Mousey Books. Joining us today, is the incredible Sev7en Taylor. Please give him a BIG MOUSEY WELCOME! Hello Sev7en Taylor and welcome back. My goodness- since the last time you joined us you have been a busy little beaver. I see where you have recorded an album. and a 4th book coming out. Tell me what inspired you do the music?

Sev7en: Hello! Thank you for having me! It’s exciting to be back and having this dialogue with you. Music has always been apart of my life. I wrote my first song 8/9 years old. I knew there was something there. While I was in high school I use to write raps and rap them for friends in class. Everyone’s impressions was different and it made me continue to create content. I currently have 2 mixtapes and an album out.

Mousey: Do you plan on any more music albums?

Sev7en: Yes! There’s music videos coming out this year plus more. I’m currently promoting the album and currently living in New York. I’ll be performing for the first one later on this week. I love creating. I’ll do it until I’m no longer here.

Mousey:In your last 3 books Project of Being A Women, WHAT’S THE T, Project of Being A Women The After Effect. These books took the reader to different plains.With this new book, from the bio that I have read. You are taking us to a different plain. Where do you get such a deep inspiration for your characters?

Sev7en: I took a year off from putting out any writing work. I didn’t want to put out anything unless I was 100% behind it. I wanted to made sure my 4th installment was something that was meaningful and something that provoked me to finish it. I’ve started many books before. The one that captures me is the one I finish. Life inspires me and my pen game. Mousey:Who are your inspirations ??

Sev7en: Pop culture. A list of dope rappers ( Foxy, KIM, Nicki Minaj , Jay – Z, Biggie ) I sat in front of the TV at an early age and found a connection. A dimension in which I can create and be free with it. I was inspired by freedom. Creating worlds and dimensions that give a black boy/ girl Identification. That’s so important to see/ feel that.

Mousey:How did you come up the storyline for ” Let the Black Man Cry”? Is it based after someone?

Sev7en: It’s unwritten stories in the minds of us all. Things we’ve all went through. Struggles and uncompromising realities shaping us into who we are today. To answer your question it’s not based on anyone. It’s actually a universal truth for many of us and I’m very much proud of it.

Mousey:What do you have planned for your future? Any new books?? More music?? Musical’s??

Sev7en: MORE EVERYTHING. It will be more of everything. I’m just getting started. Music videos/ new bodies of work all that coming.

Mousey:Where can we find your music? Sev7en: You can find my Mixtapes on SoundCloud:

Sev7en Taylor And my album “ Boys Just Wanna Have Fun. “ on iTunes/ Spotify etc.

Mousey: Where can your readers follow you? Amazon? Goodread? Facebook? Smashword? LinkId?

Sev7en: Amazon and B&N: Trè Vaughn Taylor. ( Facebook the same name) Twitter & IG: @Sev7enTaylor

Mousey: Is there anything else you would like your readers and followers to know?

Sev7en: Yes! My new novel” Let That Black Man Cry.” drops later on this year. I’m currently gearing up to shoot my first music video ( more videos coming). I’ll be traveling a lot this year. So if you want me in your city? Book me! Excited to perform live for everyone! THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! Thank you for this interview! I appreciate you/ your platform so much. I love y’all! Stay tuned for the new book cover later on this summer!

Thank you for joining us today- Can hardly wait till your next book comes out. Till then everyone – don’t forget to run out an get a copy of Sev7en’s album. Boy’s Just wanna Have Fun – And Please Don’t forget to get his 3 novel’s. You really need to read them to if you haven’t.

This Mouse has read them and recommends with 5 plus mouse paws…



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