a m williard


It’s so hard to put into words the painstaking suffering of grief. There are so many emotions that it is too hard to process and understand at once. It takes time, and even that isn’t on our side.

Annelle (AM Willard) was your typical Southern Belle. Sweet, sassy, and very spunky. She never met a stranger, always accepted everyone as a friend. She was selfless and so full of love.

When her publicist called and informed me that Annelle has passed away, my heart skipped a beat, my breathing hitched, and my brain simply couldn’t accept the truth behind her words.

Annelle and I entered the Indie community near the same time, and she was, in fact, one of my very first readers. She always knew how to inspire her friends, loved immensely, and would always lift you up with her charming wit.

If you have never read AM Willard, I encourage you to buy every title and encompass yourself in her Rom/Coms. You will laugh, cry, and your heart will be full with every happily ever after.

This community is bleary now with the loss of Annelle. We walked side by side through this industry, supporting each other with every milestone along the way. She has forever left an impression upon my heart and I will always keep her memory close.

Please, keep the Willard Family in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks. Annelle left behind a 16-year-old son and her loving husband. Jamie and Annelle had a true love that this world rarely beholds nowadays. She was cherished and loved endlessly.

Please, consider donating to the GoFundMe account that will cover the expenses of Annelle’s funeral.

Much love to all,


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